17 June 2013

New Japanese Time-Restricted Quests and Kitchen Recipes

On this Page, you will find the entire Quest sequence for the Japanese Wonder Quests as well as the requirements for the Teri Doll Quest and finally, all the new Japanese Recipes in the Kitchen.  Remember that all of these options are time-restricted.  You do have a month to cook the Japanese Recipes in the Kitchen, but the clock is running fast for the Quests.

There are two separate schools of thought where Quests are concerned in games.  Some Players like to know the actual requirements as well as the Rewards in advance.  Other Players prefer to be surprised.   For those Players who would like to know the final Rewards for the Japanese Wonder Quest Sequence as well as the Rewards for the Teri Doll Collection Quest, the following screenshots display both.

The Rewards for the Teri Doll Collection are a Samurai Dog and a Sakura Tree.  The Dog is a Decoration and one, moreover that does not produce any Coins.  The Sakura Tree can be purchased for 8 RC in the Marketplace for those who are not inclined to pursue the Quests.

The Reward for the Japanese Wonder Quest is a Fujiyama Beehive.  Visually, it is different from any Beehive that can be purchased in the Market but in fact, it operates the same way as an ordinary Beehive.  Its Bees will produce Honey only from Clover.

Two new Japanese-themed Quests have been released in Family Farm Seaside.  You have 12 Days to complete these Quests.  The first is a collection of Items from various harvests and Products and the second is a classical sequence of Quests that utilise time-limited Japanese Recipes that have been added to the Kitchen.

Note here that one of the new Ingredients that is required to complete some of the Dishes is Vinegar.  Vinegar requires no materials but is made in a Jar that can be purchased in the Marketplace for the next 29 days only for 300 Coins.  Making the Vinegar that is required for the Quests sounds deceptively easy but there is a significant problem with the equation.  Although Vinegar begins to ferment in the Jar as soon as the Vinegar Jar is placed on the Farm, it takes one full hour to complete Vinegar.  Three portions are made at a time, apparently.    The first Quest in the Japanese Wonder Quests requires one to produce 6 Rice Balls in the Kitchen.  The Ingrdients needed to make each Rice Ball are 2 Cooked Rice (a single ingredient Recipes that uses Akita Rice) and 5 Portions of Vinegar!  If three portions requires an hour to complete and the procedure cannot be  completed faster through the use of OP, one will not  be able to obtain more than 36 Vinegar in a 12 hour period.  You will need a total of 30 Vinegars to make 6 Rice Balls.  There are only 12 days to complete ALL the Japanese Quests.  Without knowing the nature of the rest of the Quests in the Japanese Wonders Sequence or even how many Quests are included in the Sequence, one is left with an uneasy sense that one may not be able to complete all the Quests before the deadline.  In this case, sadly, it may be best to pay 6 RC to Skip that particular Requirement and simply  plrace the Vinegar Jar on the farm and make 12 Cooked Rice, two tasks that are incredibly easy to complete.  Actually, though, provided that one is diligent, one should be able to complete this Quest in one Day even without using RC to skip the task of making 6 Rice Balls. 

The other alternative is to make one or two Rice Balls and THEN skip the rest of the task.  Ordinarily where a specific number of Harvests, Products or Cooked Dishes are concerned, the cost of skipping the Requirement is pro-rated and will diminish if there has been partial completion.  In this case, each Rice Ball you craft will decrease the cost of skipping the task by 1 RC.

It certainly would be less expensive to skip the entire task for 6 RC than to pay 1 RC each for the portions of Vinegar required to make the Rice Balls.  At a cost of 1 RC for 1 Vinegar, you will need 5 RC for each Rice Ball Recipe and a total of 30 RC if you wish to purchase sufficient Vinegar to cook 6 Rice Balls.

I thought I might be able to expedite the process by purchasing more than one Vinegar Jar but when I attempted to do so, I received a prompt to the effect that:  'You can have only one Vinegar Jar on your Farm'.

When you place a Vinegar Jar on your Farm, a number countdown will appear instantly.  The first number you see is NOT the amount of time it takes to create a portion of Vinegar but rather the time remaining until the Jar breaks or otherwise becomes unusable.  It is the countdown BELOW the Jar with the yellow completion bar that represents the time remaining until the current portion of Vinegar in the Jar is finished.

