21 October 2016

A Howling Good Time Quest and Werewolf Paws Collections Mission

A new Halloween Quest called 'A Howling Good Time' has been released in tandem with a Collections Mission.  The reward for the Collections Mission is another Stove House Recipe.

Collect Werewolf Paws

Reward: Punch Bowl with Eyes Recipe

Note that, should you wish to have the Recipe without completing the Collections Mission, you will be able to find it in the Market for 9 RC in the Stove House Recipes tab.

Rewards from Quest

One of the two special Rewards from the Quest sequence represent the recent shifts in this game.  You will receive the Halloween Pet House Ears as one of the Rewards when you complete the first half of the Quest, after Part 8.  The other Reward is a Decoration in the form of the Pumpkin Owl obtained at the very end.

To be able to use the Halloween Pet House Ears, you first must tap on them in your Gift Box to move them, then go to the Pet House and tap on the paint brush.  You will need a Level 2 Pet House to be able to change its appearance with new Ears of any kind.  You need a Level 3 Pet House to be able to add Hair, one of the items that can be purchased with your Activity Tokens.

Premium Items

You will need some premium Trees for use in Recipes and for harvesting tasks.  They include the Spooky Tree (needed for Collections Mission as well as traditional quest sequence), Guarana Tree and White Chocolate Tree.  You will need a Bat House in order to obtain Bat Milk.  It is a temporary addition to the Animals section of the Market.

For those who are not familiar with the Bat House, it works in the same fashion as the Butterfly House but is linked to different Trees.  If you do not have the type of Tree that the Bat will fertilise, you will be unable to obtain Bat Milk from the Bat House.  From memory, the Sakura Tree, the Hazel Tree and the Spooky Tree all can be fertilised by the Bats.  There may be other Trees I cannot recall at this point... but if you have any of these, the Bat House will produce Bat Milk.  When a Tree has been fertilised by the Bats, it will turn orange in the same way as Trees fertilised by Butterflies.  You then can harvest the Tree and use Watering Cans to bring it back to the point where the Bats can fertilise it again if you do not wish to wait...

The Halloween Pumpkin has been returned to the Market in the Crops section and will feature in the Quest sequence.  You can use it to make Halloween Pumpkin Soup, which is one of the tasks in the sequence as well.  The other Halloween Recipes from the past that feature catches with the special Halloween Hook are included in tasks.

Tip about Farm Aids

If you are willing to wait for natural harvest times and so on, you can perform this Quest in your own good time, but if not, you will need to use Farm Aids such as Watering Cans and Fertilisers.  The Special Deals that are Weekly are refreshed on Friday which means that you can buy another Farming PAckage if you need Farm Aids.  The Farming Package contains 200 Organic Fertilisers, 50 Super Fertilisers, 100 Watering Cans and 25 Super Watering Cans.  It does cost 15 RC but if you go to the Market, to the Farm Aids department, you will see that the cost of 25 Super Fertilisers is 3 RC, that of 200 Organic Fertilisers is 7 RC, of  200 Watering Cans is 14 RC and 25 Super Watering Cans 6 RC.  So it is a good deal IF you need all types of Farming Aids.  If you do not need all of that, you might be better off purchasing the type of Farm Aid that you actually need.

Note that you can purchase additional Power and OP on a daily basis in the Daily Special Deals department in the market.  The first purchase of Power and OP is a coin purchase.  The second purchase of Power is a Coin purchase.  

Farm Aids are included in many of the newer rewards, such as the Chests that you open and even when you tend Flowers in the Botanic Garden.  Again, you should be able to complete the Quest sequence in 11 days without using too many but if you are impatient, you probably will use them!

Power and OP

This Quest may appear to be quite simple on the surface but towards the end, you will need tremendous amounts of OP and Power if you wish to speed the process of completing tasks.  Some of the Recipes require a number of ingredients that themselves are Cooked Dishes made from Cooked Dishes.

For example, there is the task of making 8 Chocolate Pave.  Here are the ingredients for that:
  Each requires 1 Egg Tart and 1 White Chocolate
  Each Egg Tart requires 1 Eggnog and 1 Soft Dough
  Each Soft Dough is made from 1 Cake Flour and 1 Batter
  Each Cake Flour requires 2 Oat Flour and 2 Rye Flour
  Each Batter requires 2 Wheat Flour and 1 Egg
 In face, there are a number of Dishes that you have to make that use Soft Dough.  If you can make it in advance as well as some Batter, you will be in a better situation with respect to quick completion of the Quest.

One of the most difficult tasks for low level players will be that of making 30 Pumpkin Pies.  Pumpkin Pie requires full 3 Star Mastery of the Pie Machine on the Island which means that you have to had made a total of 1800 Pies in order to unlock the capacity to make it.  The cost of skipping this task is prohibitive as well at 30 RC.  So if you do not have 3 Star Mastery of the Pie Machine, you should try to achieve this in the next week.

A Howling Good Time Quest

A Howling Good Time 1

Darryl:  Hey Farmer!  Now the time has finally arrived!  It's Halloween!  I am super excited, because I'm planning a terrific prank on my friends for the party!  Are you curious about the curprise?  Give me a hand and I might tell you.

Harvest 40 Lavender
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 40 Halloween Pumpkins
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 40 Buffalo Milk Cheese
  Skip for 20 RC

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Darryl:  During the party, I will tell a scary story to my friends.

A Howling Good Time 2

Darryl:  Great news!  All my friends are coming to the party.  Now, we need to prepare some delicious food, plenty of blankets and hmm, what else?  Oh, decorations!  Do you have any ideas for decorations?

Prepare 12 Lavender Cheese
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 1 Lavendar and 1 Buffalo Milk Cheese

Produce 40 Ketchup
  Skip for 20 RC

Place 1 Scarecrow on your Farm
  Scarecrow is a coin purchase and also a Theme decoration in the current Farm Beauty Contest so no point in skipping this task.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Darryl:  Great idea!  Let's continue preparing for the scariest night of the year!

A Howling Good Time 3

Darryl:  First off, I should prepare my costume.  What should it be this year?  Do you have any ideas?  I definitely want to look scary so my friends won't recognise me at first glance.  hehe.  Don't tell me, I know it's mean!

Harvest 40 Coffee Beans
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 8 Lemons
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 12 plates of Coffee Cookies
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 1 Coffee Bean and 1 Wheat Flour

Reward; 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Darryl:  Tada!  I've decided... I shall disguise myself as a werewolf!  I can't wait to see the fear on my friends' faces!

A Howling Good Time 4

Darryl:  Costume, check!  Decorations, check!  Food, check!  Ohhh... I got so excited preparing for the party that I forgot to finish my chores!  Let's hurry.  I don't want Grandma to find out, or she might get angry at me and cancel my Halloween party!

Harvest 40 Corn
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 8 Pasta
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Cake Flour and 1 Ketchup
  Each Cake Flour requires 2 Oat Flour and 2 Rye Flour

Prepare 12 Coffee Biscuits
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires  1 Coffee Cookies and 1 Lavendar Cheese

Reward: 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Special Reward: Mission Gift Box

Darryl:  Wow!  We made it in time!  Nothing can stand in the way of our Halloween party being a success!

A Howling Good Time 5

Darryl:  I want my friends to have the best Halloween party ever!  That's why I'll make some Jack-O-Lantern baskets filled with candies.  We can all go trick-or-treating after the party.  What do you think?

(I think if the baskets are filled with candies BEFORE you go out, there will be no room or reason for the trick-or-treat expedition, but never mind...)

Ask for 20 Trick or Treat Baskets from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Collect 50 Eggs
  Skip for 25 RC

Prepare 12 plates of Steak Tartare
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 2 Beef and 1 Egg

Reward: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Darryl:  Everything is set up.  The party can begin!  Oh wait... Felicia still doesn't know about my plan.  Ah well then, I will just surprise her!

A Howling Good Time 6

Darryl:  When my guests arrived, they were scared to death by my werewolf costume!  Haha!  That's a good start.  I'm waiting for all of them to get comfortable.  It seems like every body is having a good time, and the best is yet to come.

Harvest 8 Almonds
  Skip for 8 RC

Fertilise your Neighbours' Farms 50 times
  Skip for 10 RC

Fish 10 Times with the Halloween Hook
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Darryl:  Don't be afraid, farmer!  I wrote these ghost stories myself.

A Howling Good Time 7

Darryl:  Time for my little ghost story, hehe.  'While trick-or-treating, two friends, Lester and Paul, decided to explore a dark streeet they'd never noticed before.  It led them to a cemetery.  Suddenly, they felt a cold and spooky wind.'

Harvest 4 Guarana
  Skip for 4 RC

Prepare 8 Guarana Drinks
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Guarana and 1 Lemon

Prepare 8 glasses of Eggnog
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Egg and 1 Condensed Milk
  Each Condensed Milk requires 1 Milk and 1 Sugar

Reward: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Darryl:  Every one is listening carefully to my story.  I can see the fear on their faces.  I even  gave myself goosebumps everywhere.  But wait...

A Howling Good Time 8

Darryl:  Aaah!  I'm sure I heard some one outside!  What was that?  It's getting creepy!  We are scared to the bone!  As I reached into my bag of candy, I thought I heard a voice saying, 'Pick me!  Pick me!'  The voice echoes throughout the room.

Cook 3 Punch Bowls with Eyes in the Stove House
  Reward from Collections Mission or purchase in Market for 9 RC
  Skip for 6 RC

Produce 50 Sugar
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 8 Halloween Pumpkin Soup
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 2 Halloween Pumpkins and 1 Milk

Reward: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Darryl: That's just silly!  Ghosts aren't real.    It was probably the wind.  Let's continue our party.  I'm not afraid!

Special Reward:  Halloween Pet House Ears

A Howling Good Time 9

Darryl:  Seems like our guests aren't in the mood for ghost stories anymore.  Hmm... I think we should stop for awhile and make hot chocolate for every one to distract them.  Do you want to help me, farmer?

Harvest 6 White Chocolates
  Skip for 6 RC

Prepare 8 Almond Paste
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Almond and 1 White Chocolate

Prepare 8 bowls of Bloody Eyes
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 White Chocolate and 1 Spooky Eye Fruit (from Spooky Tree)

Reward: 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Darryl:  Luckily, we have enough sweets for every one here.

A Howling Good Time 10

Darryl:  Oh, my guests still want to hear how my ghost story ends.  Okay, make yourselves comfortable and hide under the blankets because it only gets spookier!

Prepare 8 Orange Crumbles
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Batter and 3 Oranges

Harvest 50 Pumpkins
  Skip for 25 RC

Prepare 12 plates of Pumpkin Crumble
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 1 Orange Crumble and 2 Pumpkins

Reward: 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Darryl:  Hmm... where did I stop?  Oh yeah, the cemetary!

A Howling Good Time 11

Darryl:  'Somehow they got turned round and ended up walking through the graveyard near St. Mary's Church instead of taking the road home.  The wind howled louder and Lester thought he could hear a voice calling his name.  Then suddenly...'

 Harvest 8 Cedar Wood
  Skip for 8 RC
  This is an Island Task
  N.B.  If you use the Electric Saw, you can obtain 2 Cedar Wood from every Tree.

Produce 50 Mohair Yarn
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Task

Craft 3 Scarecrow Toys in the Workshop
  Skip for 6 RC
  This is an Island Task
  Each requires 2 Mohair Yarn and 1 Cedar Wood

Darryl:  Hehe... my friends cannot get enough of this story... huh?

Reward: 2500 Coins, 210 XP

A Howling Good Time 12

Darryl:  'Suddenly the ground opened up in front of Lester and Paul and they fell down, down into an open grave.  They could still hear the voice, clearer and louder now, calling to them.  The hole was very deep and pitch black.'

Collect 6 bottles of Bat Milk
  Skip for 6 RC
  The Bat House produces Bat Milk in the same way that the Butterfly House produces Nectar, but from different trees.  One of the Trees that is linked to the Bat House is the Sakura Tree.  Another is the Hazel Tree..  Another, rather appropriately, is the Spooky Tree.  When the tree is fertilised by the Bats, like the Trees fertilised by the Butterflies, it will turn orange...

Prepare 8 Brain Shakes
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Bat Milk and 1 Spooky Eye Fruit

Prepare 6 plates of Spooky Pasta
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Pasta and 2 Vampire Clams

Reward: 2500 Coins, 210 XP
Special Reward: Island Mission Gift Box

 Darryl:  I want to hide under the blanket!

A Howling Good Time 13

Darryl:  'Then a figure spoke to them.  'You won't get out!' it moaned.  Lester and Paul scrambled to reach the edge of the hole but just couldn't get out.  The legend says that both friends are even now trying to escape still...'

Prepare 6 Marshmallow Skulls
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Nectar and 1 Sugar

Harvest 60 Cassava
  Skip for 30 RC
  This is an Island Crop

Produce 30 Loaves of  Zucchini Bread
  Skip for 15 RC
  This is an Island Task

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Darryl:  Hahaha.  My friends are sooo scared that they don't dare to go out for trick or treating.

A Howling Good Time 14

Darryl:  Something outside is making strange noises again...What was that?... Surprise!!!  It's Grandma!

Produce 8 Cherry Jam
  Skip for 4 RC

Prepare 8 Chocolate Pave
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Egg Tart and 1 White Chocolate
  Each Egg Tart requires 1 Eggnog and 1 Soft Dough
  Each Soft Dough is made from 1 Cake Flour and 1 Batter
  Each Cake Flour requires 2 Oat Flour and 2 Rye Flour
  Each Batter requires 2 Wheat Flour and 1 Egg

Prepare 8 Monster Snacks
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 2 Marshmallow Skulls and 1 Halloween Pumpkin Soup

Reward; 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Darryl:  Guess what?  Grandma planned all of this, because we almost forgot our chores today!  Remember?

A Howling Good Time 15

Darryl:  Wow, Grandma brought us even more sweets and a big cake!  Fantastic, so we don't need to go out for trick or treating any more.  I think we all are exhausted.

