10 February 2017

Winter in Mexico Quest and Maracas Collections Mission

(Glitzy photograph of hotel in Cancun.... but it is within striking distance of the Pyramids)

Collections Mission

The reward is another Stove House Recipe in the form of a Beef Burrito Recipe.

Beef Burrito - Bronze Star Recipe (15 Seconds / 6 Powers)
Put ALL ingredients in, and hit 'Cook'. Hit 'Finish' when the timer reaches 00:00:00
(Courtesy of John C. Grigsby)

You will need:

70 Blue Maracas from Blue Roses
50 Green Maracas from Champagne
30 Red Maracas from Veggie Burgers
10 Yellow Maracas from Mirabelle Plums

For the first time, the Collection Mission reward Recipe can be found in the Stove House section of the Market while the Quest still is active.  In other words, if you do not wish to complete the Collections Mission but do wish to cook the Stove House dish for the traditional Quest task, buy it in the Market for 9 RC...  Skipping the task would cost 10 RC so it is a better option!

You will find that you need Mirabelle Plums to complete a number of tasks (Dishes from Kitchen) in the traditional Quest sequence.  (What is the deal with the Blue Roses?  Didn't we have this in the last Collection Mission as well?)

Strategy Tips

There are more Island Product tasks in this Quest sequence than usual.  Island Machine Production is more costly in terms of OP than Seaside Machines.  Make certain you have as much OP as possible for this Quest unless you intend to perform the tasks manually rather than using the less labour-intensive Batch Production.  You can set Machines to perform the tasks in advance as long as you are careful not to collect the finished product until the task appears.  If you have a problem with this, you always can store Machines (with their products!) in the Warehouse.  You will need the Island Warehouse to do this for the Island Machines and Animals.  Animals as well can be stored with their finished products.

A number of items must be transported in advance if you do not wish to have any delay in your Quest progress.  Transporting 50 Love Fruits is a task so if you do transport them in advance, make certain you do not collect them at the Island dock before the task is active!  I always split transport items between zeppelins to hasten the task.

Other Seaside items that will be needed for Island Machine production include 50 Ostrich Feathers (for the Ostrich Hat task) and 20 White Roses for the Rose Basket task.  You will need to transport a few Island items to the Seaside.  In effect, you will need 6 Wooden Aroma Bottles and 6 Camomile Essential Oil.  If you have 6 in your Island Barn, transport those to the Seaside with the Camomile Essential Oil in advance if you can.  It always is a good idea to have a few Wooden Aroma Bottles in your Barn at the Seaside Farm actually as the task of producing Aroma Bottles of various scents in the Beauty Shop usually is included in these time-restricted Quests nowadays.

A final point about these time-restricted Quests:  Originally, they had to be completed within the scheduled time period.  Now, you can skip them and activate them later from the Lighthouse.  I never have done this myself but I imagine that the tasks will be the same.  The difference is in the Rewards. The only way to obtain the Clam Friendship Flower is by performing the task within the original allotted time period.  If you have not unlocked the Botanic Garden on the Island, this will not be a concern.

For new players, it may be useful to know that the Tasks all have level requirements.  The first four Tasks usually can be performed at any Level but after that, you will find that you need to be at a higher level to perform the next four tasks and usually, the second half of the Quest required Level 24 or Level 26 in the past.  This often varies according to the Level requirement of the Crops required in the Tasks.  Unfortunately, I cannot see the Level Requirements at this point because the Level of my own farms exceeds them.  (I started my Rosewood Farm originally to be able to see what the game would be like for a new farmer, and was able to log a few results on the site based on that.)

Finally, there are many potentially conflicting activities now in Seaside.  There is the Cooking Stand Contest, the various Guest Orders, the Coffee Shop and the business of unlocking new areas on the Map through the production of various items and so on.  It is almost impossible to do everything, especially for a low level player.  For this Quest sequence, you will need a large quantity of Soft Dough.  It is a Basic Recipe, one that I used to recommend that players produce constantly and keep on hand in the barn.  Now, however, some of the visiting Guests tend to order it from you.  If you are finding it difficult to keep enough of everything in stock as well as needing Power and OP, refrain from cooking Dishes for the Cooking Stand and inviting Guests to your Farm until the Quest sequence has been completed.

Soft Dough, a Basic Dish that is an ingredient in many other Dishes, including a few in this Quest requires the following:

Soft Dough: 1 Cake Flour and 1 Batter (1 Power)
Cake Flour: 2 Oat Flour and 2 Rye Flour (1 Power)
Batter: 2 Wheat Flour and 1 Egg (1 Power)

Another note about ingredients:  Every Pie you make in the Island Pie Machine requires Honey.  Make certain that you always have transported sufficient Honey from the Seaside Farm for use on the Island.