You will need a Soy Sauce Barrel as well as the Vinegar Jar.  It would make sense to buy both as soon as possible, even before they are required in any Quest.

The Soy Sauce Barrel costs only 60 Coins.    Unlike the Vinegar Jar, however, you can purchase more than one Soy Sauce Barrel and place more than one on your Farm.  Soy Sauce takes 4 Hours to complete, however, which makes multiple Barrels a very good idea.

Teru Doll Quest

Collect Teru Dolls
Make the products and find the Teru Dolls:

Find 20 Yellow Teru Dolls
  Use Burger Machine to make Steak Burger for Yellow Teru Dolls
  skip for 20 RC

Find 30 Red Teru Dolls
  Harvest Gisela Cherry Tree for Red Teru Dolls
  Skip for 30 RC

Find 40 Orange Teru Dolls
  Harvest Carrot for Orange Teru Dolls
  Skip for 40 RC

Find 50 White Teru Dolls
  Harvest Wool from Sheep for White Teru Dolls
  Skip for 50 RC

Rewards: Samurai Dog and a flowering Sakura Tree

With this is a new Sequence of Quests:

Japanese Wonder Quests

Japanese Wonder I

Plant 24 Akita Rice
  Skip for 24 RC
Harvest 24 Akita Rice
  Skip for 12 RC

Akita Rice is available for 29 Days and costs 20 Coins.  It takes 4 Hours to mature.

Reward: 50 Coins, 10 XP

Japanese Wonder II

The trick for good sushi is the vinegar you use and it's made by fermenting rice in a Jar.  Be careful though, too much vinegar will make it sour!  In Japanese cooking, small details are very important!

Place a Vinegar Jar on your Farm
  Go to Store

N.B.  The Vinegar Jar costs 300 Coins and will be available for 29 more days only.  Furthermore, a Vinegar Jar will function for three days only.

Produce 12 Cooked Rice in Kitchen
  Skip for 6 RC

Produce 6 Rice Balls in Kitchen
  Skip for 6 RC

Reward: 60 Coins, 12 XP

Yummy, mix this rice and vinegar and stir well, there is already half success!

Japanese Wonder III

What kind of sushi shall we make first, cucumber or egg?  Let's go with egg.  I think everybody will like it and I want Darryl and his friends to try it!  It's simple to make so more time for other dishes.

Harvest 24 Corn
  Skip for 12 RC

Produce 24 Eggs
  Skip for 12 RC

Produce 3 Egg Sushi in Kitchen
  Skip for 3 RC

Reward: 70 Coins, 14 XP

Japanese Wonder  IV

It's still raining outside!  I hope it doesn't put Darryl and his friends in a bad mood, they might not want to try my new food.  Oh, I kow a solution, let's make Udon noodles.  I still have the flour in the barn.

Produce 24 Wheat Flour
  Skip for 12 RC

Produce 24 Oat Flour
   Skip for 12 RC

Produce 24 Udon
  Skip for 24 RC

Reward: 80 Coins, 16 XP

That should cheer the up and make the rest of the dishes made taste much better!

Japanese Wonder V

Don't forrget the Tempura!  Have you thought of eating your vegetables battered and deep fried?  That's how tempuras are made, let's make some Carrot Tempura.  It is delicious and carrots are good for your skin!

Harvest 16 Carrots
  Skip for 8 RC

Produce 8 Batter
  Skip for 8 RC

Produce 8 Carrot Tempura
  Skip for 8 RC

Reward: 80 Coins, 16 XP

Hmmm... not bad I think for a first go.  I'm not that good at trying yet, however I am very happy I didn't get any oil on my clothes.

Japanese Wonder VI

Darryl just came back from school and is very excited to try the new food.  He asked if he can invite more friends.  We will need to prepare some more food and I thought about some Manga comics for them to read.

Produce 8 Tempura Udon
  Skip for 8 RC

Collect 5 Manga Comics from Neighbours
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 85 Coins, 20 XP

Haha.  Darryl wants to be like a Japanese superhero characer and have the biggest farm in the world.  Keep on dreaming, Darryl!