Transport 60 Pumpkins to Island
  Skip for 20 RC
  Split between Zeppelins to reduce transport time

Produce 30 Pumpkin Pies
  Skip for 30 RC
  This is an Island Task and requires full mastery of the Pie Machine

Prepare 6 bags of Skeleton Fish Chips
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Skeleton Fish and 1 Soft Dough

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 230 XP

Darryl:  I had a lot of fun tonight!

A Howling Good Time 16

Darryl:  It was a great Halloween night.  But now it's time to sleep.  Thank you so much, Farmer, for helping me organise this epic night!

Prepare 6 Plates of Spooky Crunchy Pasta
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Skeleton Fish Chips and 1 Spooky Pasta

Feed 26 Pet Food to a Pet
  Show me (You cannot skip this task)

Dig 8 Chests
  Show me (You cannot skip this task)

Reward: 2500 Coins, 230 XP
Special Reward: Pumpkin Owl Decoration for Seaside Farm

Darryl:  Happy Halloween!

10 October 2016

Spooky Halloween Farm Beauty Contest

Screenshots show completed but empty Halloween Stage/Base, Halloween Stage Concert with stackable Decorations, Bat House, Jack-O-Lantern Machine and many of the Theme Decorations from last year that are Theme once again for the current contest.

N.B.  The 'Darryl the Doctor' Mission will be found in the post below this one.

In the past, a farmer had to be at Level 15 or higher in order to participate in the Farm Beauty Contests.  I doubt that has changed but need confirmation to be certain.

Balance of Items

For new farmers, there are a few basic instructions.  You need to organise your farm BEFORE you take the photograph in order to gain the maximum benefit from your design.   Have a good balance of Crops, Trees, Animals, Machines, Decorations and now Paths as well.  Your design now has to take Landscape Points into account, which means that you need to lay paths and water paths, then place as many Decorations as possible within their sphere of influence.  Remember that the maximum number of points for any tile is 50 (for Macaron and Pebble Paths), and therefore, once you have a total of 50 Points from the Path itself and Decorations within the area, more Decorations will not add any more points.

Designing Paths

Generally speaking, it is better to make a long single-file path surrounding an area filled with Crops, Machines, Trees or a combination of these with Decorations than to place all of your tiles together.   To discover the effect a specific Decoration will have on your Landscape Point total, use the Move Tool and hover near the Paths you have set on your Farm.  If you have achieved the maximum number of Points for any path, you will see that the Decoration would add zero points if placed in that location.  If there is a Path that does not have the maximum points from Decorations in its sphere of influence, you will see the precise number of points that your Decoration will add to the total in that area.

Crop, Tree, Animal, Machine Totals

 For the Farm Beauty Contest, you need a variety of Crops.  It originally was 16 different Crops in order to gain the maximum Votes for your Crops.  For Trees, it was 16 different Trees and for Machines, 16 different Machines.  I believe that the count was lowered to 13 in later contests, but again must confirm what is needed for THIS contest.

Butterfly Houses, Beehives and the Bat House qualify as 'Animals' for the purpose of the Contest and every different style of Beehive or Butterfly House will count as a different Animal.

Landscape Point Totals

In previous Contests, Charm was the aspect that three of the Characters prized.  Now they prize Landscape Points instead.  The Vote category speaks of Beautiful Paths with High Landscape Points.  In essence, you need less than 3000 Landscape Points to gain the maximum number of Votes from Felicia, Darryl and Grandma.  You do not need more than that.  I confirmed this myself.  The actual total needed is somewhere between 2000 and 3000.  I will confirm that when I can.  Rosewood was very low in Landscape Points but today added to the total and with 2320 Landscape Points achieved the maximum of 24/24.

With 1034 Landscape Points, another farmer received 16/24 Votes for Landscape.  With 0nly 242 Points, another received 6/24.  At 293 one more Vote was acquired for 7/24.

Gallery Registration

Gallery Registration is central to all the Farm Beauty Contests.  If a Theme Decoration has not been registered in the Gallery prior to the point of submitting your Photograph, it usually will not count towards Theme.  Furthermore, two of the Characters in the form of Darryl and Grandma give Votes based on the total number of items you have registered in your Gallery.  The number required to gain the maximum points in this category is not that high, however.  My rather new farm, Asgard, has been able to gain the maxmum in this category (but not in some of the others) and I have not registered that many of my Trees, Animals or Machines, although I have tried to register most Decorations as I acquired them.

I believe that all that counts for the Gallery Vote itself is the number of Gallery Points that you have, earned through obtaining the little round Cow Tokens that are one of the Rewards for every Registration.

524/1250, almost half of the total for filling the third tier (third Cow Token at the top of the Gallery Menu) gives 15/16 Votes for having a g

879/2250, almost half of the fourth Cow Token filled, gives you 16/16.  I am trying to find the precise total that gives you the maximum number of Votes for a Great Gallery.

Timing of Snapshot/Photograph

You have to take an initial photograph of your Farm to enter the Farm Beauty Contest.  If you have time to design your Farm on the first day, do so BEFORE you take the photograph, making certain you have maximised all aspects that will  give Votes from the four Characters.  If you do not have time to organise your Farm, simply take the photograph of it as  it stands... better to get some Votes than no Votes.  You can take a new photograph every day if you wish.

If you need more Theme Items, make certain that, should you obtain a new one, that you register it BEFORE you take a new photograph of the Farm.  Only the items as they appear in the current photograph are counted.

After taking the photograph of your perfected Farm, you can remove anything or change anything without it modifying or changing the Farm Beauty Contest entry.  It is only when you submit a new photograph that anything will change.  Thus, you try to set up your Farm for maximum Votes in every category, take and submit a photograph of it and then do whatever you need to make your farm more practical for specific tasks, quests or whatever.

Buddies and the Farm Beauty Contests

The Buddy relationship is becoming increasingly important with the release of the Pet option and the ability to feed and/or borrow a Buddy Pet.  It has been important for quite some time, however, where the Farm Beauty Contests are concerned.  The Buddy Share Box in the Lucky Wheel usually contains a number of Theme Decorations in any current Farm Beauty Contest.  If you are not at least a Level 2 Buddy with the farmer who has the Share Box, you will be unable to access it or purchase anything from it.

This Contest is no exception.  There are at least 5 Theme Decorations that can be purchased from the Buddy Share Box.

Activity Tokens

The Activity Tokens are being offered simultaneously in different activities now, unlike previous Activity Tokens.  You can find them by completing the highlighted Order on the Daily Order Board.  Completing that order will give you 15 Activity Tokens.  If you refresh, you will be able to net 15 more.

You must fish with the Halloween Hook to receive them when fishing.  The Halloween Hook is a temporary Hook that can be found in the regular Hook Menu.  It takes 125 Bait to use.

Halloween Hook

There is a notice to the effect that, if you fish using the Halloween Hook, you will have a chance to gain Activity Tokens as well as materials for the Halloween Stage.  When you use the Halloween Hook, you will catch special Halloween Fish.  A couple of these were used in Recipes in the Kitchen back in the day... will have to confirm if those Recipes have reappeared.  In any case, you may receive a special Fishing Bag with the Fish you catch.

I received 3 Activity Tokens and a Blueberry Candy in the one I obtained.  As I have a completed Halloween Stage from the past, I probably cannot receive any materials for that Baae now, nor would I wish to do so!

The fish you can catch are:

Humpback Anglerfish
Ghost Jellyfish
Vampire Clam
Skeleton Fish
Skull Anchor (not really a fish)

You will find all of them in the last section of your Fish Book.

If the Jack-O-Lantern Machine is offered in the Market again, you can obtain materials for it in the Yellow Mystrons Shop (one material per day) or by using the Halloween Hook.  When

Farm Character Votes

The fundamental rules of these Beauty Contests remain the same.  The difference now for this new Contest is in the substitution of Landscape Points for Charm Points as one of the farm aspects that draw votes from three out of the four Farm Characters.

You now have the following from the Farm Characters:


Theme: Maximum Votes 24/24
  Theme Items are given in the red book that you will find in the Main Farm Beauty Contest Menu.  Not all Theme items have the same value.  Very often a new Decoration will be worth 3 Votes where an old one will be worth only 1.  I will list all Theme items below with their values.

Expansion: Maximum 16/16
  You do NOT need the largest expansion to obtain the maximum points.

Landscape Points: Maximum: 24/24
  Description:  Beautiful Paths with high Landscape Points
  Note here that a total of 3000 Landscape Points will give you the maximum Votes here.

Animals:  Maximum 16/16


  High Level Farms: Maximum: 16/16
  Note that Level 101 gives you 11 points.

  Expansion: Maximum: 24/24

  Theme: Maximum: 24/24

  Machines:  Maximum: 16/16


  Theme:  Maximum: 24/24

  Crops: Maximum: 16/16
    N.B.  Variety here is the key.

  Landscape Points: Maximum: 24/24

  Gallery Registration: Maximum: 16/16


  High Level: Maximum is 16/16

  Gallery Registration: MAximum is 16/16

  Landscape Points: Maximum is 24/24

  Trees: Maximum: 16/16
    Variety is the key.

List of Theme Items

Theme Items for this Contest include two Premium Trees, 1 Animal (Bat House) and many Decorations.

Theme Trees:

Spooky Tree
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Found in Market or Mystrons Shops randomly
  Costs 8 RC in Tree section of Market

Guarana Bush
  1 Vote from 3 Chqqracters
  Avialalbe in Market and Mystrons Shops
  Costs 6 RC in Tree section of Market

Theme Animals

Bat House
  1 Vote from 3 Chracters
  Temporarily available in Market for 18 RC

Theme Machines

Jack-O-Lantern Machine
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
    Evidently will be available in Shop in uninished form

The Jack-O-Lantern Machine, introduced two years ago, brought back last year briefly and, in the Theme Decoration list, apparently to be brought back once more, is listed as a Theme Decoration.  If it becomes available again, you will buy it in unfinished condition and either fish for materials to complete it or purchase them in a Mystron Shop.

Theme Decorations

Pumpkin Fountain
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Can be found randomly in Yellow Mystrons Shop or in Buddy Share Box
  Price is 12 RC in Buddy Share Box

Bunny Reaper
  2 Votes from 3 Characters
  Can be found only in special sale offer currently

Halloween Fence
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Can be found in Activity Tokens Shop for 60 Activity Tokens  or randomly in other Mystery Mystrons Shops

Pumpkin Light
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Can be foundin Buddy Share Boxes
  Price is 12 RC in Buddy Share Box

Flower Torch
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Can be found randomly in Yellow Mystrons Shop

Skeleton Rockstar Diva
  3 Votes from 3 Characters
  Can be found in special offer now but from the past

Oak Tree with Owl
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Not yet available, will be special offer

  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Buy in Market for Coins

Funny Scarecrow
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
   Not available currently, was April Fool Mission reward a couple of years ago

Pumpkin Cat
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Given as Farm Beauty Contest Reward

White Ghost
  3 Votes from 3 Characters
  Not yet available, will be a special offer

Witch Legs
  1 Vote from 3 Chqracters
  Available now in special offer but from past

Pumpkin Tombstone
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Available now in Activity Token Shop for 480 Activity Tokens and Buddy Share Boxes
  Price is 15 RC in a Buddy Share Box

Stereo Coffin
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Available as special offer but from past

Straw Witch
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Sometimes available randomly in Blue Mystrons Shop for 300 Blue Mystrons

Runnibg Mummy
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  From the past

Halloween Stage
  3 Votes from 3 Characters
  Available now in Market in unfinished form

Skeleton Rockstar Frontman
  2 Votes from 3 Characters
  Special Offer but from past

Vampire Scarecrow
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  From past but appears in Buddy Share Boxes
  Price is 12 RC in Buddy Share Box

Ghost Broom
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Last year's Farm Beauty Contest Reward

Pumpkin Tower
  1 Vote from 3 Characters
  Available in Buddy Share Box
  Price is 10 RC in Buddy Share Box

07 October 2016

Darryl the Doctor Quest and Doctor's Cases Collections Mission

A new time-restricted Quest in the form of Darryl the Doctor has been released in tandem with a Collections Mission that gives a Eucalyptus Tree as a Reward.  if you prefer not to complete the Collections Mission, you can find the Tree in the Market for 9 RC.

Other premium Trees that will be required for the tasks in the traditional Quest sequence include a Pomegranate Tree and a Banana Tree.  You will need a Persimmon Tree to complete the Collections Mission.

Collection Set Registration

There is only one Decoration this time in the form of the Tea in a Scarf Decoration, and the Collections Set in the Lighthouse reflects this by making the required items two premium Trees and the single new Decoration.  The Trees are the Persimmon Tree and Pomegranate Tree.  Rewards for registration of the three items are 1 RC, 88 Green Mystrons and a Clam Friendship Flower.

When you complete Darryl the Doctor 8 you will receive Bear Pet Ears, an 'accessory' to decorate your Pet House, of all things.  Tap on the Paint Brush when you have accessed the Pet House menu to use it.

Strategies for Quest

As previously indicated, you will need some premium Trees to complete the tasks in the traditional Quest sequence.  If you do not have these, you may be able to find them in one of the Mystron Shops or in your Special Deals Daily Deal Shop for the new currency, TC.  Note here, however, that 100 TC is the equivalent of 1 RC.  If you actually have sufficient TC, it makes sense to use it to buy a Tree, but if you do not have it, you simply can go to the Tree section of the Market to buy it for RC.  The price is the same even if the currency is different.

