24 October 2014

Halloween Time-Restricted Quest and Haunted House Collections Mission

All Hallows Eve, aka Hallowe'en and Family Farm Seaside

A number of new options have appeared for Hallowe'en, all of which will be covered in this post.  Among them are a new time-restricted Quest, a new Jack O'Lantern Machine, sppoky effects on your farm and a new Halloween Hook for fishing that is connected to the Jack O'Lantern Machine.  A list of the new Halloween Items that can be caught when fishing as well as the new Halloween Recipes has been added to my Fishing Page and my Kitchen Recipes Page respectively as well as being included below.

Hallowe'en evidently is considered the most popular festival of the year, surpassing even Christmas in some parts of the world.  It therefore is no surprise that Family Farm Seaside has devoted a considerable amount of energy to this festival.

Spooky Effects include a night sky and perpetual twilight effect on your farm as well as the addition of Hallowe'en decorations to ordinary Items such as Animals and specific buildings.  For example, I noticed that my Chicken Coop had been transformed into a 'spooky' Chicken Coop!  The Jam Machine has a new colour scheme of purple and orange with a bat motif on the side.  The land surrounding your Farm has changed as well into a sort of spooky wonderland, complete with graveyard, dead trees, glowing Jack O'Lanterns and candles.

The Hallowe'en Festival essentially is an ancient Celtic and Northern European Festival that occurred on a night when it was believed that the barrier between this world and the next disappeared or became 'thin' enough to allow the dead to pass through to the world of the living.  It was known as Samhain.  The Feast of Samhain was a festival that was celebrated by slaughtering all the animals that could not survive through the winter and cooking an enormous banquet of fresh meat before salting or otherwise preserving the remainder for use during the hard cold winter season.  Blood sacrifice definitely was an important part of most ancient festivals and it was believed that the dead could be lured to this world by the scent of fresh blood.

The dead both were feared and loved.  They had the gift of 'second sight' that allowed them to see the future and often impart valuable information to the living.  In the old Northern Scandinavian and Germanic traditions, individuals often would spend the entire night on a burial mound or inside a tomb to attempt to make contact with the dead for this purpose.  The old sagas and tales are filled with examples.

In Mexico, the feast of Hallowe'en is linked with the Day of the Dead which is quite similar to the old Northern European festival.  People visit the graveyards, decorating them and taking feasts to eat in communion with their beloved dead.  Memento mori are fashioned from clay or from dough in the form of skulls and other symbols of death.  Sweets, like fresh blood, are believed to be particularly attractive to spirits and thus the feast features special sweets.

As previously indicated, a new time-restricted Quest has appeared for Halloween.  As always, there are 11 days to complete if started immediately.  Unfortunately, this Mission appears during a period when the Cooking Stand requirements are extremely difficult to complete.  One therefore must decide how to allocate resources.  In a week of fishing, I have been unable to catch a single Scallop or Crayfish.  Having used all that remained in my Barn, I still cannot complete this stage of the Cooking Stand contest. Never mind... on to the new Mission!

Haunted House Collections

Place a Haunted House on your Farm.  You will find it in the Market for 500 Coins.  Once placed, you will be able to collect Hallowe'en Bags randomly from the harvest of ANY Crop, Machine, Animal or Tree.

One each of the four ordinary prizes must be redeemed in order to unlock the final prize, which is a Pat House.  Like the Butterfly House, Bats will pollinate specific Trees, flying out from the Bat House to do so.  Unlike the bats in our world, they will perform their task both day and night!  The Bat House will produce Bat Milk, an ingredient needed in one of the new Recipes.

The prizes are:

Witch Broomstick
  50 total

You will need the Witch Broomstick to upgrade your Haunted House.  They cost 1 Halloween Bag each.

Halloween Fence
  5 total
  The first Halloween Fence will cost 100 Halloween Bags.  The price will decrease as you continue to redeem these.  The 2nd will cost 75 Halloween Bags, the 3rd will cost 50 Halloween Bags, the fourth will cost 25 Halloween Bags.

Sack of Bait
  200 total
  The first Sack of Bait will cost 1 Halloween Bag.  The price for these will increase as you redeem them.  The 2nd for example will cost 2 Halloween Bags.

  5 total
  The first Thunderstorm will cost 100 Halloween Bags (?)  Actually, did not log this and am trying to recall... the price does increase on these, however, so it would have been more likely to have been 50 Halloween Bags. The second will cost 80 Halloween Bags.  The third costs 150 Halloween Bags.

