12 March 2017

Sakura Farm Beauty Contest

(Above, two screenshots of the Springtime Base with theme decorations on it.  The top photograph shows the Singing Hamster with the Accordion Hamster on the right, with the Park Fountain and Flower cage on the left.  The lower photograph shows Oskar the Dog with Bello the Dog behind him and the same decorations on the left.  All of these items are featured now in the special sales offers you can find on the top right of your screen.)

N.B.  You will find the current time-restricted Mission, 'Life's Lesson'  in the post below this one. The final section of this post, after the Mission that gives players the Springtime Base is a Q & A for players who wonder why they are not doing better in the Contest.  I did this for one of the Harvest Moon games long ago, and players found it really helpful, so I decided to try it again.

You still can obtain 1 Springtime Base from the Lighthouse Mission if you did not complete the Mission previously.  (Still active, according to our group member, Melissa Elder.) You can obtain a SECOND Springtime Base by merging the materials in your Factory.

It looks as though only ONE Springtime Base can be made by any player in the Factory so if you want two, you need to have one from the Lighthouse Mission.

Note, as previously indicated, that you now can merge a Springtime Base in the Factory when you have collected sufficient materials. Materials for the Springtime Base will be given in a series of activities.  The first is the Cooking Bag Stand where you randomly can find a material in the March Cooking Bags.  To forge a Springtime Base you will need 12 Spring Wreath from the Cooking Stand bags, 6 Picnic Soda and 40 Lunch Box.    The 6 Picnic Sodas are obtained from the highlighted Order on the Daily Order Board through 30 March.

Friday, 30 March:  This is the last day that you can receive Soda Cans (second material for the Base) from the highlighted Order.


You will not be able to participate in any Farm Beauty Contest until you reach Level 30 now.  As soon as you reach Level 30, if there is an active Farm Beauty Contest, a new icon of a golden Trophy will appear in the top centre of your screen.  You then need to take a snapshot of your Farm in order to register it.  It is a good idea to look at the list of Theme Decorations before you do this and make certain that all Decorations that you own that are included in the current Theme are registered in the Gallery.  Make certain that you have a variety of DIFFERENT Crops planted on your Farm and that you place as many DIFFERENT Trees and DIFFERENT Machines on your Farm as possible before you take your 'snapshot' and enter your Farm in the Contest.

There are two basic components to any Farm Beauty Contest.  One is the Votes that you receive from the four game Characters and other players and the other is the Votes that you can give every day.  At Level 30, you will have the minimum number of Votes to allocate which is 3.  The maximum number is 6 and you must be at Level 60 or above to have that number of Votes to give.  You can give more Votes randomly to farmers by using the 'Bet' option.  More about that later.

Spending RC or Cash

Every new Farm Beauty Contest usually is accompanied by special sales offers for Decorations that are included in the Theme.  Some players either cannot or will not spend real money on the game.  If you are one of those players, skip this section.  Otherwise...  generally speaking, it is better to buy one of the Decorations in the special sales than a Decoration that is found in the Lucky Wheel or Share Box, especially if the Decoration gives the coveted Blue Box when cleaned.  You will find usually that there is more than one NEW Decoration offered in the Sale (top right corner of your screen) that is worth more in terms of Characters' Votes for Theme.  In this Contest, the Singing Hamster now on offer gives a Blue Box when cleaned ultimately but for the first 5 days of cleaning, 5 Blue Mystrons. Blue Mystrons can be difficult to obtain and although the Singing Hamster is the most expensive Decoration in the sale, it has the best value in terms of Votes and ultimately will give you a Blue Box every time it is cleaned.  As you can see by studying the Theme Decorations List in this post, it gives a total of 3 Votes rather than 1 from 3 of the 4 game Characters every day.  This can be a tremendous boost, especially to a low level player.

In general, I have found that it IS worthwhile to purchase the special Theme decorations offered in the sales.  They will be featured again and again in the Farm Beauty Contests.  A friend I have known for years sent me a message shortly after the start of this Contest to say that, much to her surprise, she had 79/80 for theme on the very first day of the Contest without doing anything!  It was due to the fact that she had purchased some of the special decorations each time they were offered and those from last year have been featured again.   She bought Lucky Wheel Decorations in the past as well... and obtained Decorations by completing Missions, and those have been featured again now.  The point I am making is that her past investments in time, energy and money still are effective.