OP and Power:  You now can purchase a little Power and OP on a daily basis for Coins in the Daily Deal Special Deal section of the Market.  It costs 2500 Coins for 5 Power and then 8000 Coins for an additional 5 Power.  The third purchase in a day requires 80 TC.  The equivalent of 100 TC is 1 RC and the regular price of 1 Power in the Market is 1 RC.  You can buy 100 OP for  5000 Coins.  You can buy an additional 100 OP for 100 TC, the equivalent of 1 RC.  In the regular Consumables section of the Market, 1 RC will give you only 50 RC.   Try to remember to make the daily Coin purchases of OP and Power if you can as Quest tasks, especially Island production are very OP intensive.  For example, the task of producing 50 Love Fruit Pies requires 400 OP.  If you speed the production, it will cost an additional 400 OP.

I understand that Coins are in short supply for low level farmers.  I have not forgotten the struggle, but if you can afford it, amass as much Power and OP as possible.

One way to conserve OP and ingredients is by using the Goldfinger Tech to produce your Oat and Rye Flour and your Eggs.  I believe you can use Gold Finger on the Dutch Mill and Chicken Coop even at a low level of Gold Finger.  I have found it invaluable myself.

Seafood Required:  You will need 12 Steamed Opossum Shrimp and 6 Butterfish for use in Dishes that are included as Tasks.  Note that Opossum Shrimp is caught with the Treble Hook and takes quite a long time to process in the Seafood House.  It requires either 48 minutes or 450 OP to speed the process.  Best do it in advance!

Winter in Mexico 1

Felicia:  Hi there, farmer!  Long time no see!  I have so much to tell you, but right now, I'm a little busy here.  Would you be so kind as to help me out?

Harvest 40 Green Beans
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 40 Bags of Wheat Flour
  Skip for 10 RC

Collect 40 Eggs
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Felicia:  Phew, thanks a lot!  I'll tell you everything on the way to the barn!

Winter in Mexico 2

Felicia:  Do you remember the Ski School we opened on the farm awhile back?  Yeah, it turned out to be a big success!  Grandma says we earned a lot of money!

Harvest 40 Daisies
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 40 Pineapple Jam
  Skip for 10 RC

Collect 20 Honey
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Felicia:  Granny's always had a nose for business!

Winter in Mexico 3

Felicia:  Today we're having a family meeting to decide what to do with the extra profits!  Mmm, I already have an idea.  What would you do, farmer?

Prepare 8 Apple Jelly
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 2 Maple Syrup and 6 Apple Jam

Produce 40 Angora Hair
  Skip for 10 RC

Collect 40 Ostrich Feathers
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Felicia:  Investing does sound like the right thing to do but... I'd prefer something fun!

Winter in Mexico 4

Felicia:  My plan is to prepare every one's favourite desserts and convince them that MY idea is the best!  My baking skills always work wonders!

Prepare 12 Milk Cookies
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 1 Condensed Milk and 1 Wheat Flour

Harvest 40 Red Roses
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 40 Wool
  Skip for 10 RC

Felicia:  Alright, let's see what the others have to say!

Reward: 2500 Coins, 170 XP
Special Reward: Mission Gift Box

Winter in Mexico 5

Felicia:  The whole family is here and every one's really excited!  Grandma said we did great and she's really proud of our work!  She thinks we deserve a short holiday to rest and celebrate our success!

Harvest 50 Love Fruit
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 12 Batter
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 2 Wheat Flour and 1 Egg

Produce 40 Wheat Bread
  Skip for 12 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Felicia:  That was exactly my idea!  I need a break from the farm work!

Winter in Mexico 6

Felicia:  Now where should we go?  I vote for someplace warm and sunny.  I am sick and tired of the snow.  Who's with me?

Harvest 8 Mirabelle Plums
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 8 Apple Mirabelle Compote
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each required 2 Apple Jelly and 2 Mirabelle Plums
  N.B.  Do not skip this task.  You will need 8 Apple Mirabelle Compotes later as an ingredient.

Produce 40 Red Rose Bouquets
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Felicia:  Who doesn't love sunbathing?  Every one agrees we need a tropical holiday!

Winter in Mexico 7

Felicia:  Daddy has found a great holiday deal for the whole family!  In this beautiful resort, not only can we rest and relax, but we also can take part in a Mexican cuisine course!