Once upon a time, you needed only 150 of the Collections Prize to redeem the final prize.  Later, the price was increased to 250 of the Prizes.  Now, they have increased the price once again, making it 350 Halloween Bags to redeem the Bat House.  The Bat House is needed to complete the traditional Quest sequence as the Bat Milk it produces is used in one of the Recipes.  Placing the Bat House is another requirement in the Quest.

You will need Witch Proomsticks and Chandeliers to upgrade your Haunted House.  There is really no advantage to the upgrades until you reach Level 5, the final upgrade that will double the yield of Halloween Bags when you harvest items.  in other words, at Level 5, items randomly yield 2 Halloween Bags instead of 1.  The Witch Broomsticks are a prize that can be redeemed for 1 Halloween Bag each.  The Chandeliers can be requested from your Neighbours.

350 Halloween Bags is a very large number and my own advice, if you wish to speed the completion of this Quest, would be to spend RC to redeem one of each of the initial prizes and, in particular, the Halloween Fence and Thunderstorm.  That will unlock the Bat House and you then will be able to focus on obtaining the Halloween Bags needed to redeem this Item.  As always, you will need the Bat House in order to complete the traditional Quest sequence.  In fact, you will need to place it as one of the tasks in Halloween V.

In tandem with the Collections Mission, there is a traditional Quest sequence:

Halloween Quest

Halloween I

Darryl:  Trick or Treat!  Happy  Halloween every one!  Look at my basket.  I was able to collect a lot of candy!  Haha!  But now my mouth feels like it's made of sugar.  Do you have a drink for me?

Place the Haunted House on your Farm
  Purchase this in the Market for 500 Coins

Produce 40 Orange Juice
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 20 Kvass
  Skip for 20 RC

Darryl:  I feel refreshed now, thanks!  But we need to hurry.  It's getting late and we didn't scare the last house yet.

Reward: 100 Coins, 12 XP

Halloween II

Darryl:  This house looks a bit scary!  What?  Felicia said it's not scary at all!  Well, if you are not afraid, then go inside!  I'll give you all of my candies if you dare!  I'll even giv eyou some candied apples!

Harvest 40 Tomatoes
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 40 Jars of Blueberry Jam
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 20 Candied Apples
  Skip for 20 RC

Darryl:  Felicia have (sic) been inside for a long time already... Do you think somethig happened to her?

Reward: 100 Coins, 14 XP

Halloween III

Darryl:  I'm getting worried now.  Let's go inside and look for her!  Keep an eye on the itme though.  We have to go home in time.  Wait, is it just me or did it get colder all of a sudden?  I feel like drinking some warm milk tea now.

Prepare 20 cups of Maple Milk Tea
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 50 bundles of Wool
  Skip for 25 RC

Produce 50 Buffalo Milk Cheese
  Skip for 25 RC

Darryl:  Where is Felicia?  Woh, did the glass over there just tremble?  Is that some kind of a welcome sign?  Oh this house is scary!

Reward: 110 Coins, 14 XP

Halloween IV

Darryl:  WAH!  I thought the girl over there was Felicia, but it's just a picture!  I could swear that she blinked at me!  Maybe if it had a picture frame it would look less scary.  Let's get a nice picture frame for this scary picture!

Collect 20 Picture Frames from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 6 Chocolate
  Skip for 6 RC

Prepare 20 Pasta
  Skip for 20 RC

Darryl:  Everything is scary here!  Felicia, where are you?

Reward: 110 Coins, 15 XP

Halloween V

Darryl:  I think I know what's going on.  Felicia is playing tricks on me!  Let's see what happens if I take this bat house and put it on the farm.  Maybe she will come out and look for it!  This way I can lure her out of her hiding place!

Place a Bat House on your Farm
  Reward from Collections Mission (Redeem with 350 Halloween Bags)
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 6 bags of Skeleton Fish
  Skip for 6 RC

Harvest 50 Daisies
  Skip for 25 RC

Darryl:  Please come out, Felicia!  I promise I'll make your favourite food when you're back on the farm!

Reward: 110 Coins, 15 XP

Halloween VI

Darryl:  Felicia is not coming out, so maybe it's not a trick at all and something is actually wrong?  Maybe the ghosts inside the house captured her?  We should give them something they like!  Maybe then they will let her go!

