09 June 2017

Beach Jungle Farm Beauty Contest

A new Farm Beauty Contest has started.  You really do need to maximise the Votes from the four Characters if you wish to achieve the Decoration at 4000 Votes or the Avatar at 6000 Votes.  Asking for Votes from other players is NOT the answer unless you are very close to 200 Votes per day from the 4 Characters or 300 Votes per day from the same 4 Characters.

It is the current photograph or Snapshot of your Farm that is the basis for ALL Votes, not the current state of your Farm if you changed anything.  In other words, take your time to organise your Farm BEFORE you take the initial 'Snapshot' for entry to the Contest.  This can make a big difference as every day counts in these contests.

The key to this is balance.  You need to have a variety of Crops on the Farm.  Try to have 16 different Crops growing... the total number needed may be lower from 12 to 13 but it is easy to grow different Crops and you have nothing to lose.

You need to have at least 12 different Machines on your Farm to obtain the maximum Votes for Machines from Dad.  Some players claim that the Salad Machine has counted as two Machines in the past but again, to be safe, move as many Machines onto your Farm as possible before you take your initial Snapshot.

Do the same with respect to your Trees.  You need a variety of Trees.  Duplicates never count.  Most players should not have any trouble in placing 16 different types of Trees on the farm.  I believe that the total needed is less, possibly 12 or 13 but again, it does no harm to be safe.

Finally, there are the Animals.  Butterfly Houses and Beehives of each type count as Animals and every type counts as a different Animal.

Landscape Points count for Votes with three of the Characters.  You do not even need 2300 Landscape Points to maximise these votes.  I believe the actual total is close to 2250 points but need to confirm for the current contest.

Expansions are another good source of votes.  You only need to have performed a few expansions to gain maximum votes from Felicia and Dad for expansions.

Another category is your Gallery.  Now that you can register Crops and other items, even low level players should be able to maximise votes for a good Gallery.  Votes are based on the number of items you have registered.  Your Gallery 'upgrades' at specific totals.

Finally there are votes for a 'high level' farm.  I have not achieved the maximum on Harvest Moon FDC yet because I believe you have to be at Level 150 now for this.

'Theme' gives votes from three of the four Characters.  Your best bet to maximise your Theme Votes if you have not played long or did not collect Reward Decorations for any other reason would be to purchase the Chameleon from the special sale offer in the top right of the screen.  It is expensive but if you are not at maximum for Theme, it can give you 9 extra Votes for theme each day from the Characters.

Beach Base

The Beach Base is one of the few old Decorations that will give you 2 Votes from each of three of the Characters.

If you have not performed the Mission in the past, you can find the Summer Camp Mission in the Lighthouse that gives the Beach Base as its final reward.  A second Beach Base now will be available in the Factory.  Find Materials for it by collecting the first two Chests from the Daily Quest path.

Theme List

I will replace the screenshots later with better ones, but here is the Book of Theme Decorations.  I will name each and give any current options for purchasing them.

In the Decorations section of the Market:

Mini Beach: 16 RC (or buy from Gallery for 4000 Green Mystrons)

Surfboard: 2300 Coins

Hammock: 7 RC (or buy from Gallery for 1750 Green Mystrons)

From old Lighthouse Mission:

Beach Base
  Gives 2 votes per day from each of three of the characters
  If you do not have it, you can earn it by performing the Summer Camp Mission in the Lighthouse and merge another in the Factory soon.

Lucky Wheel/Share Box

In the Lucky Wheel/Buddy Share Box as well as in the Gallery for purchase,  the following should appear:

Yacht: 12 RC from Lucky Wheel/Share Box

Sun Terrace: 300 Blue Mystrons

Sand Castle

Fishing Elephant

Rewards from past Missions:

Beach Stand

Beach Palm (Reward from another Farm Beauty Contest)

Fish in Ice (Calendar Reward)

Beach Bottle

Coconut Delight

Special Sale Offers

From past special sales:

Sand Bucket and Shovel
  Available again in special sale offer

Sand Bottle
  Available again in special sale offer

Shower Hippo

Duck Bath Mat

Beach Changing Room
  Available again in DIY offer in special sale

Smoothie Table

Max the Raccoon
  Available in DIY Sale again, is stackable on Beach Base

Harriet the Hippo

Hermit the Crab
  Available again in DIY offer, is stackable on Beach Base

Pete the Pelican
  Available again in DIY offer, is stackable on Beach Base

Mackenzie the Meerkat

  In special sales offer now
  Gives 3 votes per day from each of three of the Characters

Summer Lobster
  Available now in special sales offer; worth 2 votes per day from each of three characters

Blue Eyes Sloth
  In special sales offer now; worth 2 votes per day from each of three characters


Reward from this Contest:

Summer Pineapple Deco
  Reward from this Farm Beauty Contest when you reach 4000 Votes.  Gives a Gold Box when cleaned.

Note from Freyashawk:  As always, I appreciate any votes that you give to Harvest Moon FDC.  I placed 4th in the last couple of Contests only because of the kindness and generosity of my friends and neigbhours!

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