Decorations are important for more reasons than Theme.  If they can be cleaned, having them on your farm benefits both you and your neighbours as it is the Gift Boxes that contain many of the Farm Aids that you need constantly, including Power and OP.  Neighbours may be more likely to visit a farm that has cleanable decorations on it on a regular basis as opposed to one without any Cleanable Decorations, especially if the Farm is at a level where a certain number of Decorations are to be expected.

You can earn RC in the game but it can take time.  You can purchase RC as well from the game and use that to buy the Lucky Wheel Decorations.  Yes, the price of the Singing Hamster is about the same as the purchase of 75 RC...  and some players may prefer to have 5 Lucky Wheel Decorations that all give Purple Cleaning Boxes when cleaned instead of one Blue Box Decoration.  There is a small chance that when you spin the Lucky Wheel yourself, it may land on one of the Theme Decorations, giving it to you without cost but it is more likely to appear in the 'line-up' of items when the Wheel is spun, giving you the option to purchase it yourself, place it in the Share Box for your Buddies to purchase or simply to ignore it and move on.

Many of the Theme Decorations are stackable, which means that they can be placed on a Base.  In this case, the Base to which they are linked is the Springtime Base.  It was offered originally as the final Reward for a special Gallery Mission.  I believe you still can perform the Mission to obtain the Base if you do not own it.  I have included the entire Mission with all of its tasks below.

Balance of Items

For new farmers, there are a few basic instructions.  You need to organise your farm BEFORE you take the photograph in order to gain the maximum benefit from your design.   Have a good balance of Crops, Trees, Animals, Machines, Decorations and now Paths as well.  Your design now has to take Landscape Points into account, which means that you need to lay paths and water paths, then place as many Decorations as possible within their sphere of influence.  Remember that the maximum number of points for any tile is 50 (for Macaron and Pebble Paths as well as the Snow Path and the Pond Shore Path for a Water Path), and therefore, once you have a total of 50 Points from the Path itself and Decorations within the area, more Decorations will not add any more points.

Designing Paths

Generally speaking, it is better to make a long single-file path surrounding an area filled with Crops, Machines, Trees or a combination of these with Decorations than to place all of your tiles together.   To discover the effect a specific Decoration will have on your Landscape Point total, use the Move Tool and hover near the Paths you have set on your Farm.  If you have achieved the maximum number of Points for any path, you will see that the Decoration would add zero points if placed in that location.  If there is a Path that does not have the maximum points from Decorations in its sphere of influence, you will see the precise number of points that your Decoration will add to the total in that area.  If you have Bases with stacked Decorations, placing them within a Path's sphere is the easiest method to boost your Landscape Points as long as you have not obtained the maximum using other lesser Decorations.

Note here that an unfinished Base neither counts for any Farm Beauty Contest nor can it be registered in the Gallery until it has been completed.   An empty completed Base usually does give a Blue Box when cleaned and often is one of the Theme Decorations in a Farm Beauty Contest.   Unfortunately, the Springtime Base, the one that is included in THIS Contest, gives only a Purple Gift Box when cleaned!

Crop, Tree, Animal, Machine Totals

For the Farm Beauty Contest, you need a variety of Crops.  It originally was 16 different Crops in order to gain the maximum Votes for your Crops.  For Trees, it was 16 different Trees and for Machines, 16 different Machines.  For Animals, it originally was a requirement for 16 as well.  I believe that the count for Machines and Animals has been lowered now to 12 instead but again must confirm what is needed for THIS contest.

Butterfly Houses, Beehives and the Bat House qualify as 'Animals' for the purpose of the Contest and every different style of Beehive or Butterfly House will count as a different Animal.

Landscape Point Totals

In previous Contests, Charm was the aspect that three of the Characters prized.  Now they prize Landscape Points instead.  The Vote category speaks of Beautiful Paths with High Landscape Points. In essence, you need less than 3000 Landscape Points to gain the maximum number of Votes from Felicia, Darryl and Grandma.  You do not need more than that.  I confirmed this myself.  The actual total needed is somewhere between 2000 and 3000.  I will confirm that when I can.  Rosewood was very low in Landscape Points origingally but after added to the total with 2320 Landscape Points achieved the maximum of 24/24.

With 1034 Landscape Points, another farmer received 16/24 Votes for Landscape.  With only 242 Points, another received 6/24.  At 293 one more Vote was acquired for 7/24.