Prepare 6 Plates of Spooky Pasta
  Skip for 6 RC

Collect 6 Bottles of Bat Milk from Bat House
  Skip for 6 RC
  Tip:  It is better to use Super Watering Can on your Sakura Tree/s than to use RC to skip this task as you will need the Bat Milk to make the Brain Shakes.  The bats take a short time to produce the Bat Milk after pollinating the Sakura Tree, which will turn orange.

Prepare 6 Brain Shakes
  Skip for 6 RC

Darryl:  Such a scary food!  But it's not working!  Maybe the ghosts don't like the dishes?

Reward: 120 Coins, 16 XP

Halloween VII

Darryl:  Yikes!  The lights just went off!  Hurry, turn on the lanterns!  The house is full of spider webs and bats!  And I don't mean the delicious chocolate bats that Felicia always makes!

Produce 20 Cherry Chocolates
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 6 Chocolate Bats
  Skip for 6 RC

Fish 10 Times with the Halloween Hook
  Skip for 10 RC

Darryl:  Oh!  Maybe Felicia left already after she saw the spiders?  Then maybe I should leave too!

Reward: 120 Coins, 16 XP

Halloween VIII

Darryl:  Hello?  Any one there?  It seems like there's no one.  I want to go out of this haunted house, but it's so dark!  Maybe I should ask our neighbours for some night vision goggles.   That will help me to see in the dark!

Fertilise your Neighbours' Farms 40 Times
  Skip for 40 RC

Collect 20 Night Vision Goggles from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 8 Glasses of Hot Bat Chocolate
  Skip for 8 RC

Darryl:  I really need to go back home now.  It's already getting too dark and the roads are all starting to look the same!

Reward: 120 Coins, 16 XP

Halloween IX

Darryl:  I'm finally home now and I'm so exhausted!  But now I'm also too afraid to go to bed.  Can you prepare some food for the monsters, just in case they want to eat me?  I hope they will prefer the food...

Craft 10 Feather Necklaces in the Beauty Shop
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 8 Plates of Spooky Crunchy Pasta
  Skip for 8 RC

Produce 60 Blueberry Candies
  Skip for 30 RC

Darryl:  Oh, did I fall asleep?  It's morning alfready and everything seems to be fine.  But where is the food?  Some one finished everything!

REward:  120 Coins, 16 XP

Halloween X

Darryl:  Felicia?  Is that you?  She fell asleep next to me and pretends like nothing happened!  Was she here the whole time?  What happened?  I need some tea to calm down first!

Prepare 10 Pitchers of Grapefruit Tea
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 20 Banana Candies
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 60 Cheese Burgers
  Skip for 30 RC

Darryl:  She said she was also looking for me the whole night!  Weird!  Well, I guess I'll never know what really happened...

Reward:  120 Coins, 16 XP

FINAL REWARD: Pumpkin Light Decoration yielding a Purple Gift Box when cleaned

New Kitchen Recipes

Special Halloween Recipes have appeared (and reappeared in some cases) in the Kitchen.  The Ingredients in some of these Recipes are the special Halloween Fish that can be caught only with the Halloween Hook.


Skeleton Fish Chips: 1332 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients:  Skeleton Fish, Soft Dough
  N.B.  You can catch the Skeleton Fish by using the Halloween Hook when fishing.

Spooky Pasta: 1858 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients: Pasta, Vampire Clam x 2
  N.B.  You can catch the Vampire Clam by using the Halloween Hook when fishing.

Spooky Crunchy Pasta: 3369 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients:  Skeleton Fish Chips, Spooky Pasta


Brain Shake: 30 Coins, 1 XP
 Ingredients:  Bat Milk, Spooky Eye Fruit

Chocolate Bat: 548 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients: Raisin Chocolate x 2, Coconut Milk

Hot Bat Chocolate: 608 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients:  Brain Shake, Chocolate Bat

Jack O'Lantern Machine

To make matters more complicated, there is a new Machine in the Market that must be built using parts from special fish that you catch using a new special Hook.  This is the Jack O'Lantern Machine.  Buy it and place it, then go fishing.  Maker certain that you choose the Hallowe'en Hook or you will not catch any of these odd fish.  You will need 125 Bait to use the Halloween Hook.

You will need the following to complete the machine:

300 Ghost Candles
150 Dracula Wings
50 Witch Cauldrons

Although a special Notice about the Jack O'Lantern Machine will appear when you log into the game, there is no mention of the special Hook!  I went fishing as usual, wasting all my chances without realising that a different Hook was needed for this Quest.

