20 January 2016

Best Cleanable Decorations and their Gift Boxes

This is an updated post that will include all Cleanable Decorations with the type or colour of Gift Box associated with them.

Most players are familiar now with the various Gift Boxes in Family Farm Seaside and how they are obtained.  Basically, there are two types of Decorations in the form of those that can be 'cleaned' by Neighbours to yield Gift Boxes and those that cannot be cleaned.  Beyond that, however, there are further distinctions.

Gift Boxes come in different colours.  Each Decoration yields a Gift Box of a specific colour.  The very best Gift Boxes are the Blue ones.   As a basic rule,  EVERY final Decoration from a Cooking Stand Contest yields a Blue Box.  Every Decoration from a time-restricted Quest gives a Purple Gift Box.  EVERY Base yields a Blue Box.  Finally, it is through the special Sales primarily that new Decorations that give Blue Boxes are obtained.

In the Gallery now, some Decorations are highlighted but although many of the ones that yield Blue Boxes are highlighted in gold, this is not the reason.  I am beginning to suspect that such highlighting may denote the most popular Decorations.

The most valuable Gift Boxes tend to be those that are Blue or Gold.  I therefore will list the Decorations that yield these colours first.

Note there is a new type of Decoration in the form of the temporary Trophies given to players who have high rank in the Farm Beauty Contest.  Harvest Moon FDC received an Iron Trophy in the last contest.  Unfortunately, there was a glitch that both prevented me from registering the Trophy and prevented any player from cleaning it for almost a fortnight  That now has been fixed, giving me the opportunity to discover that the Iron Trophy yields a special Iron Trophy Gift Box actually named the Farm Beauty Contest Iron Cleaning Box.  Although it is very pretty, it really is not as valuable as the Blue or Gold Gift Boxes.  It usually contains nothing more than Coins and a few Green Mystrons. Nonetheless, I like having it in my Gift Box!

 The Decorations that yield Blue Gift Boxes include:

Market Stall
Clothes Drying Rack
Macaron Flower
Pinwheel Cart
Snow Magician
Thai Elephant
Mommy Duck
Ferris Wheel
Teddy Bear Balloon
Parachute Penguin
Shower Hippo
Sweet Chicks Cart
Japanese Garden
Small Squirrel
Red Panda Habitat
Panda Table Set
Sheep Table Set
Cow Table Set
Horse Rocking Chair
Cow Rocking Chair
Sheep Rocking Chair
Japanese Garden
Mini Beach
Girl Cupid
Boy Cupid
Girl Grass Hair Deer
Flower Pot Bunny
Christmas Train
Bobo Bear in Tent
Hallowe'en Stage (Base)
Thanksgiving Base
Bird Home Base
Snow Base
Skeleton Rockstar Diva
Snowy Owl
Bobo Fishing On Ice
Lovely Planter Box Base
Lovely Lady Cat Deco
Kitten in a Box
Bunny in Basket
Oskar the Dog
Fox in a Box
Easter Picnic Base
Max the Raccoon
Hermit the Crab

Note that, up to this point, all Bases have yielded a Blue Box, but the Ice Base is giving a Purple Box, rather disappointingly... hope it is a temporary error.

Thank you, Rajesh Khan for reminding me that the Mini Beach gives Blue Boxes.

Most of the other cleanable Decorations yield Purple Gift Boxes which are the second best of all the colours.  Lower on the scale are the Silver Cleaning Bags and the Gold Cleaning Bags.

Every colour contains a random assortment of Items that can include Power, OP,, Coins, Gasoline and  Green Mystrons.  The only difference between the Gift Boxes of various colours is that the Blue Boxes usually contain more Items than the others.  The Gold Gift Boxes are the next in value generally speaking.

Note that Island Decorations NEVER yield Blue Gift Boxes.  They yield Boxes, however, that include Island Farm Aids as well as the usual Rewards.

From time to time, a special sale or offer will include Decorations that temporarily yield RC or Yellow Mystrons instead of the usual Cleaning Gift Boxes.  After a specified number of days, the same Decoration will begin to yield Gift Boxes instead.

To obtain any Gift Cleaning Bag, you either need to be the owner of a Cleanable Decoration that is placed on your own Farm and then cleaned by a Neighbour or your have to visit a Neighbour's Farm to clean a Decoration there.