Gallery Registration

Gallery Registration is central to all the Farm Beauty Contests.  If a Theme Decoration has not been registered in the Gallery prior to the point of submitting your Photograph, it usually will not count towards Theme.  Furthermore, two of the Characters in the form of Darryl and Grandma give Votes based on the total number of items you have registered in your Gallery.  The number required to gain the maximum points in this category is not that high, however.  My rather new farm, Asgard, has been able to gain the maxmum in this category (but not in some of the others) and I have not registered that many of my Trees, Animals or Machines, although I have tried to register most Decorations as I acquired them.

I believe that all that counts for the Gallery Vote itself is the number of Gallery Points that you have, earned through obtaining the little round Cow Tokens that are one of the Rewards for every Registration.

524/1250, almost half of the total for filling the third tier (third Cow Token at the top of the Gallery Menu) gives 15/16 Votes.

With three tiers filled on Asgard (the first three Cow Tokens at the top of the Gallery Menu), that farm finally achieved 16/16.  I believe that would be 1250/1250 on the third tier level.

Note here that a recent game update added registration of Crops to the Gallery, allowing low level players to gain higher totals in Gallery Registration.  Registration of any Crop takes only 2 minutes.

Claiming Items in the Gallery

This is an important point, not only where the Farm Beauty Contest Theme is concerned but for the Collection Sets that give special Clam Friendship Flowers if claimed within a specific time frame.  It is not sufficient to begin the Registration of any item.  You must CLAIM it in the Gallery before it will count for the Farm Beauty Contest or for any Collection Set.  I sometimes forget to do this myself and it can cost dearly if I lose a special Clam Friendship Flower because I did not complete the entire process in time.

Timing of Snapshot/Photograph

You have to take an initial photograph of your Farm to enter the Farm Beauty Contest.  If you have time to design your Farm on the first day, do so BEFORE you take the photograph, making certain you have maximised all aspects that will  give Votes from the four Characters.  If you do not have time to organise your Farm, simply take the photograph of it as  it stands... better to get some Votes than no Votes.  You can take a new photograph every day if you wish.

If you need more Theme Items, make certain that, should you obtain a new one, that you register it BEFORE you take a new photograph of the Farm.  Only the items as they appear in the current photograph are counted.

After taking the photograph of your perfected Farm, you can remove anything or change anything without it modifying or changing the Farm Beauty Contest entry.  It is only when you submit a new photograph that anything will change.  Thus, you try to set up your Farm for maximum Votes in every category, take and submit a photograph of it and then do whatever you need to make your farm more practical for specific tasks, quests or whatever.

Contest Decoration and Avatar Rewards

Most farmers have a goal in terms of the Rewards that are offered in the Contest.  You need to receive 200 Votes per day to obtain the Decoration that is the Reward for a total of 4000 Votes.  You need to receive 300 Votes per day to obtain the final Reward of the Avatar.  Most Farmers, if they are eligible to participate in the Contest (at Level 30 or higher) should be able to organise their farms to receive 200 Votes per day FROM THE FOUR CHARACTERS even if they are not receiving Votes from Neighbours.  If you really want the Decoration, be willing to spend a little RC or even cash on Theme Decorations if you are a fairly new player.  They are worth purchasing not only for the Contest but as Cleanable Decorations that will give valuable Farm Aids both to you and to your Neighbours.  The Water Fountain is the one non-cleanable Theme item in this contest but it is quite valuable to keep on your Farm as it is a Collectable that gives Distilled Water.  You can find it randomly in the Mystrons Mystery Store or you can find it now randomly by spinning the Lucky Wheel or in a Buddy Share Box.

I have listed all Theme Decorations below giving details as to how to obtain each.  There are only a few that cannot be obtained at this point in time.  Three can be purchased for coins in the Market.

To receive the Avatar, which is the final Reward, you need a total of 300 Votes per day.  This is a little more difficult to achieve.  There are many farmers who never obtain the Avatar but again, if YOU maximise the value of your own farm, you may be able to do it even if no one gives you Votes.

In the Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group, we try to help farmers with the Farm Beauty Contests.  I always am willing to help a farmer maximise his or her farm by studying the Vote totals that are being given and suggesting specific improvements that can be made.  We also have a thread where farmers can be paired to share votes with one another.