At the moment, there are new special sales offers that bundle Trees with Decorations.  They really should have started the sale at the same time as the Mission but they waited a day.  You now can find the Persimmon Tree on sale with the Witch Legs Decoration and 4 RC.  The Wild Rose Bush is sold with the Stereo Coffin and 10 RC and there are two DIY offers as well.  One allows you to choose between Persimmon, Plum and Dark Chocolate Trees with the Skeleton Rockstar Frontman Decoration, a choice of Farm Aids and 4 RC.  The other DIY gives you the Skeleton Rockstar Diva Decoration with choice of Pomegranate Tree, Guava Tree or Butternut Squash Tree, along with a choice of Farm Aids or Popcorn Machine and finally 38 RC.  All of the Decorations that are paired with Trees are from last year.  The only new Decoration, the Bunny Reaper has no tree paired with it and is not stackable at this point in time.  The rest of the Decorations being sold in these offers can be stacked on the old Halloween Base.

That having been said, the only time when one really might consider the expenditure of RC useful to complete a task in this sequence is to purchase the Polished Coral Twigs for the Rose Coral Mirrors if you cannot obtain them by processing your Coral.  It is a bonus item and not that easy to obtain... the six Rose Coral Mirrors that you make have to be transported to the Island to make 6 Coral Dressing Tables in the very last part of the Mission.  Make certain that you have 6 Wooden Panels as well for this project.  Note that Wooden Panels are made from Red Sandalwood, cut from a Red Sanders Tree.  The growth of any Wood Tree on the Island cannot be speeded with Watering Cans but use of Weather Aids such as Rain or Thunder will speed growth of everything including Wood Trees.  Incidentally, each Rose Coral Mirror takes about 10 minutes to transport from Seaside Farm to Island Farm.  Split the transport between Zeppelins if you can.

The Coral Dressing Tables are made in the Workshop.  Unlike some of the other crafting buildings, the Workshop takes no time at all to complete items, but you will use 1 Power for each item that you produce.

Almost every Cooked Dish that you make in the course of this Quest will be used as an ingredient in another dish later, so sell nothing.

My Opinion

I am not entirely happy with the changes made recently.  Originally, the traditional Quest sequence gave TWO cleanable Decorations as special Rewards, one after the first half was completed and one at the very end.  The first was a Decoration for the Seaside Farm and the second was a Decoration for the Island.  This made a lot of sense as the second half of the Quest sequence included some island Tasks.  They then changed the rewards to two Seaside Decorations that were almost identical, such as two telephone kiosks or two Drum Sets.  Now they have gone further in eliminating the first Decoration and replacing it with a Pet House 'accessory' or theme item.  The developes obviously are trying to push new aspects of the game.  Another recent change was to give a Stove House Recipe instead of a Tree or Collectable as the Reward for a Colelctions Mission and incorporate that Recipe in one or more of the tasks.  That was another fundamental change in these time-restricted Missions.

Perosnally, I dislike all the changes and indeed, I know no players who prefer these new Rewards to the old ones in the form of 1 Decoration for Seaside and 1 Decoration for the Island.  While they are trying to force players to unlock the Island, they yet eliminate one of the incentives for doing so.  New players no longer can obtain Island Decorations as Rewards for completing the time-restricted Quests.  Those Island Decorations were more valuable in a way than their Seaside counterparts as the Island Gift Boxes often contained Farm Aids.  Furthermore, they DECORATED the Island.  When a player has obtained a high Dev Point total, he/she can craft 'landmark decorations' but that is poor consolation really for losing the chance to gain new Decorations as quest rewqrds.  The landmark Decorations cannot be cleaned, although they are very attractive.

Some of us are not that keen on the Stove House.  Some of us do not have the time or energy to deal with it.  The new Pet option is another one that requires a tremendous amount of time and energy.  It is more fun than the Stove House but... many of us came to Seaside to farm.   It is becoming less and less a farming game.

Collect Doctor's Cases

This is the Collections Mission

70 Red Doctor's Cases from Onions
50 Black Doctor's Cases from Beef
30 Blue Doctor's Cases from Grape Jam
10 Yellow Doctor's Cases from Persimmons

Reward: Eucalyptus Tree
N.B.  You can purchase the Eucalyptus Tree in the Market for 9 RC if you prefer.

Darryl the Doctor 1

Hi farmers, wondering why I'm so sad?  Well, a lot of my friends have the flu right now, so I can't hang out with them at all...

Plant 40 Clover
  Skip for 10 RC

Feed your Holstein Cow 40 times
  Skip for 10 RC

Harvest 6 Cherries
  Skip for 6 RC

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Darryl:  Dylan and George are both ill.  Tina, too!

Darryl the Doctor 2

Darryl:  Remember Tina, farmer?  She played the trumpet in my rock band this summer.  I want to visit her, but Grandma says I'll catch the flue as well and won't let me!

Harvest 40 Oats
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 40 Sacks of Rye Flour
  Skip for 10 RC

Collect 20 Jars of Honey
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Darryl:  It's not fair!  Tina is my friend!  We're even wearing matching costumes to the school's Hallowe'en party!

Darryl the Doctor 3

Darryl:  Don't smile at me like that, farmer!  Tina and I are just friends and I miss her, that's all.  And she must be miserable with the flu.  I wish I could help her, but I don't know how.  I'm not a doctor, after all.

Harvest 8 Coconuts
  Skip for 8 RC

Harvest 40 Rice
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 16 bags of Cake Flour
  Skip for 16 RC
  Each requires 2 Oat Flour and 2 Rye Flour

Reward: 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Darryl:  Great idea, farmer!  Grandma must know something I can do!  She helped me so many times when I was ill!

Darryl the Doctor 4

Darryl:  Grandma says that i could read a book about herbs and make a remedy for Tina.  However, she can't remember where she put her books.  She knows all the remedies by heart.  Where do I get a book about herbs?

Produce 10 Jars of Cherry Jam
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 16 Soft Dough
  Skip for 16 RC
  Each requires 1 Cake Flour and 1 Batter
  Each Batter requires 2 Wheat Flour and 1 Egg

Collect 10 Herbal Remedies from Neighbours
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Special Reward: Mission Gift Box

Darryl:  Brilliant, farmer!  Our neighbours were so nice!  I'll definitely find something now.

Darryl the Doctor 5

Darryl:  Oh no!  As soon as I sat down to read, Felicia came over.  She says I'm moping and she wants to distract me.  I don't want to be distracted!  I'm busy!  Do you think I can get out of it, farmer?  Sisters can be so annoying...

Harvest 50 Spinach
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 12 Coconut Milk
  Skip for 12 RC
  Requires 1 Coconut and 2 Sugar

Prepare 8 Sticky Rice
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 2 Rice and 1 Coconut Milk
Rewards: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Darryl:  Ugh, she wants me to help her cook!  I don't mind cooking... but I'm not really good at it.  Will you help me?

Darryl the Doctor 6

Felicia is trying to help so much that I feel bad about trying to avoid her.   She is cooking all my favourites!  She even said there would be sweets!

Produce 50 Sugar
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 8 Spinach Salads
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 2 Spinach and 2 Onions

Prepare 8 Polish Donuts
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Batter and 1 Cake Flour

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Darryl:  I'm so full I can hardly breathe!  Will she let me read in peace now?

Darryl the Doctor 7

Darryl:  Now she wants us to go fishing.  I love it, but now?  Really?  She says she'll take some snacks with us.  It's so Felicia, to think that food can solve anything!  Hmm, maybe I can persuade her to bake something for Tina?

Use Squid Hook to fish 8 times
  Skip for 8 RC
  N.B.  If you wish to finish this task without having to wait to refresh your fishing chances, simply miss the first catch.  The number of tries that the game gives is 7.  By missing one, you still will have seven left.  What you will need from this expedition is Coral.

Harvest 8 Pomegranates
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 8 Pomegranate Cookies
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Pomegranate and 1 Soft Dough

Reward: 2500 Coins,  190 XP

Darryl:  Ah, fishing is so relaxing, and Felicia got sunburned so she is going to fix some crem for her skin and leave me to my books!

Darryl the Doctor 8

Darryl:  There are so many medicinal plants!  Almost every plant has some healing properties.  I need something to battle the flu.  What do you think of Eucalyptus?  Do we have it on the farm?

Place a Eucalyptus Tree on your Farm
  Reward from Collections Mission or buy in Market for 9 RC
  Skip for 10 RC?  (I had one on the farm so did not see price of skipping task, although it always has been 10 RC before.)

Prepare 8 Cups of Eucalyptus Tea
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Eucalyptus Leaf and 3 Honey

Process 4 Corals in the Seafood House
  Skip for 4 RC
  Each takes a little less than 5 minutes to process but it counts when you begin the task.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Darryl:  I like the smell of the tea!

Special Reward:  Bear Pet Ears, a piece of headgear for your Pet House, not your actual Pet!

Darryl the Doctor 9

Darryl:  Grandma thinks that Eucalyptus is a cool idea, but she also wants me to do my chores.  With the reading and Felicia distracting me, I haven't got much done!  Well, what does Grandma's Chore List say?

Finish all of Today's Orders on the Order Board
  Skip for 6 RC

Harvest 50 Raspberries
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 8 Plates of Spinach Dumplings
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Spinach Salad and 1 Soft Dough

Reward: 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Darryl:  Phew, that was a lot of work.  Let's go check to see if the Eucalyptus has any leaves to harvest now!

Darryl the Doctor 10

Darryl:  Argh, Felicia!  She roped Dad into this 'distract Darryl from his moping' scheme!  How on earth am I going to find time to make some medicine for Tina now/

Harvest 8 Bananas
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 8 Bowls of Fruit Salad
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Banana and 2 Cherries

Produce 50 Mohair
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Task.

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Darryl:  Maybe I need to make something else to go with that tea...  I think I saw some raspberries in the barn.

Darryl the Doctor 11

Darryl:  Dad has me working like crazy!  Well, there is a lot of work to do.  Maybe I should help him more often.  While i do that, can you please think of something I can do with the raspberries?

Harvest 50 Pineapples
  Skip for 12 RC

Collect 20 Mashers from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Transport 50 Pineapples to the Island Farm
  Skip for 12 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 210 XP

Darryl:  A masher?  Huh, an interesting idea!  Let's put it to good use!

Darryl the Doctor 12

Darryl:  Felicia is back from the Beauty Shop!  Looks like she cured her sunburn.  Let's ask her if she can bake something sweet for Tina!  Maybe I should bribe her with something, so she'll definitely agree.

Produce 50 Mohair Yarn
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Task

Prepare 8 Banana Splits
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Banana and 1 Condensed Milk

Prepare 8 Bowls of Pomegranate Fruit Salad
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Pomegranate and 1 Fruit Salad
  Each Fruit Salad requires 1 Banana and 2 Cherries

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 210 XP
Special Reward: Special Mission Island Box

Darryl:  I know she'd like those pomegranates!  She agreed!

Darryl the Doctor 13

Darryl:  While Felicia is rereading her recipes, I have to go back to help Dad.  You won't believe how much there is to do on the island!  It's so beautiful here and we can earn so much with all those orders!

Complete 4 Helicopter Orders
  Skip for 4 RC
  This is an Island Task

Craft 5 Camomile Aroma Bottles in the Beauty Shop
  Skip for 6 RC
  Make certain that you transport the Bottles and Camomile Essential Oil from the Island beforehand
  Each requires 1 Wooden Aroma Bottle, 1 Camomile Essential Oil and 1 Distilled Water..  Takes about 12 minutes to complete but you will be credited when you begin the production.

Craft 3 Wooden Panels in the Sawmill
  Skip for 6 RC
  Wooden Panels are made from Red Sandalwood.  You actually will need a total of 6 of these for one of the final tasks.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Darryl:  Do you think Tina will agree to visit the island for a ride in our boat?  We could deliver some orders together!

Darryl the Doctor 14

Darryl:  Grandma asked for some mirrors from the island.  I'm starting to think she's in on it too!  Do you think they don't like Tina and don't want me helping her?  But she's so nice.  Why wouldn't they like her?

Craft 6 Coral Rose Mirrors
  Skip for 6 RC
  These are made in the Beauty Shop, rather a difficult item as it requires a bonus item from processing Coral in the form of a Polished Coral Twig.
  Each requires 2 Red Rose Bouquets, 1 Polished Coral Twig and 1 Glass.  Takes 13 minutes to complete.  As soon as you complete them, ship them off to the Island as you will need 6 of them for one of the final tasks.  It is here that it may be useful to advise you to buy the Polished Coral Twigs for 1 RC each if you do not have them rather than skipping the task or even part of it.  If you pay for the Twigs and make all six of the mirrors, you will be able to make the Dressing Tables later on the Island without having to pay any additional RC to skip any of THOSE.

Prepare 8 Raspberry Puree
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 2 Eucalyptus Leaf and 3 Rsspberry
  (Does NOT sound tasty to me!)

Harvest 60 Zucchini
  Skip for 20 RC
  This is an Island Crop

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Darryl:  Grandma says I fret too muh and laughs at me.  Hah!  You should see her when she frets over Grandpa after he blows up an experiment!

Darryl the Doctor 15

Darryl:  I can't bring all the medicinal things to Tina like that.  I definitely would spill them!  How can I carry them safely?  Do you think she will like this?  Oh no, what if she is allergic to raspberries?

Prepare 8 Medicinal Sets
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Eucalyptus Tea and 1 Raspberry Puree

Produce 30 Zucchini Bread
  Skip for 15 RC
  This is an Island Task
  To make Zucchini Bread, you will need a total of three Island Machines.  You need the Watermill to grind the Chestnut Flour, the Dehydrator to dry the Zucchini into Dried Zucchini and finally the Flavoured Bread Machine to make the actual Zucchini Bread (and Mastery to be able to make that particular Bread).  Although the actual Flavoured Bread Machine requires 2160 Dev Points to purchase, you will find an unfinished Machine on one of the Island Expansions and thus can obtain it without having sufficient Dev Points to qualify for a purchase!

Prepare 8 Sweet and Savoury Feasts
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Pomegranate Fruit Salad and 1 Spinach Dumplings

Reward: 2500 Coins, 230 XP

Darryl:  Easy for you to say, farmer.  Well, I just need to get the things Felicia made and I'll be on my way to Tina.

Darryl the Doctor 16

Darryl:  Tina loved it: the medicinal stuff and also Felicia's dishes too!  We talked about our Halloween costumes and I played the guitar for her.  Tina's mum even made us some juice.  I can't wait until Tina is well again!