Prepare 10 Cherry Flans
  Skip for 10 RC
  Each requires 1 Soft Dough and 4 Gisela Cherries

Harvest 8 Dark Chocolate
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 8 Yule Logs
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 2 Lychee Candy and 1 Dark Chocolate

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Felicia:  I think we have a winner!  Mexico, here we come!

Winter in Mexico 8

Felicia:  Getting the whole family ready for a week-long holiday is a complicated operation...  Every one's running around looking for their stuff and doing last minute shopping.  Hurry up, people!

Harvest 40 Grapes
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 6 Maple Milk Tea
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 2 Milk and 1 Maple Syrup

Produce 40 Love Cakes
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Felicia:  Phew!  Finally, we're ready to go!  Destination... Cancun!

Special Reward: Rabbit-Themed Pet House Base

Winter in Mexico 9

Felicia:  We got to the hotel and it's wonderful.  Look at me,  I even got a Mexican-themed outfit in the gift shop!  How do you like my Sombrero?  I'm ready for the sun!

Prepare 8 Mirabelle Plum Pastries
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Carrot Pastry and 1 Mirabelle Plum
  Each Carrot Pastry requires 3 Carrots and 1 Soft Dough
  N.B.  Do not skip this task.  You will need 8 Mirabelle Plum Pastries as an ingredient later.

Transport 50 Love Fruit to the Island
  N.B.  Split between zeppelins to speed process of transport
  Skip for 12 RC

Produce 50 Camomile Essential Oils
  This is an Island Task
  Skip for 12 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Felicia:  There's no time to waste!  I'm going straight to the beach!

Winter in Mexico 10

Felicia:  Daddy and Darryl want to join the local mariachi band!  The problem is that they can't really play any instruments.  Do you think they could master the Maracas?

Produce 6 Raisin Chocolate
  Skip for 6 RC

Prepare 6 Hot Cross Buns
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Wheat Bread and 1 Raisin Chocolate

Prepare 8 Pain au Chocolat
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Dark Chocolate and 1 Soft Dough

Reward: 2500 Coins, 200 Coins

Felicia:  They actually are not that bad!  With a little more practice, they will be able to perform!

Winter in Mexico 11

Felicia:  Our lovely Grandma packed an apron instead of a bikini!  She's very motivated to learn the secrets of Mexican cuisine!

Cook 3  Beef Burritos in the Stove House
  Skip for 10 RC
  N.B.  If you did not complete the Collections Mission, purchase the Stove House Recipe for the Beef Burrito in the Stove House section of the Market for 9 RC.  It is a better option than skipping the task.

Required ingredients for this Recipe are: 5 Cheddar Cheese, 1 Beef Risotto, 1 Crepe and 5 Corn.  You will need 6 Power for each Burrito.  Although it has many ingredients, the cooking is simple.  Throw all ingredients into the mix at the same time and cook for 15 seconds.  That is it!

Prepare 8 Mirabelle Plum Pies
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Apple Mirabelle Compote and 1 Mirabelle Plum Pastry

Produce 50 Love Fruit Pies
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Task
  Requires 400 OP for Batch Production

Reward: 2500 Coins, 210 XP

Felicia:  Actually, I am getting a little hungry too.  Let's see what's for lunch!

Winter in Mexico 12

Felicia:  Oh farmer, Mexican cuisine is divine!  I just can't get enough!  I guess I can say goodbye to my bikini body!

Collect 60 Mohair
  Skip for 15 RC
  This is an Island Task
  Requires 120 OP for Batch Production

Craft 4 Oil Painting Frames
  Skip for 4 RC
  This is an Island Task
  Each requires 2 Linen and 2 Oak Wood

Craft 6 Camomile Aroma Bottles in the Beauty Shop
  Skip for 6 RC
  This is NOT an Island Task but two of the ingredients must be produced on the Island.  Do not skip task as you will need these as an ingredient in a later task.

  Each requires 1 Wooden Aroma Bottle, 1 Camomile Essential Oil and 1 Distilled Water.  Takes 12 minutes to complete but task counts when you begin to craft the product each time.
  N.B.  Make certain that you transport 6 Camomile Essential Oils and 6 Wooden Aroma Bottles to Seaside Farm in advance .

Reward: 2500 Coins, 210 XP

Felicia:  1 hour and 3 Burritos later... I am the happiest person on Earth!

Special Reward: Island Mission Gift Box

Winter in Mexico 13

Felicia:  Mexican food is really spicy though!  My mouth is on fire!  Do you know what would be the best drink to cool my tongue?

Produce 20 Garlic Bread
  Skip for 10 RC
  This is an Island Task
  120 OP for Batch Production

Produce 8 Lemon Cocktails
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Lemon Champagne and 3 Grape Juice

Craft 6 Mirabelle Hand Soap in the Beauty Shop
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Camomile Aroma Bottle, 3 Mirabelle Plums and 5 Honey

Felicia:  Thanks a lot!  That helped!  Now I can eat a lot more, haha!