It is not only the Jack O'Lantern that requires the use of the Halloween Hook but Kitchen Recipes that include the special Seafood Items that are caught when this Hook is used.

The special Fish are included in your Fishing Book and are:

  Can yield 1 Witch Cauldron

Ghost Jellyfish
  Can yield 1 Ghost Candle

Humpback Anglerfish
  Can yield 2 Ghost Candles

Vampire Clam
  Can yield 1 Bat Wing
  Used in Recipe for Spooky Pasta

Skeleton Fish
  Can yield 1 Bat Wing
  Used in Recipe for Skeleton Fish Chips

Skull Anchor
  Can yield 1 Witch Cauldron

The parts needed  to build the Jack O'Lantern Machine are associated with specific Fish, but you may use all your fishing chances without netting a single part as their actual appearance is random.  For example, when I first caught a Skeleton Fish, I netted 1 Bat Wing and I have netted 1 Bat Wing with the catch of a Vampire Clam.  I netted two Ghost Candles with the Humpback Angler and 1 Ghost Candle with the Ghost Jellyfish.   I  netted the Witch Cauldron when I caught a Kraken but all the others yielded not a single part.  I have caught Vampire Clams without obtaining any Bat Wings as well as other special Seafood Items.  I have given the parts that can appear with each special Halloween Item in the list above.  As you can see, each special Item is linked to a specific part.

I would suggest that players fish as much as possible using the new Halloween Hook as both the Items themselves and the special Machine parts will prove useful.  The Halloween Quest includes a requirement to make the special new Recipes, so be prepared!

Furthermore, the need to make these Recipes extends beyond the current time-restricted Quest.  If you are participating in the Carnival Activities, you will find that the next task is to make 10 Plates of Spooky Pasta.  To do so, you will need to have a total of 20 Vampire Clams.

Strategies for Halloween Mission

As always, you should make the basic Recipes or have a good stock of the Cooked Dishes such as Soft Dough and Cake Flour on hand.  Coconut Milk is an ingredient in one of the special new Recipes as is Soft Dough.  You will need Cake Flour to make Pasta, an Ingredient in one of the new Halloween Recipes.  Pasta, along with two other Recipes was a special time-restricted Recipe last Halloween.  All three of those Recipes have been reintroduced.  If you make these items in advance, you can use your Power judiciously, making certain that you have sufficient when a task requires a soecific number of Cooked Dishes. 

Note that if you are participating in the special cooking Activities to win Yellow Mystrons, the next one will be a requirement to make Spooky Pasta.

In Family Farm Seaside, the Items that are always in short supply in my game are OP and Power.  These can be obtained randomly in Cleaning Gift Bags, the Dedicated Farmer Bonus Bags.  You can purchase both in the Market as well.  50 OP costs 1 OP.  280 OP costs 5 RC. OP can be 'earned' in other ways by completing Achievements or Registering Items or as a reward for other special tasks.  It can be gained as a Daily Log In Reward as well.  Unlike Power and Fishing Tries, however, it is not given in any quantity on a regular basis and renewed automatically with the passage of time.

30 Power are given as a default and when used, replenish over time.  Fishing Tries likewise are restored with the passage of time.  If you are going to purchase any of these in the Market, therefore, the only one you should purchase perhaps is OP.

To speed the production of a Machine or Animal, you either can have multiple Machines or Animals working at the same time or you can use Batch Production.  Another method is to use the manual option to complete up to three harvests instantly.  Batch Production actually uses LESS OP, however, than the manual option.  If you are going to use OP at all, try to use it in Batch Production.  If you use the manual option, you will need 10 OP for each harvest and the maximum allowed always is three.  With Batch Production, you can set the Animal or Machine to produce the precise quantity needed.  It can be expensive but worthwhile if you need to complete a task in a specific amount of time.

You will need some Items in considerable quantity.  If you have been completing the Carnival Activities, you may have made 90 Grape Candies recently, requiring 90 Sugar.  This certainly depleted my stock!  Make certain that you have sufficient Sugar in your Barn for a number of different tasks in this Halloween Quest sequence.  Sugar is made from Cane in the Sugar Machine.  Make it in advance if you can.

Another item that can be prepared in advance is the Wheat Bread that will be needed to make 60 Cheese Burgers in the last step of the Quest.  Cheddar Cheese, the other component, can be requested as a Free Gift.  Many players like myself have a large stock saved in the Gift Box for these situations.


