14 July 2017

Tearful Rose Quest and Rose Ice Cream Collections Mission

My visions of these Fairies are derived from the fabulous works of Cicely Mary Barker.  The Rose Fairy is shown above.

(Screenshots of two of the characters in the Quest tale made by the incomparable Madame Alexander.  The Rose Fairy was made in the late 1990s as a special limited edition.  The exquisite Fairy Queen dates from the late 1930s and has what is known as the 'Princess Margaret' face because the mould originally was created for a Princess Margaret doll.  I guess you may be able to tell that I love dolls myself and have collected them for years, although nothing as pristine as the Fairy Queen.  My own Fairy Queen is rather tattered and missing her wand and tag, although I still find her beautiful and was indeed lucky to find her at all!)

(Above, screenshot of the actual Flower Fairy Decoration Reward, final Reward for completing the traditional Quest sequence.)

The Reward for the Collections Mission is a new 'Collectable' in the form of the Buttercream Stand which means that you must complete this Collections Mission in order to have it on your Farm while the Quest is active.

Farm Pool Base

There was a glitch wherein some players received the third material from the Daily Quest Iron and Silver Chests rather than the Turf Grass.  The developers extended the collection by one day so if you do not have 12 yet, take advantage on Friday, 14 July to collect 2 more.  The item can be purchased for 1 RC as well from the Base Menu.

The third material now should be available in the form of the Clay Bag from the highlighted Order on the Daily Order Board.  You may need to refresh the Orders today or wait until reset.

Note from Freyashawk

First, it has come to my attention that administrators or members of OTHER groups are copying and pasting my guide without giving credit to this site.  If you have your own group, you are welcome to share the link to this post but please do not copy my work without giving me credit.  There is no reason on earth to do that!

Second, if you find my work helpful, I would appreciate your votes in the Farm Beauty Contest for Harvest Moon FDC.  Please be aware that there are other farms with the name of Harvest Moon but mine is Harvest Moon FDC and the avatar is Freyashawk's Facebook avatar of a hawk in a tree against a dark sky.   I know it is a silly concern, but I do work hard to keep players informed and I use my farm aids and sometimes real cash to speed quests for the site.  So many thanks to all those who show their appreciation by voting for Harvest Moon FDC.  After four years, I sometimes grow a little weary and your votes really do inspire me.

Preparation Strategies

Crops that you will need to plant include the following:

Cactus (Island)
Honeysuckle (Island)

Premium Trees

You will need, inter alia, these Trees:

Ice Tree
Adzuki (for Collection Mission and Recipes)
Tangerine Tree

Tearful Rose Quest

Tearful Rose 1

Grandma:  Every morning,  I tell Felicia and Darryl stories from a red diary.  When I have finished telling the story, I place the diary in a box and, with great care, I close the box.  Do you know why?

Harvest 40 Clovers
  Skip for 10 RC
  (You will need to collect 20 Honey later, so allow bees to pollinate the Clover but do not collect the Honey now!)

Feed Holstein Cow 40 times
  Skip for 10 RC
  Use Batch Production to complete as soon as the Cow lands on the slot.

Collect 40 Bottles of Milk
  Skip for 10 RC
  This will complete when you collect the 40 Milk from the Cow you fed!

Reward: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Grandma:  I can't wait to tell you all about it.  In fact, to me it symbolises luck.

Tearful Rose 2

Grandma:  Now, listen carefully.  Inside the red cover of this diary is a withered rose and it is weeping.  So tell me, how can a withered rose shed tears?

Harvest 5 Lemons
  Skip for 5 RC

Produce 6 glasses of Apple Juice
  Skip for 6 RC

Produce 40 Cheddar Cheese
  Skip for 5 RC

Reward: 2500 Coins, 160 XP

Grandma:  I believe that every life in this world has a soul, even if it is nothing more than a withered rose!
(As do I, Granny Blair!)

Tearful Rose 3

Grandma:  Exactly, and this poignant rose contains a touching story.  Will you allow me to share it with you, dear Farmer?

Prepare 12 Batter
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 2 Wheat Flour and 1 Egg

Harvest 40 Oats
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 8 Cottage Cheese
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 2 Cheddar Cheese and 2 Milk

Reward: 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Grandma:  The rose, in fact, is the incarnation of a fairy.

Tearful Rose 4

Grandma:  One day the Fairy Queen saw that many humans lived in extreme misery.  They had neither delicious food nor clean water.  So she made a serious decision.  What do you think she decided to do?