Japanese Wonder VII

The Udon and Manga really cheered them up.  I'll prepare the dinner while they are pretending to be superheroes.  We had a really good onion harvest.  We can use some to make the perfect Soup Base!

Plant 10 Onion

Harvest 10 Onion

Place a Soy Sauce Barrel on the Farm

Reward: 90 Coins, 20 XP

I can't wait to try the sauce! Should taste delicious with all the high quality ingredients from our farm!

Japanese Wonder VIII

The boys need some meal with the Soup.  I know the perfect dish for this.  Sukiyaki!  Traditionally, Japanese farmers cooked it using their farming tools.  I'm glad we can just use the kitchen.  It's much easier!

Produce 10 Soup
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 20 Beef
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 10 Sukiyaki
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 95 Coins, 20 XP

Japanese Wonder IX
Finally time for me to relax.  We still have some Sukiyaki left over.  We can make some Sukiyaki Sets and enjoy a DVD about the faous Fujiyama Mountain with a glass of apple juice!

Produce 5 Sukiyaki Sets
  Skip for 5 RC

Produce 10 glasses of Apple Juice
  Skip for 5 RC

Collect 3 Fujiyama DVD from Neighbours
  Skip for 6 RC

Reward: 100 Coins, 22 XP

Japan is so beautiful.  I wish I could go visit my pen pal Yoshiko. I would love to see her and the Sakura Trees.

Japanese Wonder X

Now that I think of my penpal Yoshiko, she didn't write for a long time.  I a wondering... Maybe Darryl played a trick on me again!  Once he hid the letters in the Burger Box!

Produce 15 Cheese Burgers
  Skip for 7 RC

Find 5 Letters while making Cheese Burgers
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 100 Coins, 22 XP

I knew it, he tricked me again!  Not very nice, anyway.  I finally found my letter from Japan.

Japanese Wonder XI

Wow, Yoshiko told me such a romantic story about her last date.  Reminds me of my friend who just started dating the boy of her dreams!  I think I can help...!  I have an idea, a romantic picnic under a Sakura Tree!

Plant a Sakura Tree*

Harvest 4 Sakura Flowers
  Skip for 4 RC

*Sakura Tree is available in the Market for 6 RC.  It is one of the Rewards for completing the Doll Collection Quest as well.

Reward: 120 Coins, 24 XP

So romantic!  Yoshiko also mentioned that Sakura is useful in the kitchen.  Let me tell you about the recipe she sent me...

Japanese Wonder XII

First is the Sakura shaped Candy!  They look so cute on the picture and they are easy to make.  We can complement the candy with Sakura Tea.  Better make some more as I bet Darrl would like to try some as well.

Produce 4 Sakura Tea
  Skip for 4 RC

Produce 2 Honey Syrup
  Skip for 4 RC

Produce 2 Sakura Candy
  Skip for 4 RC

Reward: 140 Coins, 25 XP

So adorable!  It will be a cute date.  We have made good use of the Sakura and that's not even the end yet.

Japanese Wonder XIII

Yoshiko is so right!  She told me Love Cakes are out of date and it's all about Sakura Cake. It also looks so much tastier!  Let us make some!

Produce 6 Cake Flour
  Skip for 6 RC

For each Cake Flour, you will need two Oat Flour and two Rye Flour.  For 6 Cake Flour, therefore, you need 12 Oat Flour and 12 Rye Flour.

Produce 2 Sakura Cakes
  Skip for 4 RC

Reward: 150 Coins

The date went really well, my friend is so grateful.  More importantly, Darryl was happy with the food and didn't make any trouble!  Hihi -

Well done, you just finished all the Japanese Wonder missions.  Check out the mystery gift we sent to you(r) Gift Box!