Buddies and the Farm Beauty Contests

The Buddy relationship is becoming increasingly important with the release of the Pet option and the ability to feed and/or borrow a Buddy Pet.  It has been important for quite some time, however, where the Farm Beauty Contests are concerned.  The Buddy Share Box in the Lucky Wheel usually contains a number of Theme Decorations in any current Farm Beauty Contest.  If you are not at least a Level 2 Buddy with the farmer who has the Share Box, you will be unable to access it or purchase anything from it.

This Contest is no exception.

First of all, Landscape Point totals depend somewhat on the Paths that you use on your Farm.  At low levels, a Player often cannot afford to purchase the most valuable Paths, but you can send your Buddy the Stone and Flower Path at any Level I believe (game Level, not Buddy Level) and you can send your Buddy the Forest Path if you are at Level 43 or higher.  The Stone and Flower Path allows 20 Landscape Points and otherwise will cost the Farmer 5000 Coins.  A farmer who has not reached Level 43 will be unable to purchase the Forest Path that allows 25 Landscape Points for 15000 Coins from the Paths Menu but he or she WILL be able to use it from the Gift Box if a Buddy has sent it.

There are a number of Theme Decorations that can be purchased from the Buddy Share Box or obtained when you spin the Lucky Wheel yourself.

Farm Character Votes

The fundamental rules of these Beauty Contests remain the same.  The difference now for this new Contest is in the substitution of Landscape Points for Charm Points as one of the farm aspects that draw votes from three out of the four Farm Characters.

You now have the following from the Farm Characters:


Theme: Maximum Votes 24/24
  Theme Items are given in the red book that you will find in the Main Farm Beauty Contest Menu.  Not all Theme items have the same value.  Very often a new Decoration will be worth 3 Votes where an old one will be worth only 1.  I will list all Theme items below with their values.

Expansion: Maximum 16/16
  You do NOT need the largest expansion to obtain the maximum points.  With the 18 x 18 Expansion, a player told me he had the maximum number of votes in this category.

Landscape Points: Maximum: 24/24
  Description:  Beautiful Paths with high Landscape Points
  Note here that a total of 2100 is giving 24/24 now evidently.

Animals:  Maximum 16/16
  You may receive this with a total of 12 animals on your Farm now.


  High Level Farms: Maximum: 16/16
  Note that Level 101 gives you 11 points.  I believe you need to be at Level 150 to receive the maximum of 16 Votes here now.

  Expansion: Maximum: 16/16
     With the 18 x 18 Expansion, a player told me he received the maximum of 16/16

  Theme: Maximum: 24/24

  Machines:  Maximum: 16/16
    You may receive this with a total of 12 Machines on your Farm now.


  Theme:  Maximum: 24/24

  Crops: Maximum: 16/16
    N.B.  Variety here is the key.

  Landscape Points: Maximum: 24/24

  Gallery Registration: Maximum: 16/16


  High Level: Maximum is 16/16

  Gallery Registration: MAximum is 16/16

  Landscape Points: Maximum is 24/24

  Trees: Maximum: 16/16
    Variety is the key.

List of Theme Items

Theme Decorations:  The following is a comprehensive list of all Theme Decorations (I hope) divided into sections according to the manner in which you can obtain them.  Where a Decoration gives more than 1 Vote from each of the 3 Characters who like Theme, I have noted the number of Votes next to the name of the Decoration.  All other Decorations give 1 Vote from each of the 3 Characters.

As far as Charm Value and Landscape Value and the kind of Gift Box that each Decoration will give when cleaned are concerned, in the past I had to perform all the research myself, but now all you have to do is go to your Gallery, find the Decoration and its values and Gift Box type will be given there!

I will include these statistics below nonetheless.  LP will signify Landscape Point value.

Theme Decorations include the following:

From Lucky Wheel or Buddy Share Box:

These now can be found on the Lucky Wheel or Buddy Share Boxes for the following prices:

Fishing Elephant: 20 RC
  11 LP, Purple Gift Box

Water Fountain: 15 RC
  This actually is a Collectable that produces Distilled Water.  Alas, it does not have any Landscape Point value and as a Collectable, cannot be cleaned either.  It is extremely beautiful, however, and is a personal favourite of mine, along with the Lotus Pond.