Remember always that the parts needed to upgrade the Haunted House, whether you redeem them with Halloween Bags or request them from Neighbours must be used FROM YOUR GIFT BOX.  Likewise, the special parts that are obtained randomly when fishing with the Halloween Hook will be found in the Gift Box and must be used from there.

10 October 2014

Time-Restricted Circus Quest and Juggling Balls Collection Mission

A time-restricted Quest involving a lost Circus has been released in Family Farm Seaside.  It is twofold.  A Collections Mission requiring the acquisition of four different colours of Juggling Balls is one aspect of the Mission.  The other is a traditional Quest sequence entitled 'Circus'.

To complete the Collections Mission, you will need the following:

70 Green Juggling Balls
  Collect randomly from Chardonnay harvests

50 Blue Juggling Balls
  Collect randomly from Peacock Feather harvests

30 Yellow Juggling Balls
  Collect randomly from manufacture of Orange Candy

10 Red Juggling Balls
  Collect randomly from harvest of Guarana Tree

THe Rewards are a Licorice Tree and a Seal Decoration

The traditional Quest sequence is as follows:

Circus I

Clown Darryl:  You are never going to believe this!  The biggest circus in the world got lost on their way to the international Circus Festival and came to our farm!  Now it's too late and they can't make it for the big event!  How unlucky!  Can we help them?

Complete the Orders on the Order Board

Fertilise your neighbours' farms 40 times
  Skip for 40 RC

Collect 40 jars of Honey
  Skip for 20 RC
  N.B.  There are many different Beehives in Seaside.  The only Honey that will not count towards this goal is Provence Honey made from Lavender in a Provence Beehive.

Darryl:  I think I have an idea...

Reward: 90 Coins, 12 XP

Circus II

Darryl:  The artists look miserable!  They planned to have a big show and now everything is ruined!  But... What if we ask them to perform here, on our farm?  I am sure all children from our village will be delighted to see a real circus!

Produce 20 loaves of Cornbread
  Skip for 10 RC
  N.B.  Cornbread is made in the Baker, using Cornmeal made in the Kitchen (Corn x 2), Milk and Egg.

Prepare 10 cups of  Maple Milk
  Skip for 10 RC
  N.B.  Maple Milk is made in the Kitchen using Milk x 2 and Maple Syrup.  Milk is made when you feed a Holstein Cow Clover or can be requested as a Free Gift from Neighbours.  Maple Syrup is harvested from the Maple Tree.

Produce 8 Smoked Hairtail
  Skip for 8 RC
  N.B.  Hairtail is caught when fishing and is smoked in the Smoke House with Salt harvested from a Salt Pond.

Clown Darryl:  They agreed!  Hurray!  We'll have a circus show on our farm!

Reward: 100 Coins, 12 XP

Circus III

Clown Darryl:  We need to hurry up!  The show will start tonight and nothing is ready yet!   The circus director said if we help them with all preparations, tickets for the show will be free!  How awesome is that?

Produce 40 Buffalo Cheese
  Skip for 20 RC
  N.B.  Need to obtain Buffalo Milk from a Buffalo by feeding it Cucumbers.

Produce 40 Ketchup
  Skip for 20 RC
  N.B.  Ketchup is made in the Sauce Machine using Tomatoes.

Collect 40 Eggs
  Skip for 20 RC
  N.B.  Eggs are obtained from Chickens in a Chicken Coop when they are fed Corn.

Clown Darryl:  Great!  Let's see what else we can do!

Reward: 100 Coins, 14 XP

Circus IV

Clown Darryl:  One of the circus artists came running!  It's a disaster!  Charlie the Clown lost his juggling balls and can't find his colourful clown wig!  Let's get him new ones and cheer him up!

Harvest 40 Chardonnay
  Skip for 20 RC

Chardonnay is a Crop that takes 9 hours to mature.  The Green Juggling Balls needed to complete the Collections Mission are found randomly when you harvest Chardonnay.

Harvest 4 Guarana
  Skip for 4 RC

Guarana is harvested from the Guarana Tree and the Red Juggling Balls needed for the Collections Mission will be found when you harvest Guarana.

Collect 20 Clown Wigs from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Clown Darryl:  Hurray!  Now Charlie the Clown is smiling again!  Can't wait to see his juggling tricks!