Harvest 40 Corn
  Skip for 20 RC (FDC)

Collect 40 Eggs
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 6 Virgin Vesper Martinis
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 2 Lemons and 2 Apple Juice

Reward: 2500 Coins, 170 XP

Special Reward: Mission Gift Box

Grandma:  The Fairy Queen sent a fairy into the world of humans to experience their life and to observe their problems.

Tearful Rose 5

Grandma: The fairy came to the world as a rose and when she arrived, she discovered that humans lived in a state of constant conflict and war.  She found that they had to endure great pain and loss while not even having a safe place to live.

Collect 20 Honey
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 40 sacks of Rye Flour
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 10 Cake Flour
  Skip for 10 RC
  Each requires 2 Oat 'Flour and 2 Rye Flour

Reward: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Grandma:  The Rose Fairy saw all of the misery and pain in the world.  Nothing like this had ever been experienced before by her.

Tearful Rose 6

Granny:  She saw many people in the forests digging for herbs to eat.  She saw that they only had the dirtiest of water to drink and the rags they wore barely covered their skin.

Harvest 40 Tomatoes
   Skip for 10 RC (FDC)

Produce 10 Jars of Orange Jam
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 6 Orange Smoothies
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Condensed Milk and 1 Orange Jam
  Each Condensed Milk requires 1 Milk and 1 Sugar

Reward: 2500 Coins, 180 XP

Grandma:  The Rose Fairy became exceedingly sad when she saw the sorry state of the world.

Tearful Rose 7

Grandma:  The kind-hearted Rose Fairy decided that she would remain in the human world longer in order to help people who were in need.  Would you like to know how she helped them?

Harvest 8 Ice Cubes from the Ice Tree
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 6 Glowing Tonic Water
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Virgin Vesper Martini and 1 Ice Cube

Prepare 6 Orange Ice Cream
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Ice Cube and 2 Orange Smoothies
  Note that this is a Kitchen Recipe and not made in the Ice Cream Machine!

Reward: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Grandma:  Now, let us continue.

Tearful Rose 8

Grandma:  The Rose Fairy took magical seeds and sowed them in the ground, planted fruitful Trees in the hillsides and created new clothes for the poor using her magic.

Place a Buttercream Stand on your Farm
  Reward from Collections Mission
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 8 Adzuki Paste
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Adzuki and 1 Honey Syrup

Catch 3 Hairtails from the Fishing Pier
  Skip for 3 RC
  Use the Boost to catch these.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 190 XP

Grandma:  The Rose Fairy also helped the humans to rebuild their homes.

Special Reward: Bee Pet House Base

The second half of any timed Quest like this usually requires a higher level to unlock and includes Island Tasks.

Tearful Rose 9

Grandma:  The sweet Rose Fairy used her magic to create a large abundance of wood which helped people with materials to build their homes.  The Rose Fairy wrote and dispensed Recipes to the people to teach them how to cook good food for their families.

Harvest 8 Bamboo Shoots
  Skip for 8 RC
  This is an Island Tree

Harvest 50 Potatoes
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 8 Wine Cakes
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Wine and 2 Wheat Flour

Reward: 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Grandma:  Many people now were able to build their own new homes.

Tearful Rose 10

Grandma:  Nevertheless, the rulers of the world still made war with one another for their own selfish reasons and the lives of all people thus were threatened.

Harvest 50 Cactus
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Crop

Produce 50 Camel Hair
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Animal

Prepare 6 Hairtail 'Tomato Sauce
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 3 Tomatoes and 1 Hairtail

Reward: 2500 Coins, 200 XP

Grandma:  The Rose Fairy decided to use her inherent goodness and power to influence these selfish rulers.

Tearful Rose 11

Grandma:  The Rose Fairy did this by finding all of the rulers and kings and telling them how harmful war was to ALL people while extolling the benefits of cooperation throughout the world.  The rulers did not listen and continued to pursue their selfish policies.  The killing and destruction continued.

Produce 50 Camel Hair Yarn
  Skip for 25 RC
  This is an Island Task

Harvest 8 Sorbus
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 8 Sorbus Souflles
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 2 Cottage Cheese and 1 Sorbus

Reward: 2500 'Coins, 210 XP

Grandma:  Afterwards, the Rose Fairy returned to the Fairy Queen and reported truthfully to her as to the events that were occurring in the human world.