Lotus Pond: 15 RC
  11 LP, Purple Gift Box

Cute Monkey: 20 RC
  4 LP, Purple Box, Stackable

Flower Barrow: 15 RC
  6 LP, Purple Gift Box

Peter Pan's Picnic Table: 15 RC
  11 LP, Purple Gift Box

Available in the Market;

Flower Box: 2500 Coins
  1 LP, no Gift Box

Picnic Baskets: 1500 Coins
  1 LP, no Gift Box

Tree Arch: 10,000 Coins
  1 LP, no Gift Box, Stackable

Willow: 5 RC
  4 LP, White/Silver Gift Box

Flower Hedge: 1 RC or as Special Gift from Buddy for 1 RC
  1 LP, no Gift Box

From the past:

Ride On Car Deco
  5 LP, White/Silver Gift Box, Stackable

Toys Deco
  4 LP, Gold Gift Box, Stackable

Little Dog Deco
  6 LP, Purple Gift Box, Stackable

Flower Shelf
  9 LP, Purple Gift Box, Stackable

Picnic Hamper
  3 LP, Silver/White Gift Box, Stackable

Springtime Base (the game claims you still can obtain this by performing Farm Fest Mission in Lighthouse.  The Mission is included in the final section of this post.)
  11 LP, Purple Gift Box

From the past or from Special Sakura Sales:

Park Fountain (random from March Lucky Bag)
  10 LP, Purple Box, Stackable

Bello the Dog (random from March Lucky Bag)
  12 LP, Purple Box, Stackable

Oskar the Dog
  15 LP, Blue Box, Stackable

Tyre Swing
  8 LP, White/Silver Box

Flower Cage
  8 LP, Gold Box, stackable

Butterfly and Flower Decoration (2 more votes from 3 Characters)
  not yet available
  will have 10 LP, Purple Gift Box, Stackable

Accordion Hamster (2 more votes from 3 Characters)
  not yet available
  will have 12 LP, Blue Box, Stackable

Singing Hamster (3 more votes from 3 Characters)
  15 LP, Blue Box, Stackable

Reward from the Sakura Farm Beauty Contest at 4000 points

Sakura Standing Flower
  Gold Box, not yet available and stats not available


Picnic Table*

*I think this is an error, rather like the repeated appearance and disappearance of the Love Fountain in the Theme lists... I believe it probably is the Sakura Umbrella which is the Calendar Reward for March.  Incidentally, there is one other long table apart from the Peter Pan's Picnic Table and this is the Tea Table... it is quite different from the mysterious table in the Theme list that does NOT appear anywhere in the Gallery.  There is a round table which is the Greek Taverna Chair Set but again very different from the one in the Theme List.

Farm Fest Mission for Springtime Base

The Springtime Base is obtained only if you complete a Lighthouse Mission, originally one of the special Gallery Mission.  Go to the page in the Gallery that shows the various Gallery Missions and tap on the Farm Fest Mission.  You will have three days to complete the first half.  You will not be able to participate in any time-restricted Missions until you complete any part that you have activated.  It now supposedly can be accessed from the Lighthouse, but as I completed it when it first was released, I cannot confirm this myself.

THIS IS THE FIRST GALLERY MISSION THAT REQUIRES ACCESS TO THE ISLAND. There is only one Island task, however and you can skip it for 8 RC.

Note that Gallery Missions have no time restrictions in terms of being available, so it is usually best simply to time them so as not to interfere with time-restricted fortnightly Missions in Seaside.  Once you do activate any part, you will have a time limit to complete THAT part of the Mission.  They are organised into parts and each part can be completed separately without being forced to move forward to the next part.  This particular Missions is divided into two parts.

Warning:  For lower level players who depleted their stocks of Yeast in the last Weekly Activity, you may wish to wait to activate this Mission until you have collected about 60 Yeast.

Many thanks to Kathy Marcum of our Group, Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk for her help in logging the tasks.

Note that the Fountain that is very plain does become animated when placed on the Base.  All three of the Dogs can be placed as well.  To see a full list of all items that can be placed on any Base or Upgrader, use the Move Tool on the Base/Upgrader and then choose the items that you wish to see in every specific position.  If you own all the items, you then can opt to 'Save' the configuration.

Preparation for Mission

Even if you do not activate the Mission immediately, you can make certain that you have some of the necessary ingredients to complete it when you do.  For example, you will need 6 Butterfish to make into Lemon Fish, an ingredient for a recipe required in the second half of the Mission.  You will need Sweet Potatoes and Herbs to make Potatoes with Fresh Herbs for the same Recipe.