Craft 6 Coral Dressing Tables
  Skip for 6 RC
  This is an Island Task.  You need to transport the 6 Coral Rose Mirrors you made in the Beauty Shop to the Island.  Each Coral Dressing Table requires 1 Coral Rose Mirror and 1 Wooden Panel.  As you only made 3 Wooden Panels in an earlier step, you will need three more of those.

Harvest 8 Wild Rose Fruits
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 8 Rose Mirror Cakes
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Sticky Rice and 1 Wild Rose Marmalade
  Each Sticky Rice requires 2 Rice and 1 Coconut Milk
  Each Wild Rose Marmalade requires 1 Wild Rose Fruit and 2 Sugar

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 230 XP
Final Reward:  Tea in a Scarf Decoration

Darryl:  Phew, I can finally relax!  See you at Halloween, farmer, and thanks for your help!

Unfortunately, we cannot relax, dear Darryl... it's almost time for another round of guests to swoop down on the farm, bringing orders that have to be filled by pets needing FOOD constantly...

Stackable Decorations

Note that the Tea in a Scarf Decoration shows the jigsaw puzzle piece icon when it is in your Gift Box but does not show any option to stack when you place it on your farm.  It may be intended for the NEXT Base.

23 September 2016

Pigiatura Time Quest and Baskets Collection Mission

Grape Pressing in traditional fashion.  The word 'Pigiatura' refers to pressing or treading and is the method by which grapes were pressed for hundreds of years after harvest in order to be able to make wine from the raw must.

Two Notes:  All aspects of the new Update are given in the next post on this site.  Second, the Farm Beauty Contest is drawing to a close and Harvest Moon FDC desperately needs your Votes in order to place again in the top 10.  This is Freyashawk's Farm and our Group on Facebook is Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk, so in a way, placing in the top 10 advances our Group.  In any case, you may have noticed that I do not place any advertisements on my site and thus make no money from this.  Your Votes in the Farm Beauty Contests do make me feel that my work to keep the site updated is appreciated.

As though we did not have sufficient on our plates with the new update requiring us to completely redesign our farms with paths, Pet House and Guest Centre, they have released the usual fortnightly quest with Collection Mission.  It is the Pigiatura Time Quest and Baskets Collections Mission.  As has been the trend lately, the Collections Missions alternate between Tree Rewards and Stove House Recipe Rewards.  The last one gave us a new Tree... this one gives us a new Stove House Recipe in the form of the Autumn Beef Roast Recipe.

Here is the traditional Quest sequence:

Pigiatura Time Quest

Pigiatura Time 1

Father:  This is one of my favourite times of the year.  Why?  Cause it reminds me of the wrmest and happiest moments of my childhood and the time spent with my old Italian friends Giuseppe and Antonio.

Plant 40 Clovers
  Skip for 10 RC

Collect 40 Bottles of Milk
  Skip for 10 RC

Harvest 40 Corn
  Skip for 10 RC
  Note that Corn is the Crop that will deliver Yellow Baskets randomly for the Collections Mission.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Father:  Yeah, I was the same age as Darryl when I first met them at a summer camp!

Pigiatura Time 2

Father:  I would visit them every year on their farm towards the end of summer when the grapes were ready to be harvested.  If I remember right they called it 'vendemmia'.  Ah... those were the days!

Harvest 40 Grapes
  Skip for 10 RC

Harvest 10 Apples
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 10 Apple Juice
  Skip for 10 RC

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Father:  Yes, just pronouncing that word makes me laugh so hard!  We were as thick as thieves!

Pigiatura Time 3

Father:  The perfect grapes for a good wine need a perfect balance between the percentage of sugars and the acids.  That's the reason why, in the Boreal Hemisphere, the perfect harvesting time for wine grapes is between July and October.  

Harvest 8 Lemons
  Skip for 8 RC

Produce 40 Cheddar Cheese
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 12 Cottage Cheese
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 2 Cheddar Cheese and 2 Milk

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Father:  In Italy, towards the end of September, the weather reaches the perfect temperature. Then the leaves of the trees begin to turn orange, yellow and red.

Pigiatura Time 4

Father:  Harvesting is one thing, but the Pigiatura Competition was a whole other basket of grapes!  Antonio, Giuseppe and I would have our very own annual competition to see who could press more grapes.

Harvest 40 White Grapes
  Skip for 10 RC

Collect 40 Eggs
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 12 Batter
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 2 Wheat Flour and 1 Egg

Father:  The loser had to go round town wearing a skirt!  Giuseppe and I took turns wearing that old skirt back and forth over the years.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Special Reward: Mission Gift Box

Pigiatura Time 5

Father:  It was always a tough contest, but I can't deny how much fun we had.  I still can't believe that Antonio with his short legs was able to squish grapes so fast and beat us EVERY TIME!

Harvest 8 Oranges
  Skip for 8 RC

Produce 8 Glasses of Orange Juice
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 8 Crepes
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Batter and 2 Milk

Reward: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Father:  Giuseppe and I never have been able to beat him, but last time I produced almost as much mosto as Antonio!

Pigiatura Time 6

Father:  You heard correctly.  Traditional vinification requires bare feet to squish the grapes.  Nowadays, many farmers use machines to harvest and produce wine.  Even Felicia and Darryl don't really know much about the traditional methods.

Harvest 50 Rice
  Skip for 12 RC

Fish 12 times with the Bone Hook
  Skip for 30 RC

Prepare 12 Cooking Wine
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 1 Wine and 3 Beans

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Father:  That's why good wine has this special flavour.  Just kidding!  Every one would wash their feet first!

Pigiatura Time 7

Father:  I need to teach them what I learned from my Italian friends.  To do that, I'm going to revive the Pigiatura Competition here on the farm!  A bit of tradition never hurts.  Want to join in the fun, farmer?

Produce 50 Wine
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 8 Rice with Dates
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 4 Rice and 1 Date

Prepare 8 Lemon Fish
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Butterfish and 1 Lemon

Rewards: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Father:  Alright!  Let's get started!  Let's recreate the atmosphere as it was in the old town!

Pigiatura Time 8

Father:  I've gathered the whole family here.  We need gloves, shears and baskets.  The kids already know what to do and which grapes to choose.  So you and I, farmer, are going to collect other products!

Ask 20 Shears from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 8 Sorbus
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 16 Sorbus Souffle
  Skip for 16 RC
   Each requires 2 Cottage Cheese and 1 Sorbus

Father:  We will need ingredients for our feast.  Every festival requires some food to commemorate the moment.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Special Reward:  Wine Making Barrel Decoration

Pigiatura Time 9

Father:  Grandma is in the kitchen.  She is going to prepare some pies, baked potatoes, and roasted meats.  Let's join the kids and see how it's going at the vineyard.

Produce 40 Beef
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 8 Cherries
  Skip for 8 RC

Cook 3 Champagne Punch
  Skip for 6 RC
  This is a Stove House Recipe... required for Pet House upgrade and current Cooking Contest as well.

Reward; 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Father:  Is it my imagination, or is it already smelling delicious out there?

Pigiatura Time 10

Father:  Wow, they did a great job!   The grapes are ready to be pressed.  Now we need to get two old vats and two big measuring tubs to see who pressed more juice out of the grapes.  Where can I find them?

Harvest 8 Chestnuts
  Skip for 8 RC
  This is an Island Tree

Produce 50 Turkey Sausages
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 12 Sliced Sausages
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 2 Beef Salami and 1 Turkey Sausage

Reward: 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Father: When I asked the Meighbours, they wanted to know why.  To make a long story short, they will join us to watch the competition.

Pigiatura Time 11

Father:  The more the merrier!  As expected, they've spread rumours about our Pigiatura Competition, and the people from town are also coming to cheer on the kids.  Yeah, the competition will be them against me.  Who do you think will win?

Transport 12 Chestnuts to your Seaside Farm
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 12 Lentil Stew
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requiires 1 Sliced Sausages and 2 Lentils

Cook 3 Autumn Beef Roast in the Stove House
  Skip for 9 RC
  This is a Stove House Recipe given as the Reward for compleitng the Collection Mission

Reward: 2500 Coins, 210 XP

Father:  I dunno.  The kid inside me is eager to win at least once, but I'm out of practice you know!

Pigiatura Time 12

Father:  Felicia and Darryl are just as excited as I was.  I'm glad they're loving it.  Back to preparation.  We need some furniture so the audience have places to sit and eat.  Tables, chairs and what else?

Harvest 12 Cedar Wood
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Tree

Produce 50 Grape Juice
  Skip for 12 RC

Harvest 60 Flax
  Skip for 15 RC
  This is an Island Crop

Reward: 2500 Coins, 210 XP

Special Reward:  Island Mission Gift Box

Father:  Great idea!  The wine won't be ready yet, so we had best prepare some other drinks too.

Pigiatura Time 13

Father:   Now that I think about it, I remember that beside the Competition, there was also a Flower Cars Parade and a Traditional Dance.  The kids are resting now, but maybe Felicia would like to perform since she's great at dancing.

Produce 60 Linen
  Skip for 15 RC
  This is an Island Task

Harvest 60 Pink Roses
  Skip for 15 RC

Craft 4 Wooden Chairs
  Skip for 8 RC
  This is an Island Task
  Each requires 1 Wooden Plank and 4 Wooden Cylinders

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Father:  She did some research, consulted Grandma for advice, and found the original songs.  It is exactly how I remember it!

Pigiatura Time 14

Father:  The parade has started.  The flower cars are stunning and Felicia is on one of them to reach the place of the performance.  Grandma did a wonderful job with the costume

Harvest 60 Sunflowers
  Skip for 15 RC

Produce 60 Pink Rose Bouquets
  Skip for 15 RC

Prepare 8 Sayadia
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Lemon Fish and 1 Rice with Dates

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Father:  The performance was excellent.  I am indeed a proud father.  Even Grandma got carried away with the music.

Pigiatura Time 15

Father:  So here we are, me in one vat and the kids in the other one.  Darryl is still young and doesn't have much energy and for Felicia, well she danced and must be tired... Am I gonna win this time?

Prepare 8 Sorbus Crepes
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Crepe and 1 Sorbus Souffle

Harvest 8 Chocolates
  Skip for 8 RC

Produce 8 Chocolate Pies
  SKip for 8 RC
  This is an Island Task and are made in a Pie Machine using Chocolate and Honey transported from the original Seaside Farm.  The third ingredient in any Pie is Cassava Flour, an Island product.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 230 XP

Father:  HAHA!  Sorry, kids, but Daddy is on top!  I've pressed 12 litres and they're still on 9 litres!

Pigiatura Time 16

Father:  The crowd is calling and cheering their name!  Darryl is stepping so hard and fast and Felicia, well apparently she wasn't tired at all!  Looks like I will have to lose once again...

Produce 30 Grape Ice Cream
  Skip for 15 RC

Ask Neighbours for 20 Wicker Wine Bottles
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 8 Chocolate Sorbus Crepes
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Sorbus Crepe and 2 Chocolates

Father:  I guess I don't mind losing if winning makes them so happy.  Hope you enjoyed the competition as much as we did!

Reward: 2500 Coins, 230 XP

Special Reward: Special Wine Making Barrel Decoration

Gallery Registration

The Collection Set for this Quest is the Ice Cream Machine, the Wine Making Barrel Decoration and the Special Wine Making Barrel Decoration.  Make certain that all three have been registered by the time the Quest expires in order to receive all three Rewards of 88 Green Mystrons, 1 RC and a Clam Friendship Flower.

21 September 2016

New Pet House Update

(Screenshot shows a Buddy Pet digging for a Chest alongside the farmer's own Pet Labrador Puppy)

Note:  As of 12 October, Players are reporting many glitches, including disappearing Decorations, wrong number of Passports, no ability to register Friendship Flowers in the Gallery and many more.  My post is written according to what should be, I believe, and there are problems with some of the aspects of Visits by Guests, Chests and so on.

Introduction to Pets and Paths

Family Farm Seaside has made extensive changes to the entire game in its latest update.  Charm Points have taken a 'back seat' now to Landscape Points, appearing now in the top left of your screen with the icon of a Musical Note.

There have been some small changes as well that allow one to clean Decorations stored in the Warehouse as well as other useful modifications of old options, but the major thrust of the update was to bring Pets, Guests and Paths to your Seaside Farm.

This post gives all information about these changes, including the four part Quest sequence that introduces you to your first Pet, instructs you on laying your first Paths and gives you the Guest House that allows Guests to visit your Farm.  You will find this quest below.

I have listed all Paths and Water Paths with their values below as well.  What you need to understand initially is that every Path and Water Path has a sphere of influence that allows a maximum number of Landscape Points to be added to your Farm.  The Paths with the greatest values allow a total of 50 Landscape Points to be added.  These are the Macaron and Pebble Paths.  There is a new Paths Menu in the main Tools Menu that allows you to add Paths, move Paths and store them as needed.  You even can purchase any Path or Water Path through this Menu.  The Macaron and Pebble Paths cost 1 RC each.  There is a Water Path Shore that costs 1 RC as well.  Other than these, all prices are coin prices.  Remember that you can send the Macaron Path to your Buddies for 1 RC if you wish to earn Buddy Points and there are two Coin purchase Paths costing 500 Coins and 800 Coins respectively that you can send to your Buddies.

Essentially, the best way to maximise your Landscape points is by laying your Paths in a single long row rather than creating blocks of tiles.  The reason for this is the sphere of influence that each Path has.  If you can have only a maximum of 50 points added to your total Landscape Points, placing four tiles with the 50 point influence together in a block usually will waste some of the influence those tiles could have had if they had been spread out.  The game tutorial shows paths on the border of Crops for the most part.  Many farmers are placing their paths on the outside boundaries of their farms, then placing their Decorations alongside them, favouring Bases if possible as they have the largest Point values.

