04 August 2017

Anniversary Competition Farm Beauty Contest

Note:  You will find the new 'Journey to the West' Lighthouse Mission and the still current 'Farm Tractor Race' Missions in the posts below this one.

A new Anniversary Competition Farm Beauty Contest has begun.

You really do need to maximise the Votes from the four Characters if you wish to achieve the Decoration at 4000 Votes or the Avatar at 6000 Votes.  Asking for Votes from other players is NOT the answer unless you are very close to 200 Votes per day from the 4 Characters or 300 Votes per day from the same 4 Characters.  Try to organise your farm to maximise votes from the very first day.  It can make a huge difference to your vote total.

It is the current photograph or Snapshot of your Farm that is the basis for ALL Votes, not the current state of your Farm if you changed anything.  In other words, take your time to organise your Farm BEFORE you take the initial 'Snapshot' for entry to the Contest.  This can make a big difference as every day counts in these contests.

The key to this is balance.  You need to have a variety of Crops on the Farm.  Try to have 16 different Crops growing... the total number needed may be lower from 12 to 13 but it is easy to grow different Crops and you have nothing to lose.

You need to have at least 12 different Machines on your Farm to obtain the maximum Votes for Machines from Dad.  Some players claim that the Salad Machine has counted as two Machines in the past but again, to be safe, move as many Machines onto your Farm as possible before you take your initial Snapshot.

Do the same with respect to your Trees.  You need a variety of Trees.  Duplicates never count.  Most players should not have any trouble in placing 16 different types of Trees on the farm.  I believe that the total needed is less, possibly 12 or 13 but again, it does no harm to be safe.

Finally, there are the Animals.  Butterfly Houses and Beehives of each type count as Animals and every type counts as a different Animal.

Landscape Points count for Votes with three of the Characters.  You do not even need 2300 Landscape Points to maximise these votes.  I believe the actual total is close to 2250 points but need to confirm for the current contest.  Recently, the game changed to add Landscape Points to Charm Points for a new total.  I will try to pinpoint the number required for maximum votes.

Expansions are another good source of votes.  You only need to have performed a few expansions to gain maximum votes from Felicia and Dad for expansions.

Another category is your Gallery.  Now that you can register Crops and other items, even low level players should be able to maximise votes for a good Gallery.  Votes are based on the totals of the items you have registered.  Your Gallery 'upgrades' at specific totals.

Finally there are votes for a 'high level' farm.  I have not achieved the maximum on Harvest Moon FDC yet because I believe you have to be at Level 150 now for this.

'Theme' gives votes from three of the four Characters.  Your best bet to maximise your Theme Votes if you have not played long or did not collect Reward Decorations for any other reason would be to purchase the Batting Chimp, the Boxing Bear and/or Cheerleading Bunny from the special sale offer in the top right of the screen.  They are expensive but if you are not at maximum for Theme, the first two each can give you 9 extra Votes for theme each day from the Characters and the Cheerleading Bunny 6 extra votes for theme from the Chqracters..  If you are unwilling or unable to do that, at least place the Farm Stadium Base for 9 more Votes per day for theme.

Farm Stadium Base

The Farm Stadium Base featured in the current Farm Beauty Contest is from last year but new stackable Decorations are being sold for it.

You can purchase the unfinished Base in the Market for a limited time.  Complete it by purchasing the materials in the various Mystery Shops as follows:

Lawnmower: 50 Green Mystrons
Liner: 10 Green Mystrons
Lawn: 5 Blue Mystrons

Theme Items

Unless otherwise stated, each theme item should give 1 votes from each of three of the Characters each day for them.  All Theme Items and their costs and values are as follows:


Rainbow Tree


Cake Machine


Chocolate Fountain


Available in Market:

Christmas Cake: 12000 Coins (temporary sale)

Welcome Arch: 2000 Coins

Balloon Gate; 30000 Coins

Available in special Sales Offers:

Farm Stadium Base: 2 votes from 3 characters each day

Boxing Bear: 3 votes from 3 characters each day

Batting Chimp: 3 votes from 3 characters each day

Cheerleading Bunny: 2 votes from 3 characters each day

Tennis Fox: 2 votes from 3 characters each day

Umpire Owl: 2 votes from 3 of the Characters

Red Panda Pitcher: 2 votes from 3 of the Characters

From the Past:

(Some of these may appear in the Lucky Wheel this month)

Farm Podium

Ball Basket

Punching Bag

Weight Rack

Darryl Greek Statue
  Now in Lucky Wheel/Buddy Share Box

Badminton Statue
  Now in Lucky Wheel/Buddy Share Box

Mini Golf
  Now in Lucky Wheel/Buddy Share Box

  Now in Lucky Wheel/Buddy Share Box for 15 RC


Chocolate Fountain

Reward Decoration

Baseball Gloves

The reward for reaching 4000 votes  is a decoration of a ball in a crate on a small square table and is called the Baseball Gloves.

Anniversary Cake and Cake Decorations

The Anniversary Cake Base and three of the Cake Decorations are included in the Theme Book.

Cow Cake Deco

Cake Piping Bag

Cake Fruits

Cake Liquid Chocolate

Cake Butter

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