You will need some premium items to complete this Mission.  One is a Matcha Tree and another is a Herb Garden.  A Chocolate Tree and an Elderberry Tree are required as well.

Even veteran and high level players find this Mission grueling in terms of the amount of Power required.  It will BANKRUPT a new or low level player if he/she does not make as many ingredients as possible BEFORE activating either part of the Mission.  if, however, you make all the ingredients in advance, you will not have much trouble, provided always that you have the premium items required to complete it.  Ingredients in this case are themselves Cooked Dishes in many cases, which is why so much Power is required.  I have given the Recipes for the ingredients as well as the Cooked Dish that actually is required to complete any given Task.

Let me give you an example of a single task.  Blessedly, it is in the very last part of the Mission, but it is very Power-intensive.

You need to prepare 8 Elderberry Pancakes for this Task.   Each Elderberry Pancake requires 2 Apple Kulfi and 1 Elderberry.  If you have all the ingredients, you will use only 8 Power to complete this Task.  If, however, you do NOT have the Apple Kulfi, you will need a total of 16 Power to make these, provided you have all the ingredients...  The ingredients for Apple Kulfi include Kulfi.  If you do not have the Kulfi, you will need to prepare 16 of these and that will require 16 Power.  Note, however, that one of the tasks preceding this one asks for 10 Kulfi so when you complete THAT task, save the Kufli for the next one.  Essentially then, you need to make only 6 Kulfi in advance but only if you have enough Power to make all of the Apple Kulfi required for the Elderberry Pancakes in the final Task.

Each Kulfi is made with 1 Batter and 1 Nectar.  If you have 16 Batter, you will not be required to use Power to make them, but if you lack them, you will need 16 Power for the 16 Batter.  Fortunately, the two ingredients to make Batter are 2 Wheat Flour and 1 Egg, requiring no Power.   If you do not have any of the ingredients, however, you will use 16 Power to make the Batter, 16 Power to make Kulfi, 16 Power to make the Apple Kulfi and then 8 Power to make the Elderberry Pancakes.  It is a daunting total, unless you make all the ingredients BEFORE you activate the second half of the Mission!

This does not even touch the amount of OP you will need if you are a player who uses Batch Production....  Sugar may not require Power to produce, but if you use Batch Production to make it, you will need to use OP to generate the Sugar Machine... and so on.

Temporary Collectables

The Herb Garden that you need for this Mission is a permanent Collectable which means that you can keep it on your farm and collect from it forever, but you will need a couple of the 'temporary' Collectables for this Mission.  One is a Yeast Barrel and the other is the Spice Rack.  These are Coin purchases but vanish in three days.  Remember that you cannot speed the collection process unlike the method by which Watering Cans can be used to speed the harvest of any Tree.  Make certain BEFORE you activate the Mission that you have sufficient Yeast and Spice particularly as vast quantities are required here.

Other New Options

The release of the Research Laboratory has made more options available where certain tasks are concerned.  For example, one of the final tasks in this Mission is to make 40 Oat Bread.  You can choose to make these in the Baker, using the traditional ingredients required to make Oat Bread and either use Batch Production (requiring OP) to make them all at once or make them manually.  A new option, however, is to use the Gold Finger Active Tech instead, requiring 20 Farmium to make 3 Oat Bread instantly, requiring NO ingredients at all!

Farm Fest I

Darryl:  I'm getting the hang of playing my new guitar and I started a band called '3 Farmers and a Cow'.  Even Felicia said we sound good!  I have an idea!  We could invite our neighbours to our farm for a music festival - Farm Fest!

Produce 50 Veggie Burgers
  Skip for 25 RC

Prepare 10 Whole Oat Fruit Breads
  Skip for 10 RC
  Each requires 1 Fruit Butter and 1 Oat Bread
  Each Fruit Butter requires 1 Apple Jelly and 3 Cherries
  Each Apple Jelly requires 2 Maple Syrup and 6 Apple Jam

Harvest 5 Gisela Cherries
  Skip for 5 RC

Reward: 80 Coins, 16 XP

Darryl:  I'm already really excited!  I hope our neighbours know some bands that can also rock out on the stage!