Remember always that a Chest can fall randomly on ANY Path.  Before this update, we used our paths simply to decorate our Farms.  You need to gather up all Paths and then connect them to the Pet House/Guest House if you do not wish to have Chests on your farm that cannot be reached by your Pets. In a later section of this post, I explain the Paths Menu and how to use the Search Option to find all the Paths on your Farm.

Water Paths are essential ony if you wish to be able to invite the third group of Guests from Peaceful Bay.  There are three Guests from Peaceful Bay and only one of them uses the Water but if you do not have a specific number of Water Paths on your Farm, you will not even be able to extend an invitation.  Moreover, if you do not have a Turtle, you cannot unlock Peaceful Bay!  The Turtle is the only Pet that can reach the Peaceful Bay Guest named Mimi who floats down your waterways in a tube.

The Turtle Cards that you need to obtain your first Turtle are given for completing the initial Pet Quest sequence and then randomly by specific guests when you complete their Orders.  I have provided a list of all Guests in all areas of Mootopia with their Gift Lists.  Some give only Turtle Cards.  Others give either Labrador or Cat Cards.  Always remember that you may not receive any Pet Cards at all from a Guest as the Rewards are random.  You need a total of 300 Turtle Cards to obtain the first Turtle that is one of the requirements for unlocking the third area of Mootopia.  Without unlocking the third area, you cannot unlock the fourth and final area, so having a Turtle is vital to the business of unlocking the Moopopia Map.

The Labrador is your first Pet and the little Quest that ultimately gives you the Guest House will advise you how to feed it and keep its Stamina high.  It will instruct you in the proper placement of Paths as well.  The bottom line is that you must connect BOTH the Pet House and the Guest House using Paths and, if you wish to unlock and invite the Peaceful Bay Guests, you must have a minimum number of Water Paths on your Farm and they must be connected to the Pet/Guest House compound if they are to be useful.

Your Pet Levels will increase only if you USE them.  Using them depletes their energy and you then have to feed them.  Feeding them gives them the points they need to increase their Levels.  Whenever you access the Pet House, tap on the 'i' for information to see if your Pet can level up.   You will see the total number of points that your Pet has earned with the number needed for the upgrade next to it.  Tap on Level Up.   You then can choose between the different increases that the new Level can give, whether it is an increase in Stamina, in sales ability or a new ability.  Basically, most players feel that an increase in Maximum Stamina is far more useful than an increase in sales ability.

Some one pointed out that every task gives a different amount of XP and it is actually the performance of the tasks that contributes to the increase in levels.  In my view, though, the resultt is the same,  because every task depletes energy as well.   If the pet doesn't work, he/she will not be hungry.  If he/she is not hungry, you cannot feed the pet.  There is a direct correlation therefore between the performance of tasks and the need to restore energy, whether by feeding the pet or resting in the house.

Pet House, Guest Centre and Paths

The new update is a Pet House and a Guest Centre with a new four part Quest sequence that will provide you with the Guest Centre.   The use of Paths is required to join the two and indeed to use the Pet at all or to give you the Landscape Points that now have become a vital part of the game.   Moreover, Chests will appear randomly on the Paths.  Your Pet will open them and they will contain small rewards in the form of OP, Mystrons and Coins, among other things.  The rewards are not as great as those received through the Daily Quest path but as you can open many Chests in the courage of one day, they add up.  The minimum number of Chests is 20.  Adding more Landscape Points through the addition of Paths and Water with Decorations within their sphere of influence increases the number of Chests that will appear.

All Pet-related activities are on timers.  What this means is more busywork.  You have to be on your farm almost constantly if you wish to keep the pet motivated to feed it, direct it to open more Chests and discover Guest orders.  There is an Auto-Bargain option, however, in the main Menu that, when set, will allow your Pets to greet Guests and bargain with them, without your direction.  You still have to complete the Orders yourself but they will appear in the To-Do List in the Guest House for you to complete at your convenience.

Note that the Guest Visits are on a timer as well as the apperance of new Chests.  There is a limit to the number of Chests that will appear within a day and this is based on your Landscpae Point total, found now where Charm Point total once was found.  Once you have exhausted that limit, you have to wait until reset..  The Farm Co-op that allows you to call Guests to the Guest House has a gauge with a book with a star in the centre.  This is your Passport.  The default is a one-star Passport. When you have unlocked 2 Star areas of Mootopia, you will be able to use a 2 Star Passport.  More on this below.    The timer  for Guest visits, at least at this stage, appears to operate for a day, resetting at the same time that everything resets in the game with one important exception.  If you invite a group of Guests BEFORE reset and reset occurs while those Guests are still within the period of time allotted by their timer, they will remain on the farm and the bargaining will remain active.  It appears as though any Buddy Pet you borrowed before reset will return home, but your own Pets will continue to bargain with the Gudes.

Although the system that bestows Landscape Points on your farm really is not that complicated, it may appear daunting at the beginning.  I therefore have added a step-by-step tutorial on Paths/Water below.

Charm Points and Landscape Points

Essentially, this completely changes the game in some respects. The Charm Point total that once appeared on your screen has been replaced by a musical note total.  The Musical Notes signify your Landscaping Points.  You can increase these by increasing the number of paths on your Farm and placing Decorations near them.  Every Path has a different value in this respect.  I believe that the Macaron Path and Pebble Path are the highest, allowing a maximum of 50 Landscape Points.

Step-By-Step Paths/Water Tutorial

The new system is based on the use of Paths and Water.  Landscape Point totals are given on the top left of your screen where Charm Point totals once lived.  The goal is to increase your Landscape Point totals while making certain that Paths and Water Paths are connected to your Pet House and Guest House.

For most players, this will require a total redesign of your Farm.  Every Path that you own now is part of the System and any Paths not placed on the farm will be available in the Paths Tool Bar, accessed through the basic Tool Menu.  When you access the Path Placement Menu there, you will be able to purchase any Paths you do not own.  Most have Coin costs but the most valuable, the Macaron and Pebble Paths costs 1 RC each.

These Paths are the most valuable because they carry a Meximum Landscape Point total of 50.  What does this mean?  Well, what it means is that any Decorations placed within the Path's sphere of influence will increase your Landscape Point total UP TO 50 Points.  You can see the precise effect of any Decoration placement by using the Move Tool on it.  As ou move it near your Paths and Water tiles, you will see how it will increase your Landscape Point total.  If, however, you have reached the maximum allowed by ALL your paths and water tiles, the effect will be zero points.

Some players find this confusing but you simply need to experiment with Decorations placement near Paths.  If the maximum has been reached for the sphere of influence of one Path, you may be able to move the Decoration close enough to another Path that has not reached its maximum to increase your Landscape Point total.

TC Currency

There is new currency in the form of TC that either can be earned by using the Pet System or purchased with RC.  TC is the currency needed for many new options as well as refreshing the Daily Order Board, once done with RC.

New Path/Water Tool Bar

The Path System as well as Pond and other water has changed the Tool Bar to add many more options.  Use the primarty Tool icon to access the new menu which will allow you to place paths or store paths, place Pond Water or store it.  Note here that only Paths that are in your Gift Box will remain there until you remove them.  All other paths and Pond water  'in storage' will be found only when you access the Tool Menu for path placement or storage.  If you do not have the premium paths like Macaron Path, there are two free paths that can be found in the Tool Menu and you can place as many of those as you wish provided always you have the space for it on your farm.

There is a Search option in the Tool Bar for Paths on your farm.  This is the best way to find Paths that are hidden behind Trees or Decorations.  It has to be done as Chests randomly can appear on ANY Path on your Farm whether connected or not.

Cleaning Decorations in Warehouse

Apart from all the Pet options, Decorations stored in your Warehouse now can be cleaned by visitors.  Unfortunately, we have not been given more slots in our Warehouses to provide for storage of items to make space for these two new Buildings and the connecting paths.

New Gallery Registrations

Your Botanic Garden Flowers and Friendship Flowers now can be registered in the Gallery.  It takes many hours to register a flower and unfortunately, you cannot register any Flower that was sold in the past.  It will appear in your Botanic Garden Flower Book but you will not be able to register it.  What this means, in effect, is that farmers have to breed the rare flower again and have it in their Garden again before it can be registered.

Your ordinary Crops can be registered now as well.

Chest Location Warning

Warning:  A Chest can appear on ANY Path, whether or not it is connected ot the Pet House or Guest House.  In other words, if you previously used Path squares as Decorations anywhere, a Chest can pop up there rather than on a path that is connected and if it is behind a tree or other Decoration, it may be difficult to find, even though an Exclamation Point will appear over any Chest.  Once it has been connected to the Pet House/Guest House, you can tap on it to begin the process of your Pet digging to dislodge it and open it.  Use the new Search Tool in the Paths/Pond Tool Bar to find hidden paths to remove or move them.

Landscape Points

Landscape Points are earned by placing paths, pond water and by placing Decorations near these. Whenever you use the Search Tool in the Paths Menu, you will see the number of Landscape Points that can be earned at any Path or Pond location.  Paths have different values in this respect.  Values are as follows:

Macaron Path: 50 Landscape Points
Pebble Floor: 50 Landscape Points
Wooden Path: 35 Landscape Points
Forest Path: 25 Landscape Points
Stone and Flower Path: 20 Landscape Points
Stone Path: 15 Landscape Points
Brick Path: 12 Landscape Points
Country Path: 12 Landscape Points

Water tiles have Landscape Point values as well as follows:

Pond Water: 25 Landscape Points
Pond Shore: 50 Landscape Points

The Pond Shore costs 1 RC, and if you do not own any, like any of the paths, it can be purchased through the Paths Placement Tool.

The Brick Path and Country Path are free of charge so if you are a new player or have not collected many paths over the years, you can use as many of these as you wish.  As for the others, you either will find them now in the Path Tool Menu, on your Farm or in your Gift Box.  Remove all that you wish to use from your Gift Box as they will be sotred automatically in the Tool Menu if you later decide you no longer want them on your farm.

Placing a Decoration within the influence area of a Path will allow it to increase your Landscape Points provided always that the allowed number of points has not been used.  You can see how many points remain when you place the Decoration.  Moreover, when you use the Move Tool on any Decoration now, you will see a little display that shows how many points it will earn when placed in the influence area of the Path.

As previously indicated, the Pond tiles are used for the Turtle when you invite Guests from Peaceful Bay and thus will have Landscape Point values as well.  Placing Decorations within their sphere of influence will increase your Landscape Point total. Although a Turtle likes water, you do not NEED to have Water Paths for the Turtle.  It is one of the Paradise Bay Guests, the third area of Mootopia, that uses the Water Paths when they visit.  In particular, it is Mimi, who will float down the waterways inside a tube.

Correlation between Landscape Points and Chests

The number of Landscape Points that you have determines the number of Chests your Pet can open on any given day.

Up to 1000 Landscape Points: You can open 20 Chests
1198 Landscape Points:  You can open 25 Chests
Maximum number of Chests is 60 if you have 5000 Landscape Points

Landscape Points and Farm Beauty Contest

Although  the total number of Charm Points on your farm still will be displayed in the Farm Stats menu, it is Landscape Points that will be shown in the top left of the screen and Landscape Points have replaced Charm Points as an aspect of your Farm for which three of the four Characters give Votes in the Farm Beauty Contests now.  

To gain the maximum number of Votes for the Characters who value Landscape or, in their own words, 'Beautiful paths with high landscape points' that give you 24/24 Votes for that category, you need about 2320.  2320 Points will give you the maximum... I will try to pinpoint the absolute minimum of Landscape Points that are required.

Why Add to Paths and Landscape Points?

If you can obtain the maximum number of Character Votes for Landscape and Paths with 2320 Points, why would any one increase the number to 5000?  Well, for a start, the number of paths will determine the number of Landscape Points determines the number of Chests that will appear in the course of a day.  One of the items found randomly in Chests is the Telescope.  If you wish to unlock all areas at all Star Levels of Mootopia, you will need quite a few Telescopes.  You can find them ultimately even if you have only the minimum number of 20 Chests per day but it will take longer.

You need specific numbers of Paths and Water Paths to unlock new Levels of Mootopia, giving you new groups of Guests.  To unlock the NEXT Level, you need to invite the Guests from the previous level and make specific totals in your Sales to them.  Every group of Guests gives different gifts, although some are common to more than one group or more than one guest.  Moving forward constantly, whether slowly or quickly, will allow you to unlock new options.

Simple Explanation of Mootopia and Passports

I am adding this little section as many players have been confused by the map and the Passports.  The fact of the matter is that, although the map of Mootopia shows only four areas, each of these areas has three Levels that must be unlocked.  The first is 1 Star, the next 2 Star and the third is 3 Star for any area.

When you have unlocked the first Level of all areas of Mootopia, you will go on to unlock each of the 2 Star areas in the same order as the first ones.  The 2 Star areas are linked to the 2 Star Passports.  Once you have unlocked a 2 Star area, you will see the option to invite EITHER the 1 Star Guests or the 2 Star Guests.  You should find that you have 2 Passports each day at that point.  One will be a 1 Star Passport to invite 1 Star Guest groups and the other will be a 2 Star Passport for the 2 Star Guest Groups.

When you have unlocked a 3 Star area, you will see the option to invite the 1 Star Group, the 2 Star Group or the 3 Star Group and you will have 3 Passports, one for each level of Guest Groups.

Note that the only way to satisfy the requirements to unlock the NEXT level of any area of Mootopia is to invite the highest group of Guests from the previous Level unlocked.  In other words, you need to invite the 2 Star Guests of the Farm Co-op area in order to satisfy the Coin totals and Highest Score Totals needed to unlock the 2 Star level of Peaceful Bay.

Stove House Recipes

The Stove House is required for a number of Pet House options, including upgrades.  You cannot use RC to buy the Stove House dishes needed but must cook them if you do not have them in your Barn.

For example, you will not be able to obtain and use a Turtle if you have not upgraded your Pet House to Level 2.  You need a total of 15 Macaroni and Cheese as one of the requirements for this upgrade.