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Winter in Mexico 14

Felicia:  Our holidays are coming to an end... Before we go, I really want to stop by the gift shop again and buy some souvenirs!

Ask for 20 Mexican Skull Figurines from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Use 3 Spades to help flowers in the Botanic Garden *
  Skip for 3 RC
  This is an Island Task

*On Harvest Moon FDC, there was some sort of a glitch wherein the 3rd Spade NEVER counted.  I used one again and again and still it showed 2/3, forcing me finally to pay 2 RC.

Prepare 8 plates of Pasta Salad
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Spinach Salad and 1 Pasta
  Each Spinach Salad requires 2 Spinach and 2 Onions
  Each Pasta requires 1 Cake Flour and 1 Ketchup

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Felicia:  I love it here so much, I don't want to leave yet!

Winter in Mexico 15

Felicia:  Grandma has finished her Mexican cooking course and even earned a diploma!  Now we're definitely going to serve some spicy Tacos on our farm!  I'm so happy for her!

Produce 50 Ostrich Hats
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Task

Produce 50 Mohair Yarn
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Task

Prepare 6 Potatoes with Fresh Herbs
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 2 Sweet Potatoes and 1 Herb

Felicia:  Darryl and Dad said they have a surprise for us.  What do you think it will be?

(Dare I guess?  Will they play the Maracas?)

Reward: 2500 Coins, 230 XP

Winter in Mexico 16

Felicia:  They got to perform with the mariachi band on our last night at the resort!  It was so funny!  Now it's time to pack and go back home.

Produce 20 White Rose Baskets
  Skip for 10 RC
  This is an Island Task
  N.B.  Transport 20 White Roses to the Island in advance

Prepare 6 Seafood and Pineapple Fried Rice
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 2 Sweet and Sour Shrimp and 3 Rice
  Each Sweet and Sour Shrimp requires 3 Pineapple and 1 Steamed Opossum Shrimp

Prepare 6 Plates of Fish and Potatoes
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Potatoes with Fresh Herbs and 1 Lemon Fish
  Each Lemon Fish requires 1 Butterfish and 1 Lemon

Felicia:  Hasta la vista!  We'll come again!  Thanks for all of your help, Farmer!

Reward: 2500 Coins, 230 XP

Special Reward: Donkey Pinata Decoration
Note that the Donkey Pinata Decoration is stackable and can be placed on the Lovely Planter Base.

Collection Set:

The Collection Set consists of the Mirabelle Plum Tree, the Chocolate Machine and the new Donkey Pinata Decoration.  Register all three before the deadline to collect the special additional reward of a Clam Friendship Flower.  Otherwise, you simply earn 88 Green Mystrons and 1 RC.

Note from Freyashawk

I missed placing in the top 10 in the last Farm Beauty Contest by 2 votes.  If you use this site and like it, please, please vote for Harvest Moon FDC in the Farm Beauty Contests.  It is all that I ask.  You will notice that my sites are free of any advertising.  I have been urged again and again to place adverts on my sites but I refuse.  I try to keep my sites user-friendly.  Posting updates is work.  It is nice to know that my labour is appreciated, and by voting for my farm Harvest Moon FDC, I am able to see that it is.

Incidentally, Support has informed me that once you reach 6000 Votes, you no longer will receive ANY Character Votes.  The game is glitchy as we all know and some players are luckier than others in continuing to receive these.  Harvest Moon FDC is not one of the lucky ones, so YOUR Votes will make all the difference as the Contest nears the end.

Historical view

A little disappointed that 'the Family' did not make any attempt to see the spectacular Mayan ruins and pyramids that are not too far from Cancun.

St. Valentine's Day

There are some new Buddy Gifts that deserve a mention.  All are to be found in the Special Gifts section of the Gifts Menu.

Love Sign: 500 Coins . (This is a Decoration from the original Family Farm game)

LOVE Decoration: 6 RC
  This is a Cleanable Decoration.  It can be found for the next 3 days in the Decoration section of the Market as well.

Valentine's Gift Basket: 15 RC
  This is a Cleanable Decoration and can be found for the next 3 days in the Decoration section of the Market as well as in Buddy Share Boxes and on the Lucky Wheel.

Felicia's Gift:  In the Message section, you will find a Heart Gift from Felicia.  I had hoped it was a Decoration but it is not.  Open it to receive 1 White Chocolate, 1 Chocolate and 1 Dark Chocolate.

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