Farm Fest II

Darryl:  Great news!  People are coming to Farm Fest and we now have more bands to play.  I am not sure what the order will be yet, but no festival can take place on a farm without having some cider.  Selling it will also keep Grandma happy.

Produce 20 jars of Orange Jam
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 10 bottles of Apple Cider
  Skip for 10 RC
  Each requires 2 Yeast and 3 Apples

Prepare 10 bottles of Cherry Cider
  Skip for 10 RC
  Each requires 3 Yeaast and 2 Cherries

Darryl:  The Cider is ready!  We need o get some seats for the audience.  I know what we can do.  We can use some hay!

Reward: 85 Coins, 17 XP

Farm Fest III

Darryl:  We can bundle together pasture to make hay for the seats!  It's quite comfy and people can even dance on it.  We should also make some juice as it's going to be quite hot I hope!

Plant 20 Pineapples
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 50 Pasture
  Skip for 25 RC

Cook 5 Macaroni and Cheese in the Stove House
  Skip for 5 RC
  This is made in the Stove House.  Each requires 3 Wheat Flour and 2 Cheddar Cheese

Reward: 90 Coins, 18 XP

Darryl:  Okay, that's the seating sorted.  Now it's time to think about food and volunteers for the event.  Still lots to do!

Farm Fest IV

Darryl:  Oops, I forgot about the juice.  And we need some t-shirts to identify the volunteers helping with the running of the event on the big day!

Prepare 8 Orange Smoothies
  Skip for 8 RC
  Each requires 1 Condensed Milk and 1 Orange Jam

Collect 10 Volunteer T-shirts from Neighbours
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 20 plates of Grape Cornbread
  Skip for 20 RC
  Each requires 1 No-Flour Cornbread and 2 Grape Jam
  Each No-Flour Cornbread requires 2 Buffalo Milk Cheese and 1 Cornmeal

Reward: 100 Coins, 20 XP

Darryl:  The volunteers will come soon.  We need to give them their t-shirts and make some more food for them to eat when they help set up.

End of Part I.  Take the Farm Fest Icon and place it in the empty spot on the left side of the page that matches its form.

The second half of the Mission now can be activated whenever you wish.  Note that this is the first Gallery Mission that requires access to the Island and it is in the second half, in the very first group of tasks, that you will be required to produce Mohair.  Again, you will have a limited time to complete it once you activate it.  Many thanks to Kathy Marcum from our Group, Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk for logging the next group of tasks.

Farm Fest V

Darryl:  We still need some food to sell and maybe we should have some blankets.  We can make them from wool and Mohair.  People can use them if they feel cold at night!

Prepare 5 Meatloaf
  Skip for 5 RC
  Each requires 1 Grilled Flank Steak and 1 Cheese Burger
  Each Grilled Flank Steak requires 8 Beef and 2 Ketchup

Produce 40 Wool
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 15 Mohair Yarn
  Skip for 8 RC
  This is an Island task.

Reward: 100 Coins, 20 XP

Darryl:  The stage looks amazing.  I can't wait to rock 'n roll on it and see the other bands playing!

Farm Fest VI

Darryl:  3 Farmers and a Cow have had a sneaky practice and will be opening the festival to warm the crowd up.  We managed to secure ACRC who are headlining, I can't wait!

Harvest 4 Ice Cubes
  Skip for 4 RC

Produce 4 Matcha Orange Ice Cream
  Skip for 4 RC
  Each requires 1 Matcha and 1 Orange Ice Cream

Prepare 6 plates of Fish and Potatoes
  Skip for 6 RC
  Each requires 1 Potatoes with Fresh Herbs and 1 Lemon Fish
  Each Potatoes with Fresh Herbs requires 2 Sweet Potatoes and 1 Herb
  Each Lemon Fish requires 1 Butterfish and 1 Lemon

Reward: 110 Coins, 22 XP

That's enough food and drink! Now it's time for the event.  I'm so excited, I hope it doesn't rain, the campers will not be happy!

Farm Fest VII

We rocked out, people were even dancing!  I think I even saw Grandma dancing, maybe the cider we made was too strong... But the other bands are really good and lots of people are buying food!

Produce 15 Tiramisu
  Skip for 15 RC

Prepare 5 Allspice Crumbles
  Skip for 5 RC
  Each requires 3 Spice and 1 Orange Crumble

Prepare 10 plates of Kulfi
  Skip for 10 RC
  Each requires 1 Batter and 1 Nectar

Rewards: 120 Coins, 23 XP

Darryl:  We played quite well, maybe I will become a rock star!  The food went down a treat and the final band ACRC will finish soon.