List of Pets

In the Pet School tab, you can access a menu that will show you all the different sorts of Pets you can have.  To obtain the Pet Cards that earn a given Pet, with the exception of the Turtle Cards given by completing the initial Quest sequence that introduces the entire system, you must complete Guest Orders.  Every different Guest gives different rewards randomly.  You can see the Rewards each Guest CAN give by accessing the Menu in the Guest House.

Obtaining New Pets

The Animal Cards you earn randomly from completing Guest Orders will allow you to obtain a new pet as follows:

Labrador (your 2nd): 300 Labrador Cards required
Cat: 300 Cat Cards required
Turtle: 300 Turtle Cards required
Bear: 100 Bear Cards required

Each type of Pet has its own special abilities.  For example, the Cat has good sales ability with a base of 150.  When used, it has a chance to improve Selling Ability by 5%, to obtain 20% extra coins from sales, 10% extra Coins from Chests and reduced Stamina use of 2%.

Fitting Room

You can give certain accessories to your Pet by purchasing them either for a limited time period or permanently using TC, the new currency.  The accessories qt present are different types of hats and different bags.  They appear to have no virtue apart from their appearance.

Keeping your Pet Fit and Happy

Your Pet will operate best if his/her Stamina is at its Maximum, mainly because you will run less chance of it reaching zero Stamina while engaged in tasks such at long-term Guest Visits.   Pets need Food and/or Rest.  Sending your Pet home after all its chores are completed allows it to recover its energy.  Feeding it regularly while it is outside the Pet House working to keep it at Maximum Stamina allows him or her to fill orders better as well as keeping the Pet happy while it opens Chests.

You can buy 10 Super Feed at any itme for 1 RC.  You can trade any Cooked Dishes for Feed as well.  Every Cooked Dish has a different trade value in the same way as it does when you need Bait for Fishing.

Note that it is the tasks that your Pet is set to complete that give XP and use energy.  You can send your Pet back to the House or feed him/her to restore Stamina.  When XP has accrued to the point of being to upgrade the Pet, you can do so by tapping the 'i' in the Pet House below the Pet icon and then choosing to upgrade.  You will be given a choice of improvements, usually an increase in stamina or sales ability but at certain levels, a random new ability.

Buddy Pets

You can borrow a Buddy Pet or feed one. If the Buddy is at Level 3 or higher, you can do both, feeding the Pet first on the Buddy's Farm and then borrowing it  If the Buddy is only at Level 1 or 2,  you will be able only to borrow the Pet.

When borrowed, the Pet will stay on your Farm until its Stamina reaches zero or reset before returning home.  You can send it home earlier if you have no tasks for it.

With a Buddy's Pet on your Farm, two Chests will appear for EACH Pet.

Both you and your Buddy will receive a Message from Felicia about the Buddy Pet.  If a Buddy borrows your Pet, you will receive 1000 Coins and 5 Green Mystrons with the Message.  If you borrowed a Buddy's Pet, you simply receive a message when it goes home.

The Effect of Borrowing a Buddy Pet

IMPORTANT:  Many players are afraid that, should they borrow a Buddy's Pet, it will not be avaiable to its owner to use.  This is NOT the case.  You can borrow a Buddy's Pet and your Buddy still will be able to use the Pet.  (Rather like a doppelganger!  The Owner still will see the Pet on the farm and be able to set it to work.)  MOREOVER, more than one Buddy can borrow the SAME Pet during the SAME time period.  Nothing is lost... and the Owner will receive a Reward from Felicia when the Pet is sent home.

Pet House Upgrades

The first upgrade to Level 2 requires the following:

Reach Level 16
35 Peacock Feathers
15 Macaroni and Cheese
35 Steak Burgers

You can pay RC for the Peacock Feathers and Steak Burgers but you cannot buy your way out of making the Macaroni and Cheese, alas...

You will need a Level 2 Pet House if you wish to keep two Pets of your own.

To upgrade to Level 3, you will need the following:

Reach Level 25
80 Alpaca Hair (or 1 RC for each that you are lacking)
60 Strawberry Candy (or 1 RC for each that you are lacking)
25 Champagne Punch (you cannot opt to pay RC instead for these)

Upgraded Pet Houses allow you to own more Pets.  Furthermore, if you wish to decorate your Pet House, you will need specific upgrades in the same way as you need an upgraded Boat House to be able to add parts to your Boat.

Pet House Upgrades

Your Pet House can be upgraded and indeed must be upgraded if you wish to house more than one Pet in it.

Level 4 Upgrade Requirements:

Reach Level 40
12 Flower Tables (This is an Island Product)
80 Cranberry Bread (This is an Island Product)
80 Venison Steaks

You can pay RC to skip any of the Requirements.

The next upgrade for another slot for a Pet has the following requirements:

50 Ketchup
25 Coffee Cookies
20 Pink Paint
8000 Coins

Pet House Accessories or Parts

To access the Pet House Decorations or Accessories Menu, tap on the Colourful Paintbrush on the left side of the general Pet House menu. 

There are three different types of Accessory:

Pet House Base: You do not need any sort of upgrade to change the appearance of the Base.  In the last week of October, you can find a new Halloween Pet House Base for sale in the Activity Tokens section of the Market.

Pet House Ears:  These are unlocked when you have upgraded your Pet House to Level 2.  Pet House Ears so far have been featured as Rewards for completing time-restricted Missions.  The current Halloween Mission gives Bat Pet House Ears for completing the first half of the Mission.

Pet House Hair.  This is unlocked when you have upgraded your Pet House to Level 3.  Currently, Halloween Pet House Hair is being sold in the Activity Token section of the Market.

Pet Accessories

Tap the Paw icon on the left side of the Pet House general menu to access the Apparel your Pet has earned or purchases you have made.

Under the Apparel category, in the last week of October, if you completed the time-restricted Collections Green Board Mission that was released a fortnight ago, you should find the  Pet Leaf Hat.  This hat can be worn by all pets, irrespective of species or gender.

To the left of the Pet Leaf Hat, if you own it, is an icon that depicts a fitting room.  Tap on that to access the regular Fitting Room where items of apparel are offered for sale or for rent.

When you enter the Fitting Room, you will see three tabs on the left side.  The top is for Hats, the middle for Belts and the bottom one for something that is 'coming soon'.

As the Hat tab is the top one, it will be displayed automatically and you will see all the hats that are available for your Pet.    If you tap on one, the little Pet window will display your Pet in the hat in question.  Below the window are the prices to rent the Hat for a week, for a month or the price for purchase of the hat.

The Pet System obviously is going to be central to Seaside.  Currently, they are offering special Hats and Belts in DIY sales offers at the top right of your screen, along with Halloween Decorations.  Hats are more expensive than belts.  All are gender-specific so if you wish to outfit a current pet, make certain you pay attention to the gender allocated to the item you want to buy.

Introduction Quest Sequence

There is a little Quest to introduce the Pet House and Guest House as follows:

My First Pet Quest

My First Pet 1

Felicia:  Last night I had a wonderful dream!  I dreamt that I adopted a very cute dog.  This dream is still so vivid in my memory... Now I wonder, why don't we have pets actually?

Have a Pet House on your Farm
  Find the Pet House in the Buildings section of the Market for 1000 Coins.

Have 10 paths on your farm
  Note:  Paths must connect to the Pet House

Rewards: 500 Coins, 20 XP

Pet House must be connected by path first.  Lay a path around it.  (N.B.  All paths must be connected in order to allow the Pet to roam and go in and out of the Pet House.  Later in the Quest sequence, you will receive a Guest House which must be connected as well.)

Felicia:  How cute our pet looks walking on the path!  I promise I will tke good care of my new pet!

Reward: 500 Coins, 20 XP

My First Pet II

Felicia:  Do you know pets will only walk around on the paths?  We already have paths on the farm... I can't wait to see our pet!

Have a Pet on your Farm
  You will find your first Pet inside the Pet House.  It is a Labrador Puppy with a maximum Stamina of 525/525 initially.    It will be a Level 1 Pet.  When you tap on 'Go', it will emerge on the path outside the house.  

Dig 8 chests on the path
  Show me
  N.B.  A chest will appear randomly on ANY two Paths that are placed on your Farm whether or not they are connected to the Pet House.  If not connected, you will be forced to move ithe Path with the Chest to connect it before your Pet can go into action.  Once connected, tap on the Exclamation Point and the Pet will begin to dig.  You have to go through this procedure eight times to complete this task.  The first timer is 2 minutes.

Rewards: 500 Coins, 20 XP

The only pet you can have at this point is a Labrador puppy.  The Chests will appear in random places... move them next to a path so the puppy can begin to dig.  When it opens, collect the reward.  I got 2 OP and 90 Coins in the first one.  The next two Chests will appear.  Tap on the Exclamation Point above a Chest to activate your Puppy again. There is another timer.  When the Chest opens, collect the Reward.  Do this eight times.

Warning:  As I stated, a Chest can appear on ANY Path square.  On my farm, I did not realise there were two Chests always intially because one was buried on a path square behind dense Trees.  Try to make certain that all Paths are connected to your Pet House or stored now by using the new Storage option in the Tool bar that is designed specifically for Paths and Pond Water.   Use the new Search Tool in the Path/Pond Tool Menu to locate any hidden Paths and bring them onto the Path area that is connected to your Pet House and Guest Centre.

Pet House

Felicia:  The more pets you have on your farm, the more chests you can find!

My First Pet III

Felicia:  I think we played with our pet too much.  They look a bit tired.  We can let them rest in the pet house and serve some healthym, organic pet food.

Trade 26 Pet Food
  Show me

  To Trade Pet Food, you have to trade your own Cooked Dishes in the same way that Cooked Dishes make Bait.  Each is worth a different amount.

Feed 26 Pet Food
  Show me

You can purchase Pet Food for 1 RC or trade Cooked Dishes for it.  Feeding your Pet, by the way, is the method by which you earn the points needed to raise its Level.

Reward: 500 Coins, 20 XP, 1 Guest Centre

Felicia:  Our pet looks so happy after eating.  When pets have no stamina, they need rest and food!

My First Pet IV

People from around the world heard about our new pet house and they would love to pay a visit!  Let's welcome the guests!

Have a Guest Centre on your Farm
  You will find the Guest Centre in your Giftbox.  It is very large and takes a lot of space.

Invite the group of guests to the farm
  Guests arrive in a balloon.  You then have to set your pet to one of them to learn the Order.  It is another timer activity so involves waiting. When the timer reaches zero, you will see the Order and be able to fill it.

Complete 3 Guest Orders

  This is a little tricky until you are familiar with the system.  An icon has to appear above the Guest's head before your pet can approach to find out what the order is.  It takes about 3 minutes for the communication to be completed.  You then can sell the item to the Guest.  Each of the first two Guests will have two orders... each is communicated separately and takes 3 minutes.  When completed, you will receive a score based on the time it took to complete ALL Orders, the mood of all Guests after completion and if Mood and Timing are good, you may receive a Bonus.

On one farm, the sales were 1 Cherry twice, and Buffalo Milk Cheese twice... score for the Cherry sales: 100% 40 Coins, for the Buffalo Milk Cheese sales 100%, x78 Coins.  Highest Score given as 2622 which included  a Bonus of 778.  The timer showed 21:03 at the end.

Rewards: 500 Coins, 20 XP

Felicia:  This will be a good business.  When the new area in the Guest Centre opens, we will have all kinds of new guests!



Felicia:  Look at our farm.  I think we can do a better job making it pretty for our pet and the new guests who will come to visit.

Increase Landscape Points to 35 points

Have a level 2 Pet
  To go from Level 1 to Level 2 shows one needs 60 points in total

Reward: 500 Coins, 290 Turtle Cards

Landscape Points

Remember the higher the landscape points, the happier our pets and guest will be!

Rewards: 500 Coins, 290 Turtle Chits

Other aspects of new Pet System

Buddies can feed your Pet and even borrow your Pet for a day.   Spend 1 Red Mystron, restores 5 Pet Stamina and gain 8 XP.  The way to earn the greatest benefit is by first feeding a Buddy's Pet and THEN borrowing it.  You only can borrow from one Buddy per day.  Your Buddy must be at Level 3 or higher if you wish to feed it.

Increasing your Pet's Abilities

Essentially, the way to increase your Pet's Level is by putting it to work and then feeding it or sending it home to rest.  The more tasks it completes,  the more Points it will earn.  As you reach each required total, you can choose between an increase in maximum Stamina or Sales Ability.  Each type of Pet has different requirements and stats.  Go to the Pet House, find the Pet and tap on the little 'i' that denotes 'information' to see the requirements for each Level.

Level Up Pets


To Level up your initial Pet, the Male Labrador, requirements are as follows:

When you have 60/60, you can level up your pet to Level 2 and choose between +90 Max Stamina or Increase Pet's Selling Ability by 6.

When you have 170/170, you can level up again to Level 3.

When you have 358/358, you can increase your Pet's Level to Level 4.   At each new Level, you can choose a higher maximum Stamina or higher selling ability.

To increase your Pet's Level from 4 to Level 5, you need 638 points.
  636/636:  Once again, you can choose between Maximum Stamina and increasing Sales Ability.  At this level, choose +38 increase in maximum Stamina or +6 in Sales Ability.

To increase your Pet's Level from 5 to Level 6:
  1018/1018  Choose between +90 in Maximum Stamina or +6 in Sales Ability.

To increase your Pet's Level from 6 to 7:
   You need 1515 Points.  Increase Stamina Maximum by 90 or Sales Ability by 6 points.

To increase your Pet's Level from 7 to 8:
   You need a total of 2138 Points
  Increase Stamina Maximum by 90 or Sales Ability by 6 Points.

To increase your Pet's Level from 8 to 9:
  You need a total of 2897 Points
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 90 or Sales Abiliity by 6 points.

To increase your Pet's Level from 9 to 10:
  You need a total of 3802 Points
  Earn 1 Pawprint Token or Sales Ability increase by 6 points.  If you choose the Pawprint Token, your pet will 'learn one random ability'.  When I chose it, I got the following: Increase buyer's happiness by 10% when selling items successfully.