Mystery Gift is a Fujiyama Beehive

Japanese Time-Restricted Recipes

At the same time, new Recipes have been released for the Kitchen.  These can be made for 4 Weeks and are as follows:

Cooked Rice: 56 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients:  Akita Rice x 2

Rice Ball: 140 Coins, 2 XP
  Ingredients: Cooked Rice x 2, Vinegar x 5

Egg Sushi: 497 Coins, 3 XP
  Ingredients:  Rice Ball x 2, Egg x 2

Udon: 132 Coins, 1 XP
   Ingredients:  Wheat Flour, Oat Flour

Carrot Tempura: 448 Coins, 2 XP
  Ingredients:  Carrot x 2, Batter

Tempura Udon: 935 Coins, 3 XP
  Ingredients:  Udon x 3, Carrot Tempura

Soup: 370 Coins, 2 XP
  Ingredients:  Onion, Soy Sauce x 2
  Farm Aid Requirement:  Pot costing 2 RC

Sukiyaki: 488 Coins, 2 XP
  Ingredients:  Soup, Beef x 4
   Farm Aid Required: Pot costing 2 RC

Sukiyaki Set:  1223 Coins, 3 XP
  Ingredients:  Sukiyaki x 2, Egg x 2
  Farm Aid Requirement: Pot costing 2 RC

Sakura Tea: 30 Coins, 2 XP
  Ingredients:  Sakura Flower, Honey x 2

Sakura Candy: 187 Coins, 2 XP
  Ingredient:  Sakura Flower x 2,  Honey Syrup

Sakura Cake: 1057 Coins, 3 XP
  Ingredients:  Sakura Flower x 2,  Cake Flour x 3

12 June 2013

Plagiarism on the Internet

Once upon a time, Freyashawk devoted a good portion of her life to the usually unpaid task of writing Strategy Guides for games.  These Guides were published first on IGN and then on her own sites.   IGN often compensated her with free games, but not much else.  The real reward was the appreciation of her readers.

Recently, while on a cruise and having little ability to use the internet except for brief moments, I began to play Harvest Moon, 'A New Beginning' seriously.   I thought I would look for a guide for the game.  Imagine my surprise and disgust when the Guide at Gamefaqs contained the text of my entire Guide for the game VERBATIM!  No credit given to Freyashawk whatsoever.

Freyashawk has a very distinct writing style, created partly in order to discourage plagiarism of this sort.  Evidently, shamelessness reigns on Gamefaqs.  This is not the first time a guide of mine has been stolen in its entirety and published verbatim on that site.  I did go through legal channels once to have a stolen guide removed, but it was a long, arduous process.

Anyway, SHAME ON YOU, Gamefaqs!  And shame upon every individual who steals the intellectual work of another.

We do the work in order to assist other players and make the game more enjoyable for every one, but it is discouraging when people steal information.  Giving credit to he author would be sufficient.

I was going to update the guide for 'A New Beginning' but why should I go to the trouble now when the information will be stolen by some one else?  Writing any good comprehensive guide for a game can take months.    The effort should be appreciated.

Meanwhile, a good friend (who always was a fan of my game guides) sent me a copy of the new Animal Crossing game for the 3DS.  I had intended to write a guide for THAT game, but again, why should I bother in the circumstances?

The entertainment/gaming sites have taken their own step to eliminate the need to pay or acknowledge the work of guide writers by creating Wikis for games instead of publishing individual guides.  In fact, I was asked by IGN to take charge of some of the Harvest Moon Wikis.  I refused.  I cannot think of anything less satisfying and more frustrating than the job of overseeing and making contributions to a Wiki.  It would be similar to a job of overseeing and attempting to control a classroom filled with juvenile delinquents. 

A Wiki is different from a Guide in a couple of ways.  Almost any one can make an addition or change to the material.  The reason why some one has to manage the site is in order to go through the material constantly to weed out false or faulty information, as well as totally inappropriate rude or obscene entries.  As previously indicated, I cannot imagine anything less satisfying than that.

Why am I publishing this post here?  Many of the players of Family Farm Seaside play the original Family Farm as well.  There are moderators on the Fairplay Farming Neighbours Site who create and publish mini-guides for almost every aspect of the game, including all the Missions and Quests.  That is one of the reasons I am not publishing Quests and Missions information on the little Family Farm site I created for the original Facebook game.  Why duplicate excellent work?  I may ask for permission, however, to publish the documents on my own site, giving full credit to the individuals who wrote them originally.  I have seen complaints on the site to the effect that people have copied the information entirely without permission and without crediting the source.  Such behaviour ultimately will lead to disillusionment for the person who works tirelessly on behalf of fans to create timely, comprehensive guides.

