17 February 2017

Sweet Love Valentine Guests

New Valentine Guests are available in Seaside on a temporary basis.  They give Valentine Hearts as rewards that can be used in the Factory to create new items as well as old.  The 'events' end on 27 February.  Remember always that for many of us, this means reset time on 26 February!

For new players:  You will find the temporary Guest menu by opening the Guest House, then looking on the bottom left of the map.  Beneath the regular map with its four quarters, you should see any temporary Guest Menu icon.  This one is called 'Sweet Love' and displays a pink fountain.  Tap on it to open the Menu that will allow you to invite the Sweet Love Guests.  All Sweet Love Guests give Valentine Heart as Rewards.  You will receive more by inviting the higher Levels but you must earn specific amounts of coins first at the lower levels in order to unlock the higher levels.  There are Path total requirements as well and always, always, you will need telescopes, so make certain that you open at least a few Chests regularly as Telescopes are needed to unlock new areas on the regular Map as well.

Reward Items:
Chocolate Chip Stand: 50 Valentine Hearts (new)
Valentine Flower: 50 Valentine Hearts (new) . (Stackable decoration, basically a bouquet of flowers that lays flat on the ground or base... a little disappointing with quite a large footprint, all things considered)
Lovely Balloons: 40 Valentine Hearts (old Calendar Reward Decoration, gives Gold Box when cleaned)
Macaron Path: 10 Valentine Hearts (Costs 1 RC ordinarily in Paths Menu and allows 50 Landscape Points)

The requirements for unlocking the new levels are:

Level 1: You simply need a total of 10 paths to invite these guests.

Level 2: A total of 35 paths needed.  To unlock:
  Reach Level 27
  Earn 2000 Coins from Level 1
  6 Telescopes

Level 3: A total of 50 Paths needed.  To unlock:
  Reach Level 30
  Have 500 Landscape Points
  Earn 5000 Coins from Level 2
  12 Telescopes

There are only two Guests at Level 1 and their orders in various visits consisted of the following items: 1 Honey Syrup, 2 Chocolates, 1 Love Cake.   I believe that 100% completion always results in 6 Valentine Hearts at Level 1.   Note always that you can obtain additional Passports by spending TC.  The initial cost here is 150 TC and I was able to unlock Level 3 by purchasing a few additional passports with a price that remained 150 TC.

At Level 2, there are four Guests instead of two.  In various visits, these Guests ordered the following: 1 Honey Syrup, 13 Blue Roses, 1 Peche au Caramel and 6 Chocolate, 1 Speculoos, 3 Blueberry Candy, 1 Conch Earring, 3 Red Cord Necklaces, 3 Orange Candy, 3 Grape Candy, 14 Pink Roses.  21 White Roses, 7 Blue Rose Bouquets, 29 Lavender, 11 Lilies, 7 Lily Bouquets, 7 Blue Rose Bouquets, 3 Apple Candy, 10 White Rose Bouquets.  I believe one will receive 12 Valentine Heart with 100% completion always at Level 2.

At Level 3, the Orders included 1 Honey Syrup, 2 Speculoos, 1 Conch Earring, 2 Peacock Feather Earrings, 5 Peach Candies, 4 Jasmine Baskets, 2 Earring of Love, 4 Licorice Candy, 4? Camomile Baskets, 5 Almond Chocolates. 4 Pink Rose Baskets, 6 Raisin Chocolates, 2 Rose Facial Masks, 1 Seaweed Facial Mask, 58 Lavender.

In the orders I received, I saw that the quantities of Flowers differed from flower to flower.  For example, more Lavender is required than Blue Roses.  The Orders often include flower Bouquets of various types so if you want to make those in advance, it might be good to have them on hand. Flower Baskets of all types may be included as well, so transport a few of each type from the Island to Seaside in advance if you wish to fill all possible orders.  The quantities ordered of any type usually are 4.

For low level players, the Honey Syrup requires 8 Honey and 4 Milk.  Much Chocolate is ordered as well.  I always forget how much Honey we use with respect to Harvest Moon FDC because I have been collecting it for 4 years, but poor Asgard Farm has had a terrible time lately... so make certain that you stock plenty of Honey on a regular basis.  The time-restricted Quests have included tasks that use considerable quantities as well.

At Level 1, the Guests who visit are Cassidy and Huey.  At Level 2, they are joined by Jane and Aaron.  At Level 3, you will see Jane, Bella, Cassidy, Aaron and Huey.  Basically, you only receive one more Guest by inviting the Level 3 group but she will give a total of 8 Orders where the others give only 4 each.

Buddy Pets

Your Buddies depend upon Pet Food to be able to use their Pets and you can give Pet Food to your Buddies when you visit them, provided always that you have achieved the right level with that Buddy.  I believe that you can borrow a Buddy Pet even if you only are at Level 1 with the Buddy.  It is better to borrow a Pet from a Buddy every day, even if you do not use him or her, than not to borrow one.  The number of times that any Pet has been borrowed now are logged by the game.

There are a number of Achievements connected to Pets now as well.  The Popular Pet Achievement gives Rewards based on the number of times your Pets have been borrowed.  The Animal Sanctuary Achievement gives Rewards based on the number of Pets that you own.

Note that, if you are inviting Guests that like to enjoy your Water Paths and you need another Turtle, you can borrow one from a Buddy.

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