There are other 'bags' that contain similar Items to those found randomly in Cleaning Gift Bags.  These include the Loyal Player Reward, the Cooking Gift Bag and the Angel Rain Package.  The Loyal Player Reward is one that is given to a Player who stays logged into the game for a specific amount of time.  The Cooking Gift Bag is given whenever a farmer eats at a Neighbour's Cooking Stand.  The Angel Rain Egg, when cleaned by a neighbour, yields the Angel Rain Package.

Stacked Decorations

Stacked Decorations are a fairly new option that was created with the various 'Bases'.  All Bases when complete give a Blue Gift Box, but you can 'stack' other Decorations on them and these each give their own Cleaning Box, the colour of which is linked to THAT Decoration.  Whenever you visit a Neighbour who has a Base stacked with Decorations, the first Neighbour to clean the Base will receive the Blue Gift Bag... after that, you can try to clean a specific Decoration by tapping on its position on the base and you will receive the Gift Box that is associated with that Decoration.  In other words, up to five cleanings can take place on a base that is stacked with the maximum of four Decorations.  The exception to this is the Bird Home Base simply because the Decorations that can be stacked on it are NOT Cleanable.  They have Charm points but cannot be cleaned.

Charm Points

This brings me to the Farm Beauty Contests and the business of Charm Points and Theme Decorations.  Once upon a time, we placed only the Decorations we liked personally as well as trying to place as many of those that yielded the Blue Boxes as possible.  Now with the advent of the Farm Beauty Contests, we have to worry about Theme and Charm Points.  What that means is that some of us tend to load our farms with as many Decorations as possible, especially when they have been declared to be part of the current Theme for a Contest.    Theme Decorations can consist both of cleanable Decorations and ones that cannot be cleaned.  They can include items without any Charm Point value as well.   When farms are crowded densely with Decorations, it sometimes is difficult to find the ones with the Blue Gift Boxes.  Nonetheless, this is our brave new world...

Note that the rules have changed now in that Decorations that are purchased with Coins will have a limit as far as the Charm point total for purposes of any Farm Beauty Contest.


Note that Achievements now include specific numbers of each colour of Gift Box to be obtained from Neighbours' Farms.  It therefore is worth the effort to clean EVERY kind of cleanable Decoration now!

Tips for Farmers

As the Blue Boxes do contain the best items for the most part (everything IS random, of course), it is a good idea not to crowd cleanable Decorations that yield different colours of Gift Boxes together unless you are past the point where it matters to you...  if you place all Blue Box Decorations together in front or in another prominent or easily accessible position, you probably will obtain more Blue Boxes every night when the game resets.

Gold Cleaning Box List

This is a new list so it will be updated gradually.  The Gold Cleaning Gift Boxes are almost as valuable as the Blue Gift Boxes.  In fact, I sometimes receive more OP from the Gold ones than the Blue...

I do believe that all the Decoration Rewards from the Farm Beauty Contests give Gold Cleaning Boxes.

Ski Penguin
Snow Launcher
Christmas Crystal Ball
Colourful Tent
Christmas Wreath Fence
Bird House
Duck Swimming Pool
Indian Hat
Snow Man
Tree Reindeer
Spring Festival Garden
Egged In Bunny
Egg Statue
Kitten in Basket
Skeleton Rockstar Frontman
Running Mummy
Christmas Sled
Bumper Cars
Mystic Rose
Sheep Weeble
Flower Cage
Bobo Bear's Guitar
Whale Spring Rider
Snow Queen
Red Ducky
Flower Cage
Mum Fence
Lovely Balloons
Easter Lamp
Sand Bucket and Shovel

Purple Gift Boxes

I suppose I ought to list these as well but the rule generally is that all Time-Restricted Quest Decorations yield Purple Gift Boxes as do all Calendar Rewards.

They include:

Gluhwein Cup
Easter Chocolate Bunny
Angel Sheep
Samurai Dog
Singer Sheep
Dragon Statue
Turtle Statue
Golden Chicken Statue
Rabbit Statue
Hippo Ballerina
Polar Bear on Igloo
Wiinter Tent with Husky Dog
Egyptian Ship
Disco Van
Rosy Posy
Festival Palanquin
Ichimatsu Doll
Easter Bunny (now gives Silver instead)
Hot Tub
High Striker
Scout Sun
Flower Barrow
Candle Stand
Safari Bus
Fishing Elephant
Fish Ice Pond
Monkey with Cymbals
Peter Pan's Picnic Table
Mountain of Fruit and Flowers
Harvest Hat
Tower of Arab
Egyptian Ship
Flower Swing
Autumn Arch
Sand Castle
Basketball Playground
Music Box
Mini Eiffel Tower
Painting Stand
Bocca della Verita
Lacquer Horn
Movie Star
Taekwondo Tiger
Detective's Board
Peach Boy
Tooth Potting
Darryl Greek Statue
Male Thanksgiving Owl
Greek Taverna Chair Set
Flower Chair
Reindeer Seesaw
Flower House
Farm Beauty Trophy
Boy Girl Grass Hair Deer
Ice Base (hope this is temporary and it will give Blue Box)
Lovely Heart
Lovely Mister Cat Deco
Valentine's Gift Basket
Badminton Statue
Lovely Boxwood
Glassed in Bunny
Chicken in Egg
Easter Backdrop
Easter Torch
Magic Pike
Pete the Pelican
Beach Changing Room

Silver Gift Boxes

The Silver Gift Boxes probably are the least valuable of all.  Oddly enough, the large Swimming Pool yields only a Silver Gift Box as does the Duck Pond that we had to build a couple of years ago.  I do believe that the Gift Hill gives a Silver Box as well.  In fact, many of the Cleanable Decorations that you can purchase in the Market for Coins give only a Silver Gift Box.  Some do not give ANY Box but only give Coins.

Christmas Candle
Duck Pond
Gift Hill
Funny Scarecrow
Tyre Swing
Chinese Pavilion
Willow Tree
Bunny Hedge
Sand Bottle
Bobo Bear's Bike
Witch Legs
Little Christmas Tree
Panda Lantern
Easter Bunny (used to give Purple, now gives only Silver)
Sand Bottle

Coin Decorations

Cleanable Decorations that give only Coins include:

Snow Globe
Christmas Cake
Snowy Arch
Christmas Tree
Bonfire Tent
Toy Bunny on Bike

Note, however, that for the purpose of gaining Buddy Points, the Coin Decorations are as good as any.  No matter which Decoration you clean, you will gain the same number of points!

Decorations that give Items

Easter Egg Tree: gives a bag that contains a random type of Chocolate
Angel Rain Egg: gives a bag that contains a random Farm Aid

Collectable Decorations:

These Decorations are NOT cleanable by neighbours but act like Collectables and deliver special items at specific intervals:

Santa's Legs: Mistletoe
Water Fountain  Distilled Water
Chocolate Fountain: Dark Chocolate
Straw Witch: 10 Coins
Toy Bunny on Bike: 15 Coins
Ice Dolphin: Ice Cubes

Island Boxes

All Time-Restricted Quest Decorations yield Island Purple Gift Boxes.  The Island Decorations that you purchase in the Market for RC yield Island Gold Cleaning Boxes.   For example, the Cow Plant Stand and Sheep Plant Stand both yield the Island Gold Cleaning Boxes where the Swan Lake and Christmas House yield the Purple.  The Landmark Decorations that you craft cannot be cleaned.

Purple Island Gift Boxes

Treasure Island
Candies Stall
Christmas House
Female Thanksgiving Owl
Badminton Court
Stone Grandpa with Flowers
Children's Laboratory
Mini 3 D California
Cycladic House
Romantic Dinner Table
Vampire's Castle
Wooden Gazebo
Japanese Doll Set
Swan Lake
Peach Boy's Ship
Chinese Lantern Pavilion
Chinese Yi Doll
Bunnies' Fountain
Rabbit House
Vespa Scooter
Gratitude Jar
Play Area
Monkey King Statue
Princess Frog

Gold Island Boxes

Little Duck Parasol
Panda Plant Stand
Cow Plant Stand
White Octopus

Island Coin Decorations

The White Fish gives Coins instead of a Gift Box.
Little Round Table: Coins

Non-Cleanable Island Decorations

The Landmark Decorations are not Cleanable Decorations.

Which Decorations are Cleanable?

If you see the icon of a Cleaning Brush next to the Decoration, it is Cleanable.  When you purchase a Decoration in a special Sale, tap on the little 'i' that gives information and it will tell you precisely what colour of Cleaning Gift Box you will receive from the Decoration as well as any special temporary Rewards such as RC, Yellow Mystrons or others.  The temporary Rewards usually are for 5 to 7 cleanings and are NOT time-restricted.  If no one cleans the Decoration, the temporary Special Reward will activate whenever it is cleaned... and there can be gaps between cleanings as well.

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