To increase your Pet's Level from 10 to 11:
  You need a total of 4862 Points
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 90 or sales ability by 6.

To increase youe Pet Level from 11 to 12:
  You need a total of 6085 points
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 90 or sales ability by 6.

To increase your Pet's Level from 12 to 13,
  You need a total of  7481 Points
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 90 or sales ability by 6.

Turtle Upgrades

Your Second Pet will be a Turtle.  You cannot choose Male or Female.  The game randomly will assign the gender to your Pet.

Initial upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2:
  You need a total of 60 Points.
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 130 or Sales Ability by 4 Points

To increase Turtle from Level 2 to Level 3:
   You need a total of 170 Points
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 130 or Sales Ability by 4 Points.

To increase Turtle from Level 3 to Level 4:
  You need a total of 358 Points
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 130 or Sales Ability by 4.

To increase Turtle from Level 4 to Level 5:
  You need a total of 636 Points.
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 130 or Sales Ability by 4.

To increase Turtle from Level 5 to Level 6:
  You need a total of 1018 Points.
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 130 or Selling Ability by 4.

To increase Turtle from Level 6 to Level 7:
  You need a total of 1515 points.
  Increase maximum Stamina by 130 or Selling Ability by 4.

To increase Turtle from Level 7 to Level 8
  You need a total of 2138 Points
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 130 or Selling Ability by 4

To increase Turtle from Level 8 to Level 9
  You need a total of 2897 Points
  Increase Maximum Stamina by 130 or Selling Ability by 4.

To increase your Turtle form Level 9 to Level 10,
  You need a total of 3802 Points
  You will be able to choose between a random new ability or increasing Selling Ability by 4.

Filling Orders

To be able to fill Orders, you first have to invite Guests to visit from one of the four areas of Mootopia.  When you access your Guest House, you should see a Map of Mootopia.  Only the first area will be unlocked initially but it does not take long to unlock all four areas.  The requirements are given in the Mootopia section below.

Invite a group of Guests by choosing the specific area on the Map that is their domicile.  Some guest overlap from area to area but there are Guests that are specific to a single area, such as Mimi who will not use the land but choose instead to float down your waterways.  She is specific to the Peaceful Bay area.  I have listed the Guests and the Rewards they give randomly when you fill their orders.

Before you invite Guests, it often is a good idea to borrow an extra Pet from a Buddy.  Make certain that the Stamina of your own Pets is full, at its maximum and then invite the Guests.  Use the Auto-Bargain option located in the Tool Menu to enable the Pets to greet the Guests and take their Orders automatically.

When a Guest actually makes an Order, you will find it in the Guest House Menu.  If you have the item in your Barn, you will be able to sell it immediately.  If not, you can make it or obtain it, then sell it before the Guest leaves.  When any Guest has made all his/her Orders and you have filled them, he/she will give you a Reward Box.  When all Orders from all Guests have been completed and you have collected all Orders, they will leave.

The number of Passports you have on any given day will determine the number of Groups of Guests that you can invite.  As of 1 October, you will receive double the usual number of Passports for a few days.

New Pets are earned through Guest Rewards.  Every Guest has specific Pet Cards that he/she can give randomly in the Rewards for completing Orders.


If you have played the original computer version of Family Farm, you will be familiar with this concept.  Within the Pet System, there is another 'kingdom' with areas that have to be unlocked.  New Guest characters are unlocked to visit when you open a new area of Mootopia.  The initial area contains the Guest Characters of John and Tom.  Each have different preferences.  The Rewards they give are Turtle Cards, a Paint it appears for Pet House slot upgrades and TC currency.

To unlock the second area of Mootopia, you will need:

Reach Level 16
Earn 150 Coins
Have 2 Telescopes  (Telescopes can be found randomly in Chests opened by Pets)

There are a total of four quarters to Mootopia.  The initial one displays a horse and is the Farm Co-op.  The second one displays a scooter when unlocked and is the Schoolhouse.  To unlock the third, you will need the following:

Reach Level 18
Earn 900 Coins
Have a Turtle as a Pet
5 Telescopes (Telescopes are found randomly in Chests on the Paths)

The third area is Peaceful Bay... when those guests visit, they will use your Water Paths as a sort of Water Park.  Make certain that you have at least one Water Path connected to your Main Pet/Guest complex if you invite the Peaceful Bay Guests and have a Turtle to fill their orders.

To unlock the fourth and final area of Mootopia, known as Metropolis, you need the following:

Reach Level 21
Earn 3000 Coins
Highest Score of 4000
8 Telescopes 

The four areas of Mootopia have names as follows:  The Farm Co-op, Schoolhouse, Peaceful Bay and finally, Metropolis.  Note that, when a requirement is to earn a specific total of coins or have a specific Highest Score, it MUST BE FROM THE PREVIOUS AREA UNLOCKED.  In other words, in order to progress, you will have to invite specific groups of Guests.  Once all 3 Star Areas are unlocked, you can do as you please.  Actually, if you do not care if you unlock new areas or not, you ca invite whichever group suits you best, but you will not satisfy requirements to unlock higher levels of Mootopia that way.

Guest Invitations

Unlocking an area of Mootopia does not mean that you can invite its Guests necessarily.  There is a specific Path total requirement for each Group of Guests.  Inviting Guests from Peaceful Bay and Metropolis require a specific number of Water Paths on your Farm as well as ordinary Paths..  The other two Groups of Guests have only a regular Path total requirement.

There are specific Path requirements for 2 Star and 3 Star Mootopia areas as well. 

Path Requirements

You only will see these requirements before you invite your Guests on any given day.

For Level 1 Guests:

Farm Co-op Path Requirements:  10 Regular Paths
Schoolhouse Path Requirements: 15 Regular Paths
Peaceful Bay Requirements:  15 Regular Paths, 9 Water Paths
Metropolis Requirements:  25 Regular Paths, 9 Water Paths

This is the significance of the prompt that you may receive if you try to store too many regular or Water Paths...  You may see a notice to the effect that if you keep storing paths, your Guests will leave.  In actual fact, you will not be able to invite them in the first place if you do not have the required minimum number of Paths on your farm.

Note that these are only the Level 1 Mootopia Path Requirements.

For Level 2 Guests:

Farm Co-Op Path Requirements, Level 2: 35 Paths, 9 Water Tiles
Schoolhouse Path Requirements, Level 2:  35 Paths, 10 Water Tiles

Guest Rewards:

Each Guest has a specific list of Rewards that can be given randomly when you fill all of that Guest's orders.

Note that there are upgraded Levels to every Mootopia area.  Once you have unlocked all four of the 1 Star areas, you can begin to unlock the 2 Star areas and when all have been unlocked, to begin to unlock the 3 Star areas of Mootopia.

Stamina Costs

It takes Stamina to bargain with Guests from every area of Mootopia and the cost will vary depending on the group of Guests (and Star value) that you invite.

For example:

Mootopia, 1 Star Metropolis: Cost is 80 Stamina
Mootopia, 2 Star Farm Co-op: Cost is 150 Stamina

1 Star Mootopia Guest Groups

Co-op Guests

John: Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC

Tom:   Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC

Schoolhouse Guests

Level 1:

Tom: Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC

Cathy:  Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC

Thomas: Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC

Peaceful Bay Guests

Level 1:

Mimi: Labrador Card, Pink Paint, Cat Card, TC

Huey: Labrador Card, Pink Paint, Cat Card, TC

Mia: Labrador Card, Pink Paint, Cat Card, TC

Metropolis Guests

Level 1:

Mia: Pink Paint, TC, Labrador Card, Cat Card

Bella:  Pink Paint, TC, Labrador Card, Cat Card

Lisa:  Pink Paint, TC, Labrador Card, Cat Card

Cheryl: Pink Paint, TC Labrador Card, Cat Card

Note that these are all the Level 1 Mootopia Guests.

2 Star Mootopia Guests

Farm Co-op Guests:

John: Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 2 Orders

Jane:  Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 4 Orders

Cassidy: Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 4 Orders

Hans:  Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC
   Total of 4 Orders

Michael: Turtle Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 4 Orders

Schoolhouse, Level 2 Guests:

Bobby: Lab Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 4 Orders
  Likes Fast Foods

Camille: Lab Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 4 Orders
  Likes Bouquets

Riley: Lab Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 4 Orders
  Likes: Yogurt, Ice Cream and Milk-based Foods

Jerry: Lab Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 4 Orders
  Likes All things Fruit

Aaron: Lab Card, Pink Paint, TC
  Total of 4 Orders
  Likes: Seafoods


You need a Passport in order to be able to invite Guests to your Farm.  The Passport is shown as a book with a Star in the centre.  The number of Stars on the Passport determines the type of Orders you will receive from Guests.  To do a 2 star order, you need a 2 star passport.  For a 3 Star Order, you need a 3 Star Passport.  Only 1 Star Orders will be available at the start.

When you open the Guest Invite Menu, you will see the number of Passports you have currently as well as the number that will be needed to invite Guests.  If you see -1 for example next to the Start Button, it signifies that your Passports will decrease by one when you invite the next lot of Guests to your Farm.

The Paths Menu in the Guest House shows the number of Paths needed to invite Guests as well as the number currently connected on your Farm.  At the start, you will need a total of 10 connected Paths to invite any Guests.

Number of Passports

You should have one 1 Star Passport per day from the start.  When you have unlocked a 2 Star area of Mootopia, you should have access to a 2 Star Passport in addition to the 1 Star Passport each day.  In other words, you should be able to invite one group of Guests from a 1 Star area and one group of Guests from a 2 Star area.  I would imagine that you should have a total of 3 Passports, one for each Star level, when you have unlocked a 3 Star area.
This is the situation at present... what will happen as we advance in our own levels of progress through Mootopia is still unknown to some extent.

Level 2 or 2 Star Mootopia

Each of the four areas of Mootopia have upgraded Levels as well.  You must fulfil a set of requirements to unlock each and they must be unlocked in order.  Note that, as with the Level 1 or 1 Star areas, the requirements to unlock the Ares differ from the requirements to actually invtte Guests.  To invites a specific group of Guests, you always will need a set minimum number of Paths and/or Water Paths.

These are the requirements to unlock the 2 Star Areas of Mootopia:

Level 2 Farm Co-op requirements:

Reach Level 25
Total Coins earned: 10,000
Highest Score: 5000
15 Telescopes

2 Star Schoolhouse Requirements:

Reach Level 28
Coined Earned: 70,000
Highest Score: 20,000
16 Telescopes

2 Star Peaceful Bay Requirements

18 Telescopes
Reach Level 33
Coins Earned: 60,000
Turtles: 2

2 Star Guest Invitation Requirements

As with the 1 Star Mootopia Groups of Guests, there are specific minimum Path and/or Water Path requirements that must be met if you are to be able to invite specific Groups of Guests to your Farm, even if the upgraded area itself is unlocked.

2 Star Farm Co-op Requirements:
  Minimum total of 35 Paths and 9 Water Paths

3 Star Mootopia

Once you have unlocked all four 2 Star areas of Mootopia, you will be able to begin to unlock the 3 Star areas and invite their Guests, provided always that Path and Water Path requirements have been met.


A minimum of 20 Chests will show each day.  Increasing your Landscape Points total will increase the total number of Chests that will appear.  At each Level, your chance of receiving a specific type of Chest will change.  For example, at the initial Level, your best chance is to receive the Bronze Chest.

0 to 1000 Bronze Chests are the best chance but you have a low chance of receiving Silver.  None at all to receive Gold or Bejewelled.

1000 to 2000 Silver is the best chance, but there is a liow chance of receiving Bronze and a rare chance of recieving Gold.  No chance of receiving the Bejewelled Chest yet.

The Chests are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Bejewelled.  Tap on your Landscape Point total at the top of the left side of the screen to see your current chances of receiving Chests of any type.
Points go from 0 to 5000+

Personally, I do not see much difference in the contents, although you may receive extra items apart from OP and Coins from the 'better' Chests... As they can appear even if you do not have more than 32 Chests per day to open, do not rush to add more Paths to your Farm unless you have the time and energy to spend opening 60 Chests each day!

Chest Totals

The bar at the top left of your screen in the old position of Charm Point total shows a Musical Note and your Landscape Point total but it does more than that.  Tap on it to see how many Chests you can receive with the current Landscape Point total as well as how many remain in the current day.  The Chests are refreshed at reset so open as many as you can before that occurs each day.

Auto-Bargain Option

Although Support told me this did not exist, it does.  I thought it would be expensive as it has an OP icon with it, but it does not consume much if any OP at this point.  You will find it in the Tool Bar at the very top of the right above the Search option (Magnifying Glass).  Tap on the yellow arrow on the bottom right of your screen to access the general Tool Menu.   It is in the MAIN section of the Tool Menu and not the Paths Menu.  If you enable it, your Pets will greet Guests and bargain with them even if you are absent from the game.  You will find that, as you unlock more areas of Mootopia, Guests take longer and longer to bargain with your Pets.  Utter frustration may win out against the desire to conserve OP... in any case, you should be aware of the option.

NOTE:  Although it allows your Pets to greet your Guests, bargain and take the Orders, you still have to complete them!  Do not forget to go into your Guest House Menu at the end of the visit to actually SELL the items they want to them and collect your Rewards!

How do you Choose which Guests to Invite?

I need to unlock all the 3 Star areas ultimately for this guide, but if I did not need to do that, I would move more slowly.  As you unlock higher levels, your Pet will require more and more energy to complete all the Orders.  You will be forced to feed him or her incredible amounts of food and indeed, unlocking more Pets means that you have to feed every one you are using.  I basically would suggest that you choose your Guests according to the Pet Cards you hope to receive from them.  Every Guest has a different list of Reward items and although the actual Rewards are random, they always come from that specific list.

