Free Gifts List, Uses and Values

The Free Gifts List depends partly on your own Level in Seaside.  New Items used to build a Kitchen have been added to it recently.

To access this List, go to the Menu Button at the bottom right of the Screen, then tap 'Free Gift'.  You will see that there are two options for any Item on the List:  to 'Ask' or 'Send'. 

One would imagine that Neighbours would be happy to receive ANY Gift, even one they do not need.  After all, these Items can be sold if unwanted.  Unfortunately, Building Materials such as the 'White Floor 'or the 'Gear'  all sell for the rather paltry sum of 5 Coins.  In the original Family Farm game, they can be traded for OP, but in Seaside, OP is very difficult to obtain.

How do you decide what to send to your Neighbours?  I believe that Building Materials should be sent only upon Request as they are fairly worthless if the Neighbour who receives them is not constructing that particular build.  The selling price of an Item really is not that significant when choosing a Free Gift to send to a Neighbour either.  After all, the difference between 62 Coins (the selling price of Wheat Flour) and 81 Coins (the selling price of White Rose Bouquet) is only 19 Coins. 

The Items that appear in your List will depend upon your own Experience Level but as a general rule, two of the best Gifts to send would be Wheat Flour or Cheddar Cheese, simply because they are Machine Products and two Products that are used in many different Recipes and Quests.  

Using another criterion, Blueberries and White Rose Bouquet make good Gifts because low-level Players have no access to these Items otherwise.  Blueberries can be used to make Jam.  The White Rose Bouquet is a Machine Product and is not used in any Recipes or Quests, so its value is simply its selling price.

Milk is always useful and is an Animal Product which means that a Player who needs it must set out the LARGE Holstein Cow and feed it Clover.  Honey is an Animal Product but a Beehive takes very little space and should be on a Player's Farm at all times.  Of all the Products in the Free Gifts List, therefore, it is the LEAST useful really.  The lowest level Player has access both to Clover and the Beehive that produces Honey.

New Materials for use in the Beauty Shop have been added to the Free Gifts List.  They are: Earrings Hooks, Glass and Distilled Water.  Their values will be included below.  At this point in time, a few days after their release, they probably make very good Free Gifts as most Players will experiment a little with the Beauty Shop.   Whether or not all Players will be thrilled to receive these Items next week is another matter.  As any Player can REQUEST these Materials, it probably would be best to wait for a specific Request after the initial excitement has worn off.

The Free Gifts List includes:

White Floor (used to Build Kitchen)

Yellow Floor (used to Build Kitchen)

Wheat Flour: 62 Coins

Honey: 5 Coins

Milk: 22 Coins

Gear  (Used to complete Juice Machine)

Chicken  (Must be placed in Chicken Coop and one cannot sell the Chickens individually.  The entire Coop can be sold for 20 Coins, which is ridiculous.)

Apple Tree: 50 Coins  (Must be placed on Farm first, THEN sold)

Screw  (Used to complete Juice Machine)

Cheddar Cheese: 23 Coins

Wine: 78 Coins

Sink  (Used to Build Kitchen)

Fireplace (Used to Build Kitchen)

Tile (used to build Warehouse)

Wood  (Used to build or Level Up Warehouse)

Glass Pane (used to build Greenhouse)

Pipe Stack (Used to build Greenhouse)

Mixing Knives  (Used to build Cake Maker)

Cake Mould (Used to build Cake Maker)

Orange Tree: 100 Coins  (Must be placed on Farm first and THEN sold)

Sprinkler  (Used with completed Well to reduce Growth Time of Crops)

Stone  (Used to build or Level up Well)

Blueberry: 91 Coins

Tree Greenhouse Pipe Stack  (Used to build Tree Greenhouse)

Red Rose: 46 Coins

White Rose Bouquet:  81 Coins

Glass:  5 Coins (Used in Beauty Shop)

Distilled Water: 5 Coins  (Used in Beauty Shop)

Earring Hooks: 5 Coins  (Used in Beauty Shop)

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