I therefore urge every one not only to demonstrate a little grateitude when they find a site with good information about a game they like and to make certain that any copying of the information has the permission of the author and gives full credit to that author.

When to Spend RC on Missions, Quests and Expansions

Farm Expansions are a necessity both in the original Family Farm and in Seaside if you have any intention of completing Quests and Missions.  You will not have sufficient space on your original Farm to grow the Crops needed or to place the many Trees, Animals and Machines required to complete these Goals.
To some extent, you can make do with a smaller Farm by building a Warehouse and placing all Animals and Machines not being used for current Missions or Quests into storage.  You can build a Well and place Sprinklers on all your plots to speed growth by 25%.  Of course, you do have to possess sufficient land to PLACE the Warehouse and the Well.  The Warehouse takes considerable space.

Moreover, the new Kitchen option requires the construction of another large Building in the form of the Kitchen.  With the original Farm, it is unlikely you will have sufficient space for the Warehouse and the Kitchen.

Players tend to be divided between those who are willing to splash out by purchasing premium Cash and those who feel that it should be possible to play the game with the resources one is given.  One can earn RC, albeit slowly.   One can earn premium Items sometimes in the form of Rewards for Quests and Missions completed.  Basically, though, if you wish to be able to complete ALL the Missions and Quests in a timely manner and increase your Level fairly quickly, you probably will need to invest in premium Cash.

Where Expansions are concerned, it is possible to complete the requirements for the first two or three without 'cheating' by paying RC to skip a Requirement.  If, however, you need the space and do not have the means to complete all three Requirements in the near future, which requirement should you skip?

Never Skip a Requirement to complete a Building.  Buildings usually are too useful to justify 'skipping' them by paying premium Cash.  For example, the 18 x 18 Expansion requires the Player to complete a Warehouse.  It is more important to do that than to save 200,000 Coins.  Furthermore, Coins can be spent on other improvements.  

Where the larger Expansions are concerned, I believe that the requirement that can be skipped is that of attaining a specific Level.  It takes more and more time to reach a higher Level as you advance in the game.  If you need more space, skip the Level Requirement, paying RC to do so.

The Coin price for the Expansion will increase with every Expansion.  Again, it is better to skip that Requirement often by paying RC if you are nowhere near the Goal than to spend all your Coins on the Expansion.  

NEVER skip the Requirement to make a certain number of a specified Item.  With a little diligence and determination, you always should be able to make the required number of Goods to complete that requirement for an Expansion.  The Goods then can be used or sold.  Skipping the Requirement by paying RC only cheats your own Farm in the end.

Where Quests and Missions are concerned, one must distinguish between those that are time-limited and those that are open-ended in terms of completion.  If you like the ultimate Reward for any time-limited Quest or Mission, you may have to decide whether or not it is worth an investment in real money, especially if you came to the Mission/Quest Sequence late in the game.

For Quests and Missions that are not time-limited, it usually is best to be patient and complete every Quest in the Sequence.

Often there will be a Task that requires an Item that must be purchased with Premium Cash or RC.  In such a case, it is better to BUY the required Item than to 'Skip' the Requirement.  Most of the Items that can be found in Seaside are used again and again in Quests and Missions.  'Skipping' any Quest Sequence that involves an Item that requires an RC investment is a temporary solution at best.

If you are impatient, it is far better to purchase Farm Aids to speed the growth of required Crops or Tree Harvests than to 'Skip' the Quest Sequence.  Skippoing a Task never is possible for less than 4 RC and often requires far more.  One can purchase 25 Super Fertiliser for 3 RC or 25 Super Watering Cans for 6 RC.  Only a single use is required to completely ripen any Crop or Tree.

When you first plant any Crop or have harvested any Tree, you will be required to use 4 Ordinary Fertiliser or 4 Ordinary Watering Cans to bring it to maturity.  If, however, your Crops or Trees are almost ready for harvest, it may be possible to bring them to maturity with a single use of ordinary Fertiliser or an ordinary Watering Can.   25 ordinary Fertiliser cost 1 RC and  25 ordinary Watering Cans cost 2 RC.