For the Chests and Paths as well, I recommend that you pace yourself a little.  Who has time and resources to open 60 Chests every day?  If you do, good for you, but many of us could not find that sort of time or have the resources for that.  To be a good Buddy, you only need to have one Pet and if you can upgrade that one pet and choose to upgrade Stamina, your Buddies can borrow the Pet and find him or her useful.  If you want more than that, do it for yourself, but your Buddies only need that much from you.

Best Pet Food

June Korrik and Liz Laidlaw suggested Fried Eggplant and Fried Eggplant Rolls respectively.

Here are the recipes:

Fried Eggplant: 4 Eggplant and 2 Wheat Flour
  Note that Wheat Flour is a free gift item.

Fried Eggplant makes 460 Pet Food and I believe that the Fried Eggplant Rolls make 964  Pet Food.  Will confirm when my Pets need more food...

Fried Eggplant Rolls: 2 Baking Powder and 1 Eggplant Roll
  Note that Baking Powder requires that you have the Baking Soda Collectable as it is made with: 1 Baking Soda and 2 Cornmeal

 Note that the players who reported on these are higher level players.  For a beginner, Eggplant will not be unlocked as a Crop yet as it requires Level 31.

Some other high values are:

Dumplings in Coconut Cream: 365
Pollish Donut with Marmalade: 304

Sad to say, however, all of these require a premium Tree.  The Dumplings in Coconut Cream requires the Jasmine Bush and the Polish Donut with Marmalade requires the Wild Rose Bush...

If you are a player who has not yet been able to amass premium Trees, you can make the following:

Spinach Dumplings: 320 Pet Food
  Ingredients:  1 Spinach Salad and 1 Soft Dough
  To make Spinach Salad, you need to be high enough to have unlocked Spinach and Onions as Crops.  It requires 2 Spinach and 2 Onions.

Cooking Wine is another good Dish for Pet Food as well as Bait.  It makes 253 Pet Food.
  Ingredients:  1 Wine, 3 Bean

Again, however, Bean has to be unlocked as a Crop.

Sweet Dumplings makes 251 Pet Food and has the following ingredients:
  1 Soft Dough and 3 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are unlocked at a lower level than Spinach, Bean or Eggplant.

For a low level player, Chocolate Dream Bar may be one of the higher values at 179 Pet Food, although it is labour intensive, requiring ingredients that are themselves cooked dishes.

Ingredients: 1 Blueberry Krsipy Bar and 2 Chocolates
Although Chocolate is the product of a premium Tree, it is one of the less expensive Trees and one you really need early in the game. 

Actual Orders from Guest Groups

I have noticed that Guests give the same orders again and again.  I therefore thought it might be helpful to log a few of these visits with the complete Order Lists.

Farm Co-op Level 1: Guest Orders

You only will have two guests at this initial level:

Schoolhouse, Level 1: Guest Orders

Cathy: 2 Grape Juice, 1 Cherry Juice, 1 Cherry Juice
Thomas: 1 Ketchup, 2 Wheat Flour, 1 Cheddar Cheese
 Tom: 2 Apple Juice, 1 Grape Jam

Schoolhouse, Level 1 Guest Orders

Cathy: 2 Apple Juice, 2 Honey, 2 Grape Juice
Thomas: 2 Beef, 3 Tomatoes, 1 Cheddar Cheese
Tom: 3 Apples, 2 Apple Juice

Tom: 3 Apples, 2 Cherries
Thomas: 2 Eggs, 1 Cheddar Cheese, 2 Wheat Flour
Cathy, 2 Honey, 2 Grape Juice, 1 Cherry Juice

Cathy: 2 Honey, 2 Apple Juice, 2 Apple Juice
Thomas: 3 Tomatoes,, 2 Eggs, 3 Tomatoes
Tom: 1 Apple Jam, 1 Apple Jam

Metropolis, Level 1: Guest Orders

Cheryl: 5 Oranges; 5 Oranges, 5 Oranges
Bella: 3 White Wine, 3 White Wine, 5 Goose Feathers
Lisa: 3 Angora Hair, 10 Lotus Flowers, 3 Angora Hair
Mia: 1 Corn Bread, 3 Oat Flour, 3 Oat Flour

Bella: 1 Wheat Bread, 1 Wheat Bread, 3 White Wine, 3 White Roses
Lisa: 3 Angora Hair, 3 Angora Hair, 10 Lotus Flours
Mia: 1 Oat Bread, 3 Rye Flour, 1 Oat Bread
Cheryl: 1 Wheat Bread, 1 Wheat Bread, 4 Lemons

Lisa: 10 Lotus, ? Buffalo Milk Cheese 10 Lotus Flowers
Bella:  Roast Turkey 3 Angora Hair 1 Cottage Cheese
Cheryl: 6 Apples, 6 Apples, 3 Eggs
Mia 1 Black Bread, 1 Wheat Bread, 1 Black Bread

Lisa: 1 Oat Bread, 1 Grilled Flank Steak, 1 Oat Bread
Bella: 1 Wheat Bread, Roast Turkey, 1 Cottage Cheese
Cheryl: 4 Milk, 4 Almonds, 4 Lemons
Mia: 1 Corn Bread, 1 Black Bread, 1 Oat Bread

Farm Co-op, Level 2: Guest Orders

Hans: 5 Onions, 8 Carrots, Reward; 7 Lettuce, 10 Blueberries, Reward
Michael: 2 Oat Milkshakes, 5 Buffalo Milks, Reward: 5 Milk, 2 Grape Milkshakes
John: 5 Buffalo Milk, 5 Milk
Cassidy: 1 Wheat Bread, 1 Meatloaf, Reward: 1 Meatloaf, 1 Corn Bread, Reward
Jane: 2 Butter, 1 Coconut Milk, Reward; 1 Cake Flour, 1 Fruit Butter, Reward                                                                                                                                                                       
In other words, the Guests who make 4 Orders at 2 Star Level give two Rewards, one after you fill the first two orders and the other after you fill the other two.  Note here that my Dog, who was at Level 9, I believe, ran out of energy before all Orders were filled even though I had him at Maximum Energy at the start of the visit.  I do enable auto-bargain.  The 1 Star Visitors could be satisfied.  At 2 Stars, it appears to require a lot more Stamina on the part of your Pets.  I had a total of 3 Pets on the farm for the Visitors: my Labrador Puppy, my Turtle and a Labrador Puppy that belongs to a Buddy.

Schoolhouse, Level 2: Guest Orders

Bobby: 1 Ghyros, 1 Deep Fried Wonton, 3 Mayonnaise, 1 Cheese Beef Sandwich

Camille: 4 Red Rose Bouquet, 3 Lily Bouquets

Jerry: 1 Candied Apples 1,  1 Candied Apple

Aaron: Tilapia, Crayfish, Seaweed, Mud Crab

Riley: 1 Orange punch

More Actual Orders for 2 Star Mootopia

Some members of our Group logged these and I am indebted to them, because it is dull work!

School house Level 2 orders - Aaron (Crayfish, Seaweed x 2, Tilapia), Jerry (Fruit Butter, Candied Apples x 2, Cheese Apple), Bobby (Cheeseburger, Steakburger x 2, Checken Tacos), Camille (Pink Rose Bouquet, Sunflower Bouquet, Lily Bouquet, Red Rose Bouquet) & Riley (Blueberry Yoghurt, Apricot Ice Cream, Rainbow Delight, Orange Punch).

Farm Co-Op Level 2 orders - Jane (Crumbly, Duck Egg, Fruit Butter x 2), Chip (Pasture, Lotus Flower, Carrot, Wheat), Cassidy (Sandwich x 2, Egg, Wheat Bread), Michael (Apple Milkshake x 2, Orange Juice, Grape Milkshake) & Hans (Corn, Lettuce, Blueberry, Onion).

 Schoolhouse level 2 - Aaron ordered seaweed, hairtail, scallop, and tilapia. Jerry ordered grape cornbread, 5 lemons, and gourmet apple (x2). Camille ordered 2 sunflower bouquets, 3 Lily bouquets (x2) 4 white rose bouquets. Bobby ordered cheese beef sandwich, fried wonton, and 3 mayonnaise (x2). Riley ordered chia popsicles, caramel walnut treats, blueberry yogurt, pineapple yogurt.

 Schoolhouse 2-star: Jerry: 2 pitaya jam (twice), 1 cheese apple, 1 fruit butter. Riley: 1 sweet dumpling, 1 pineapple yogurt (twice), 1 maple milk tea. Bobby: 1 gyro, 1 deep fried wonton, 1 cheese beef sandwich (twice). Aaron: 1 hairtail (twice), 1 til... Schoolhouse level 2 -- Bobby: Fried Seasoned Chicken, Steak Burger, Chicken Tacos, Sugary Doughnut. Camille - 3 Pink Rose Bouquets, 4 Red Rose Bougquets (x2), 3 Tulip Bouquets. Jerry - 7 Giselle Cherries, 2 Blueberry Jam, 1 Apple Jelly, 1 Fruit Butter. Riley - Churros Soft Ice, 1 Mango Ice Cream (x3). Aaron - 1 Scallop, 1 Crayfish (x2), 1 Hairtail.

 Farm Co-op Level 2 -- Michael: 2 Oat Milkshake, 2 Grape Milkshake (x2), 1 Apple Milkshake. Chip: 8 Carrot, 10 Corn, 16 Clover, 7 Sweet Potato. Hans: 14 Cucumber (x2), 5 Red Bell Pepper, 8 Carrot. Cassidy: Sandwich, Cornbread, No-Flour Cornbread, Light Muffin. Jane: 4 Wool, 2 Butter (x2), 1 Soft Dough.

 Peaceful Bay Level 2 - Hamilton (Butterfish, Udon, Octopus, Udon), Kara (Starfish, Almond Omelet, Starfish, Chorizo Frittata), Lola (Vegetable Roll, Lemon, Spinach Salad, Orange), Katie (Oat Milkshake, Orange Smoothie, Lavender Cupcake, Oat Milkshake), Justin (Apple Milkshake, Egg Crayfish, Black Bread, Pork Sausage).

 Peaceful Bay 2-star: Justin: 1 lemon fish, 1 grilled flank steak (twice), 3 beef salami. Kara: 1 sugar cube (twice), 1 almond omelet, 1 sunrise porridge. Katie: 1 milk cookie, 1 cherry cider (twice), 1 steamed egg custard. Hamilton: 1 tofu (twice), 1 fried vegetables with soy sauce, 1 salmon. Lola: 1 egg salad, 1 vegetable roll, 2 spinach soup, 1 mushroom salad. THIRTY-ONE power. Three pets (two turtles) took about 3:15. All guests left with yellow smilies, except Lola who had green

Peaceful Bay 2-star: Justin: 1 roast turkey, 1 black bread (twice), 5 milk. Kara: 1 sunrise porridge, 1 sugar cube (twice), 1 shrimp chili. Katie: 2 oat milkshake, 1 orange smoothie (twice), 1 cherry cider. Hamilton: 1 fried vegetables with soy sauce, 1 salmon, 1 tofu (twice). Lola: 6 oranges (3 times), 2 spinach soup. TWENTY-SIX power. 3 pets (2 turtles) took 4:45. Kara and Hamilton had green smilies, the rest had yellow.

Peaceful Bay 2-star: Justin: 1 roast turkey, 5 beef, 1 egg crayfish (twice). Kara: 1 almond omelet (twice), 1 shrimp chili, 2 grape jam. Katie: 1 cotton candy, 1 lavender cupcake, 2 grape milkshakes, 1 honey syrup. Hamilton: 1 udon, 4 eggs, 1 butterfish, 1 smoked flatfish. Lola: 5 lemons (twice), 1 mushroom salad, 1 spinach salad. TWENTY-TWO power. 3 pets (2 turtles) took 4:48. Hamilton had a green smiley, the rest had yellow.
Contributed by June Korrik, Liz Laidlaw and Chris Lynch, all members of Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group.

Selling Skill

There has also been a change in the way selling skill works - in that it DOES now work. When turtles serve Peaceful Bay 2-star guests, a selling skill of 82 gives a time of 49:30, a skill of 90 gives a time of 43:05, and a skill of 94 gives a time of 40:30. Additionally, all chests still take 40 stamina to dig, but now give 4 XP.

Cost of Bargaiining

I need to look at all areas, but so far:

Co-op Farm, 2 Star:  Cost of Bargain with each Guest is 150 Stamina.

More about Landscape Points

I have published the Paths and the number of points within their spheres of influence above.  Using the Move Tool, you can pick up any Decoration or Base and move it about your farm to see where it actually would ADD points to your Total.

A member of our Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group, Mariana Rees Booth wrote a little essay on the whole landscaping business and I thought it might be helpful to post it here:

You can check your landscape points by using the search (magnifying glass) function on the paths menue. This will show all your paths and the landscape points they are contributing.

My recommendation to get the most points is to start with the paths with the highest maximum point value. These are where you want to place your bases and upgraders and you want to place them so they max out as many paths as possible (I suggest wrapping the paths around these items). Next put down some ponds for your turtle. Place decos next to the ponds to max their points value (pond=25, pond shore=50). Then begin putting down other lower value, coins paths as you can afford them, placing decos next to each path so that the points value is maxed.

Something I have noticed as a trend.... There are a lot of 'patios' or 9, 12, 16, or more paths all together in a box shape. When you do this, make sure you are getting the max landscape points for the paths in the middle of the box. Check this using the path search discussed above. If the middle paths show little to no points, these are a lost opportunity for points. Consider putting a deco (or 2) right in the middle of the patio so these points aren't lost.

Also consider paths that are up against the edges of your farm. If you have paths 2 to 3 deep against an edge of your farm, most decos cannot influence the paths all the way on the edge. Do the same check of the deco's area of influence and make sure the edge tiles are maxed out for points. If not, consider removing the path line on the very edge and replacing it with small decos. Or, if you have 3 paths deep, consider removing the middle row and making an oval (racetrack) effect with decos down the middle. There are many very small decos that will fit in these spaces and will help you max out your points.  (by Mariana Rees Booth)