Tearful Rose 12

Grandma:  After hearing the Rose Fairy's tale, the Fairy Queen became furious and decided to travel to the human realm herself to punish the aggressive and warmongering rulers in order to give the people of the world a secure and peaceful life.

Harvest 60 Honeysuckles
  Skip for 30 RC
  This is an Island Crop

Produce 60 Honeysuckle Essential Oils
  Skip for 15 RC
  This is an Island Machine

Prepare 8 Sorbus Crepes
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Crepe and 1 Sorbus Souffle

Reward: 2500 Coins, 210 XP

Grandma:  The Fairy Queen and the Rose Fairy therefore visited the human world together.

Special Reward: Island Mission Gift Box

Tearful Rose 13

Grandma:  The Fairy Queen was so angry when she saw how miserable the lives of the people were that she transformed all the kings and rulers into COWS and ordered them to help their people farm the land!

(This is wonderful!!!)

Transport 50 Grapes to the Island Farm
  Skip for 12 RC
  Split this task between zeppelins if you wish to speed the transport.

Prepare 8 Plates of Cactus Ice Cream
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Ice Cube and 2 Buttercream
  This is a new Recipe.
  If you did not collect sufficient Buttercream yet, you can pay 30 TC for one Buttercream.  To purchase 16 needed for task, you will use 480 TC.  100 TC costs 1 RC if you do not have it, so would cost 5 RC to purchase 500 TC. This is less expensive than skipping the task.   Furthermore, you will need these dishes for another Recipe.

Produce 60 Raisin
  Skip for 15 RC
  N.B.  Raisins are made in the Dehydrator using Grapes from Seaside Farm

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Grandma:  Since then, humans have lived a happy life.

Tearful Rose 14

Grandma:  In order to repay the kindness of the Rose Fairy, the people collected petals from all the beautiful flowers in the world, creating a single exquisite Rose in the likeness of the Rose Fairy herself and then sent it to her.

Prepare 8 Cactus Ice Cream Wine Cake
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Wine Cake and 1 Cactus Ice Cream
  This is another new Recipe.

Make 6 Lavender Honey Hand Cream in the Beauty Shop
  Skip for 6 RC
  This is a new item.  Each requires 2 Honey, 1 Lavender Essential Oil and 1 Glass Bottle and takes a quarter of an hour to complete.  The task will count when the item goes into the slot, however.

Prepare 6 Catlicious Mash
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Potato and 3 Catmint  (Catmint is obtainrd from a Collectable.)

Reward: 2500 Coins, 220 XP

Grandma:  The Rose Fairy was very moved and from her eyes a perfect teardrop fell onto the Rose.

Tearful Rose 15

Grandma:  After this, people began a tradition of placing a rose in their diaries in remembrance of the kind-hearted Rose Fairy, hoping that it would bring them good luck.

Produce 20 Raisin Bread
  Skip for 10 RC
  This is an Island task.

Make 6 Honeysuckle Aroma Bottles in the Beauty Shop
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Wooden Aroma Bottle, 1 Honeysuckle Essential Oil and 1 Distilled Water, taking 8 Minutes to complete.  The item will be counted as soon as it enters the slot, however.

Prepare 6 Kitty's Favourite
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Hairtail Tomato Sauce and 1 Catlicious Mash

Reward: 2500 Coins, 230 XP

Grandma:  That is why people call the flower in their diaries the 'Tearful Rose'.

Tearful Rose 16

Grandma:  Thank you very much, my dear farmer!  You have helped me pass the time and accomplish many chores on the farm.  How kind you are!

Harvest 8 Tangerines
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 8 Tangerine Pies
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Tangerine and 1 Soft Dough

Make 2 Starfish Mirrors in the Beauty Shop
  Skip for 4 RC
  Each requires 2 Lavender Bouquets,  1 Dried Starfish and 1 Glass, taking 4 Minutes to complete.  Item counted when placed in slot, however.

Reward: 2500 Coins, 230 XP

Grandma:  Dear Farmer, so nice of you to listen to Grandma's story.  See you next time!

Special Reward: Flower Fairy Decoration, absolutely adorable!!!  This one is worth the effort.

The Collection Set

The Collection Set consists of the Catmint Plant, the Buttercream Stand and the Flower Fairy Decoration.  You will obtain 1 Clam Friendship Flower in addition to the ordinary rewards if you complete this Collection registration before the end of the timed Quest.

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