11 June 2013

Using This Site

Please note that Pages take precedence over Posts.  All Pages give detailed permanent information for the most part about improtant aspects of the game and can be accessed through the Tabs found on top of any Post.  You will find Pages for all Missions and Quests, Item Values, Achievements and so on.
There is a separate Page devoted to Time-Restricted Quests and Missions.  All other Missions and Quests as well as details about Requirements for Farm Expansions can be found in the Quests and Missions Page.

08 June 2013

Do Neighbours the Courtesy of 'Liking' their Farms!

As a member of a Facebook Community devoted to Family Farm Seaside, I see far too many complaints and requests with respect to the business of 'Liking' other Farmers' Farms.  Perhaps one of the reasons Neighbours fail to perform this simple action is because they do not comprehend the value of it.

It is, in fact, one of the Achievements in Family Farm Seaside.  The number of 'Likes' given to a Player's Farm determines the Achievement obtained.   'Liking' a Neighbour's Farm requires only a SINGLE VISIT to that Neighbour's Farm and a single press of a finger on the little Smiley Face Icon next to the name of that Farm.

The Smiley Face Icon, if you have NOT 'Liked' the Farm, will have an open mouth.  Once you have 'Liked' the Farm, the little face will display a smile and its eyes will be shut in apparent bliss.  As previously indicated, this action can be performed only once but it does make a difference to your Neighbours!

I have almost 100 Neighbours and yet do not have even 80 Likes of my Farm.  It is extremely frustrating as I ALWAYS make certain to visit any new Neighbour to 'Like' his/her Farm immediately.

I urge Players of Family Farm Seaside to perform this little courtesy for their Neighbours!

Inroduction to the Order Board

The Order Board option is new for the month of June, but resembles that found in other online Farming Simulation Games, including the original Family Farm.  Each day when you access the Order Board, you will see a number of Orders from Grandma.  When you fill existing orders within the time frame allowed, you will obtain a Reward.  If you manage to fill ALL orders in the time frame given, you will receive a Bonus.

For example, today's Orders are:

Sell 25 Red Roses
  Reward Points: 20
  Skip for 12 RC

Sell 30 Jars of Honey
  Reward Points: 20
  Skip for 15 RC

Sell 5 Meatloaves
  Reward Points: 15
  Skip for 10 RC

Bonus for filling all three Orders: +10 Reward Points

Apart from the Reward Points, there are actual Items, including Farm Aids that are given when specific totals are reached in terms of the Reward Points.

Rewards of this sort are, in the order in which you will receive them: Fertiliser x 25, Watering Can x 25, Power x 6, Petrol x 50, Super Fertiliser x 25, Super Watering Can x 25, Rainbow and Mystery Reward

With the appearance of the actual Order Board is a new sequence of Quests designed to persuade the Player to become involved with this new option.  The Quests are:  Grandma's Orders

You will find all details about Grandma's Orders on my Quests and Missions Page.

Is the Order Board the best option to use in Family Farm or Family Farm Seaside when dealing with the items you have made or produced?  I myself am reluctant to use it, especially after selling off the entire contents of my Barn in Seaside recently by accident.  Now that the Kitchen has been introduced, I am even more reluctant to sell off items such as 30 Honey simply in order to obtain +10 Reward Points.  I would rather use my Honey either in the Kitchen or to make Jam.

Note, however, that the Order Board is very much a part of the Grandma's Orders Sequence of Quests, and that completing all three Orders on two different Days are two of the required Tasks.

Freedom to choose, however, is an important aspect of Farming Simulation Games.  I do have Neighbours who fill the Daily Orders in the original Family Farm religiously and are happy to do so.  To each his/her own or  'Chacun à son goût!'


I personally do not care for the new Order option in Seaside, as previously indicated.  It is difficult enough to collect sufficient items to complete Quest Sequences and now, with the addition of the Kitchen and the need to cook Dishes that often require quite a few ingredients, it makes even less sense to sell raw materials to 'Grandma'. 