Circus V

Clown Darryl:  The circus artists are now rehearsing before the big night.  I want to sneak in the tent and take a look!  Wow!  The acrobatic show is breathtaking!  I bet the crew is tired after so much practice.  let's get them something to drink!

Prepare 4 Guarana Drinks
  Skip for 4 RC
   N.B.  Guarana Drink is made in the Kitchen with one Guarana and one Lemon.

Produce 20 glasses of Apple Juice
  Skip for 10 RC
  N.B.  Apple Juice is made in a Juice Machine.

Prepare 20 glasses of  Kvass
  Skip for 10 RC
  N.B.  Kvass is made in the Kitchen using Black Bread and Honey x 2.  Black Bread is made in a Baker using Rye Flour, Egg and Milk,  You can make the Black Bread in advance.

The guarana drinks gave every one an energy boost!  Thank you!

Reward: 110 Coins, 15 XP

Circus VI

Clown Darryl:  Let's not forget one of the most important circus attractions: food stands!  And tons of festival candy, sweets, drinks and souvenirs!  Everything needs to be ready for our visitors!

Place a Licorice Tree on your Farm
  (Reward from Collections Mission or purchase in Market for 6 RC)

Prepare 10 Polish Donuts
  Skip for 10 RC
   N.B.  Polish Donut is made in the Kitchen with Batter and Cake Flour.  Batter and Cake Flour are two Basic Ingredients.  Always have these in stock whenever possible.  To make Batter, you need Wheat Flour x 2 and Egg.  Wheat Flour can be made in a Mill or requested s a Free Gift from Neighbours.  Egg is made by feeding a Chicken Corn.  Cake Flour is made in the Kitchen using Oat Flour x 2 and Rye Flour x 2.   Both types of Flour are made in Mills.

Produce 40 Blueberry Candy
  Skip for 20 RC
  N.B.  Blueberry Candy is made in the Candy Machine using Blueberry and Sugar.  You can grow Blueberry or request it as a free Gift from Neighbours.  Sugar is made in the Sugar Machine using Cane.

Clown Darryl:  I have never seen a licorice tree before!  I wonder what its fruits taste like?

Reward: 110 Coins, 15 XP

Circus VII

Clown Darryl:  I asked my friends at school and every one is coming to see the show!  We will definitely need more supplies!  Do you know what my favourite candy is?  Cotton candy of course!  Fluffy, sweet and mouth-watering...

Prepare 10 sticks of  Cotton Candy
  Skip for 10 RC
  N.B.  Cotton Candy is made in the Kitchen using Sugar Cube and Honey Syrup.  Both of these ingredients are made in the Kitchen so make them in advance if possible.  Sugar Cube is made with Sugar x 2.  Honey Syrup is made with Honey x 8 and Milk x 4.  Both can be requested as Free Gifts from Neighbours.

Harvest 4 Licorice from Licorice Tree
  Skip for 4 RC

Prepare 12 Milk Cookies
  Skip for 12 RC
  N.B.  Milk Cookie is made in the Kitchen using Condensed Milk and Wheat Flour.  Condensed Milk is one of the basic Recipes made in the Kitchen using Milk and Sugar.  Keep plenty on hand for use in Quests like these.

Clown Darryl:  I'm getting hungry just looking at these treats!  Maybe nobody will notice if I steal some...

Reward: 120 Coins,, 16 XP

Circus VIII

Clown Darryl:  I just got an amazing idea!  You know what will look fantastic when the lights go off and the show starts?  Something glowing in the dark!  Let's give every one glowing bracelets and make the whole circus bright with colourful lights!

Place a Seal on your Farm
  (Reward from Collections Mission)

Collect 20 Glow Bracelets from neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 6 Licorice Candy
  Skip for 6 RC
  N.B.  Licorice Candy is not made in the Candy Machine but is a new Kitchen Recipe.  Ingredients are Licorice and Apple Juice x 2.

Clown Darryl:  The show will be spectacular!

Reward: 120 Coins, 16 XP

Circus IX

Clown Darryl:  Finally the big show starts!  First one to perform is our friend Charlie the Clown!  Haha, he is so funny!  His clumsy juggling tricks and jokes made me laugh til my stomach ached!  Or maybe it hurts because I am still hungry?

Produce 40 Sugar Popcorn
  Skip for 20 RC
  N.B.  Sugar Popcorn is made in the Popcorn Machine with Corn and Sugar.  