Farm Fest VIII

Darryl:  Some people didn't even make it to their tents, haha.  Felicia just fell asleep on the hay!  I bet she danced too much.  I'll wake her up so she can help me make breakfast.  She will not be happy!

Prepare 8 Elderberry Pancakes
  Each requires 2 Appple Kulfi and 1 Elderberry
  Each Apple Kulfi requires 1 Kulfi and 2 Apple Jam

Produce 40 Oat Bread

Produce 12 Blueberry Jam
  Skip for 12 RC

Darryl:  What a success!  Lots of tidying up to do but we can keep the stage.  Maybe we'll have Farm Fest next year.  It has put our farm on the map!

Reward: 120 Coins, 25 XP

Go to the Gallery and swipe the Farm Fest T-shirt icon from the right side of the page into the empty slot on the left.  You will receive 50 Green Mystrons, 5 Medals and the Springtime Base as your Reward.

Go to your Gift Box to find the Springtime Base. It is worth 32 Charm and is a Cleanable Decoration, although it yields only a Purple Gift Box  as well as being a Theme Decoration in the current Park Farm Beauty Contest.

Final Reward: Springtime Base

Beauty Contest Q & A or 'What am I doing wrong?'

Question: Over half of my farm has crops growing on it.  Why am I not getting the maximum from Darryl for Crops?
Answer:  You have to have 16 DIFFERENT types of Crops on your Farm at the tine when you take the screenshot.  Remember always that the Votes are based on the current photo of your farm!

Question:  I have 20 machines on my farm.  Why am I not getting the maximum from Dad for machines?
Answer:  Duplicates do not count.  If you have 2 Wine Makers, for example, only one Vote will be given for that Machine.  You need 12 different machines in the current photo of your Farm.

Question:  I have 18 Animals on my farm, but Felicia is not giving me 16/16 for Animals!
Answer:  Like the Crops and Machines, duplicates do NOT count.  Make certain you have 12 different types of Animals on your Farm and then take a new photograph for the Contest!  Note that the different Beehives and different Butterfly Houses each count as a different type of Animal.

Question:  When I look at the red book in the Contest Menu at all of the Theme Decorations, I know that many of them are on my Farm but they are not given the green chequemark there and I do not think they are being counted by the three Characters for Theme. Why is that?

Answer:  First of all, you need to register any Decoration in the Gallery before it will be recognised usually for the Contest.  Second of all, you need to take a new Screenshot for the Contest after you place any new or additional Theme item on your Farm.

Question:  How many Votes do I need each day to get the Theme Decoration in the Farm Beauty Contest Rewards Menu?

Answer:  You need a total of 200 Votes each day to get the Reward Decoration.  It is far better to organise your own farm to get this total from the four Characters than to try to rely on the Votes of Neighbours.  It is not that difficult to get 200 Votes each day.  First of all, plant 16 different types of Crops, then make certain you have as many different Trees as possible on your Farm.  (You may only need 12 different trees this time.) . Place as many different Machines as possible on your Farm.   (Again, you may need only 12 different machines, no duplicates.)  Place at least 12 different Animals on the Farm... remember that each type of Beehive and Butterfly House is considered to be a different Animal in this context.  Now, finally, look at the Theme Book in the red top corner of the Farm Beauty Contest Menu and see how many of those Decorations you have on your farm.  THEME DECORATIONS MUST BE REGISTERED IN ORDER TO COUNT!  Is your Landscape Point total over 2200?  Not certain what is required for this contest, but if you have 2350 Landscape Points, you definitely will receive the maximum votes for Landscape.  Finally, only AFTER you organise your farm for maximum votes should you take a NEW PHOTOGRAPH.

Harvest Moon FDC

Please do request to join our Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group if you need neighbours or help with the game.  My farm is Harvest Moon FDC (Freyashawk de Conde), and if you use this site and wish to let me know you appreciate my work, I would be most grateful for your Votes in the Contest. This is a 'clean' site without advertising of any kind.  I don't get paid in any way to do the work. Apart from anything else, though, I feel that when Harvest Moon FDC ranks high in the Contest, it may direct more players to our groups and this site.  Thank you!

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