07 July 2017

Summer Vacation Farm Beauty Contest

Here is the link to the current timed Quest:

Farm Fiesta Quest and Cocktails Collections Mission

A new Farm Beauty Contest has started.  You really do need to maximise the Votes from the four Characters if you wish to achieve the Decoration at 4000 Votes or the Avatar at 6000 Votes.  Asking for Votes from other players is NOT the answer unless you are very close to 200 Votes per day from the 4 Characters or 300 Votes per day from the same 4 Characters.

It is the current photograph or Snapshot of your Farm that is the basis for ALL Votes, not the current state of your Farm if you changed anything.  In other words, take your time to organise your Farm BEFORE you take the initial 'Snapshot' for entry to the Contest.  This can make a big difference as every day counts in these contests.

The key to this is balance.  You need to have a variety of Crops on the Farm.  Try to have 16 different Crops growing... the total number needed may be lower from 12 to 13 but it is easy to grow different Crops and you have nothing to lose.

You need to have at least 12 different Machines on your Farm to obtain the maximum Votes for Machines from Dad.  Some players claim that the Salad Machine has counted as two Machines in the past but again, to be safe, move as many Machines onto your Farm as possible before you take your initial Snapshot.

Do the same with respect to your Trees.  You need a variety of Trees.  Duplicates never count.  Most players should not have any trouble in placing 16 different types of Trees on the farm.  I believe that the total needed is less, possibly 12 or 13 but again, it does no harm to be safe.

Finally, there are the Animals.  Butterfly Houses and Beehives of each type count as Animals and every type counts as a different Animal.

Landscape Points count for Votes with three of the Characters.  You do not even need 2300 Landscape Points to maximise these votes.  I believe the actual total is close to 2250 points but need to confirm for the current contest.  Recently, the game changed to add Landscape Points to Charm Points for a new total.  I will try to pinpoint the number required for maximum votes.

Expansions are another good source of votes.  You only need to have performed a few expansions to gain maximum votes from Felicia and Dad for expansions.

Another category is your Gallery.  Now that you can register Crops and other items, even low level players should be able to maximise votes for a good Gallery.  Votes are based on the totals of the items you have registered.  Your Gallery 'upgrades' at specific totals.

Finally there are votes for a 'high level' farm.  I have not achieved the maximum on Harvest Moon FDC yet because I believe you have to be at Level 150 now for this.

'Theme' gives votes from three of the four Characters.  Your best bet to maximise your Theme Votes if you have not played long or did not collect Reward Decorations for any other reason would be to purchase the Otter in a Tube from the special sale offer in the top right of the screen.  It is expensive but if you are not at maximum for Theme, it can give you 9 extra Votes for theme each day from the Characters.  If you are unwilling or unable to do that, at least place the new Farm Pool Base for 9 more Votes per day for theme.

Here are screenshots of all Theme Items and below, names and descriptions of each, as well as where they can be obtained if not strictly available in the past.  New Decorations have appeared in the Lucky Wheel, will add prices when they are changed from their current prices of 999 RC which has to be an error!

Farm Pool Base

The Farm Pool Beach Base is one of the few Decorations that will give you 3 Votes from each of three of the Characters every day.  You will find the unfinished Base as well as all the first Materials needed in one of Felicia's Messages.  After claiming the item in the message, you should be able to find it in your Gift Box to place on the farm.  You can obtain the 2nd Material, the Turf Grass, in the first two Chests in the Daily Quest Path until 13 July.  Some farmers, including me, received the
Clay Bag instead on the first day.  We will be in trouble unless the developers exchange them for Turf Grass or extend the deadline by another day.

Other Theme Items:

There is one Tree that is included as a Theme item in the form of the Ice Tree.  All other Theme Items are Decorations.

Theme Tree:

Ice Tree:
  Buy in Market for 8 RC or for TC or in Mystery Shop

Theme Decorations:

Swimming Pool
  Purchase in Decorations section of Market
  Or purchase for 1000 Green mystrons from Gallery

Greek Taverna Chair Set
  From past and now in Lucky Wheel

Ice Cream Cart
  Reward from past mission and now in Lucky Wheel

Mini Garden
  From past

Toy Submarine
  Reward from recent Gumball Collections Mission

Fish Bowl
  Reward from current timed Mission and now in Lucky Wheel

Fishing Elephant
  From past; may be available in Lucky Wheel/Buddy Share Box if your Buddy kept it from an earlier date

Mountain of Fruits and Flowers
  From past and now in Lucky Wheel

Pink Frog
  Past Reward from Cooking Stand Contest

Pufferfish in a Pond
  Past Reward from Cooking Contest

Octopus in a Pond
  Past Reward from Cooking Stand

Dolphin in a Pond
  Past Reward from Cooking Stand Contest

Shower Hippo
  From past, also now available in special DIY sale offer

Harriet the Hippo
  From past

Mackenzie the Meerkat
  From past, also now available in special DIY sale

Octavia the Octopus
  From past, available now in special DIY offer

Coconut Delight
   From past; Available now in special sale

Deer Swim Ring
  From past; Available now in special sale

Farm Pool Base
  Obtain from message from Felicia and place on farm and build
  3 Votes per day from 3 of the 4 characters

New Decorations in special sale offers:

Otter in a Tube
  3 Votes per day from 3 of the 4 characters
  Gives Blue Gift Box when cleaned

Orange Hat Otter
  2 Votes per day from 3 of the 4 characters
  Gives Blue Gift Box when cleaned
Toy Ship
  Gives Purple Gift Box when cleaned

Sun Bath
  Reward at 4000 Votes from this Contest

Freyashawk and Harvest Moon FDC

As always, my farm Harvest Moon FDC would appreciate any and all votes that you can spare. There are benefits to voting even if you are weary of the whole business.  You obtain Purple Mystrons each day from the chest you can collect only if you vote for some one.  If you wish to vote for me, make certain that it is Harvest Moon FDC and not simply Harvest Moon as my farm has FDC in the name as well (initials stand for Freyashawk de Conde).   My avatar is the photograph of a hawk against a dark sky.  I realise (with some sorrow) that it may have been a pigeon and not an actual peregrine but I prefer the possibility that it was a local peregrine I photographed in the tree behind the house long ago!  I do maintain this site without ever allowing advertising and entirely without pay or any sort of compensation, so if you find my work helpful, please consider voting for Harvest Moon FDC.  I do have space for a couple of new neighbours.  If you join our Facebook Group, Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk, you will be able to add me easily.

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