Prepare 6 Circus Snacks
  Skip for 6 RC
  N.B.  Circus Snacks are a new Kitchen Recipe.  The ingredients are Cotton Candy and Licorice Candy.  Both of these are required in previous tasks in the Quest sequence so save them and do not sell them after you make them!

Prepare 10 Candied Apple
  Skip for 10 RC
  N.B.  Candied Apple is a Kitchen Recipe that uses Apple x 2 and Maple Syrup.  Both are harvested from Trees.

Clown Darryl:  Oh, I was definitely hungry, haha!  Thanks for your help!

Reward: 120 Coins, 16 XP

Circus X

Clown Darryl:  Next big attraction is the acrobatic show!  Tightrope walkers and trapeze artists are really brave to perform such dangerous arts.  I have never seen something like that before!  Oh, it made me so nervous, i need a drink!

Produce 40 Grape Juice
  Skip for 20 RC
  N.B.  Grape Juice is made in the Juice Machine.

PRoduce 20 Orange Juice
  Skip for 10 RC
  N.B.  Orange Juice is made in the Juice Machine.

Produce 50 Champagne
  Skip for 25 RC
  N.B.  Champagne is make in the Wine Maker.

Clown Darryl:  Uff, what a relief!  I feel much better now!

Reward: 120 Coins, 16 XP

Circus XI

Clown Darryl:  It's time for the unicyclists!  I wish I had a balance like them!  But to be honest, I am more like Charlie the Clown, clumsy and forgetful!  Right!  I knew I forgot about something!  When the show is over, I want to get the aritsts some gifts~

Harvest 40 Red Roses
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 50 Daisies
  Skip for 25 RC

Harvest 60 Fern Flower
  Skip for 30 RC

Clown Darryl:  These flowers will make a perfect thank-you gift!

Reward: 120 Coins, 16 XP

Circus XII

Clown Darryl:  The curtains are closing, orchestra is playing the final tune, every one is standing and clapping!  This was an incredible show.  I am so sad it's over... Luckily there is still some candy left, hihi!  Let's grab some before Grandma sees us!

Harvest 6 Lychee
  Skip for 6 RC

Prepare 6 Polish Dumplings with Sour Cream
  Skip for 6 RC
  N.B.  This is a Kitchen Recipe that uses two Ingredients that are themselves Recipes.  One is Pierogo and the other is Sour Cream.  Make both in advance if possible.  Pierogi uses Cottage Cheese and Soft Dough, both of which are Recipes.   Sour Cream uses Buffalo Milk x 2 and Butter x 2.  Butter is made with Milk x 2.  

Produce 60 Love Cakes
  Skip for 30 RC
  N.B.  Love Cakes are made in the Cake Machine using Love Fruit, Wheat Flour and Egg.

Clown Darryl:  Thanks for spending this great day with us!  I hope the circus will come back to our farm one day!

Reward: 120 Coins, 16 XP

FINAL REWARD:  Hippo Ballerina Decoration


New Recipes have appeared in the Kitchen and are featured in the traditional Quest sequence.  They are as follows:

Cotton Candy: 462 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients:  Sugar Cubes, Honey Syrup

Licorice Candy: 46 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients:  Licorice, Apple Juice x 2

Circus Snacks: 532 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients:  Cotton Candy, Licorice Candy


Strategies for Mission Completion

First of all, you will need incredible quantities of Sugar to complete the traditional Quest sequence.  Cane must be planted and then processed in the Sugar Machine after harvest to create Sugar.  Make certain that you have heaps of the stuff on hand for use in the Candy Machine and the Kitchen!

I think it is rather unfortunate personally that the Licorice Candy is made in the Kitchen rather than the Candy Machine.  It would have been nice to extend the use of the Candy Machine to incorporate a new item.  Furthermore, with the limit on Power, it would have made sense to allow us to make the Licorice Candy in the Candy Machine.  A different item could have been used in the Kitchen to create the Circus Snacks combination.

Note that this is a LONG Quest with twelve steps.  Fortunately, some of the tasks dovetail both with the weekly Circus Task of producing Buffalo Milk Cheese and the Collections Mission tasks of collecting Juggling Balls from Chardonnay and Guarana.

Prepare Basic Ingredients in Advance

As always, prepare as many as possible of the basic ingredients you will need in advance.   Cornmeal is a Kitchen Recipe and is needed to make Cornbread.   Corn is needed both for Cornmeal and to feed to the Chickens to produce Eggs.