If you are going to complete the daily Orders, however, it is a very good idea NOT to sell any Items until you have attained the requested total.  For example, a couple of days ago, I had completed two out of the three Daily Orders.  The one that I failed to complete was that of selling 5 Meat Loaves.  I basically forgot about it until the time period had expired and new Orders had been posted.  I had made 3 Meat Loaves but needed more Beef to make the remaining two that had been requested.  Well, today Grandma has posted ANOTHER Order for 5 Meat Loaves.  Not selling the three I had made a few days ago means I only have to make 2 more.  Today, I will meet that goal without any trouble.

07 June 2013

The new Cooking Option in Family Farm Seaside

I have created a Page where all the Recipes for the Kitchen will be listed but wished to touch upon the new option in a Post as well.

At some point during my absence, Seaside introduced a new optioni in the form of a Kitchen.  The Kitchen is an unfinished building when purchased but each of the four materials used to complete it can be requested from Neighbours.  Once built, the player will be able to make quite a few cooked dishes.

Many of the Dishes require nothing more than the ordinary ingredients that can be grown as Crops, harvested from Animals or Trees or produced in the various Machines.  There are a few, however, that require additional aids in the form of a Spoon, a Fork or a Skillet.  Unfortunately, I did not make a note of the prices of these items, but for the most part, they could be purchased with Coins rather than RC.

If an additional aid is required, you will see an announcement to that effect in the lower left portion of the screen, beneath the Selling Price and the XP Value of the Cooked Dish.  These aids, once purchased, are permanent and never need to be replaced as far as I can see.

There is another requirement where any Cooking is concerned and that is 'Power' or 'Energy'.  A Player initially possesses a total of 30 Power/Energy.  Each Cooking action uses 1 Power/Energy.  Replacement of Power/Energy used is simply a waiting game although an impatient Player can purchase Power/Energy from the Market.  1 Power costs 1 RC.  6 Power costs 5 RC.  As you can see, it is an expensive proposition and I do not see the point, frankly. 

When the Kitchen was released, new time-limited Quest sequences that were intended to persuade Players to purchase and complete the build as quickly as possible were released as well.  These included the 'Neighbour's Day' Quest sequence featuring Darryl and another that involved Felicia.

Some of the Cooked Dishes are easy to make but there are others that require a rather surprising number of ingredients.  One of the 'Neighbour's Day' Quests required the Player to make a total of 10 Summer Toasts.  That requirement delayed my completion of that task considerably, i have to confess!

As always, a Player is best served by NOT selling off raw ingredients and now, with the advent of the Kitchen, not selling many of the Goods produced by Machine either unless it is absolutely necessary.  Many of the ingredients required to make Cooked Dishes in the Kitchen are Products made in Machines.  I would imagine that many if not all future Quest Sequences will include the Kitchen now.

05 June 2013

General Warning

I returned from a month at sea to find that Family Farm Seaside had introduced a number of new Quests and an important new option in the form of the Kitchen.

It is very difficult to catch up when one has been unable to play regularly.  There was a very poor but extremely expensive internet service on the Queen Mary 2 but it was so slow that one could not load any of the games without spending significant blocks of time and money.  Even when the game loaded, it did so in a very primitive fashion without loading all the graphics.  It was utterly impossible to respond to Neighbour Requests as well, a fact that made me feel rather bad.

Here though is a 'General Warning' to all players.  Be VERY careful when you access your Barn in Seaside.  A week or so BEFORE I sailed off to sea, I was playing Seaside when I was far too exhausted to pay close attention to my actions.  I mistakenly sold off EVERYTHING in my Barn. 

I had saved many of the basic ingredients such as Eggs, Milk, Wheat Flour, Corn and so on, with a view to the Quests.  All those disappeared in one fell swoop in a few seconds of time.  Now, upon my return, I not only have to grow specific totals of Crops demanded by Quests but at the same time, I must try to grow and harvest the basic ingredients I sold in error.

02 June 2013

Return after 29 Days at Sea

I apologise to my friends and Neighbours who play Family Farm Seaside for my lack of participation during tha past 29 days when I was at sea.  Although I purchased internet time, the connection was so very poor that I often could not access my emails, let alone play any online games.  I now have returned and have begun to play Seaside again as well as updating my posts and pages.

Thank you for your understanding.