28 November 2013

Time-Restricted Sinterklaas Quests

As usual, there are two separate parts to this.  There are the regular Missions or Quests, which here are the Sinterklaas Quests and the Steam Boat, where one collects Mitres from Crops, Animals, Machines and Trees to redeem for various prizes.

You will not be able to perform these Quests if you have not reached a high enough Level in the game.  The Steamboat is unlocked at Level 10 but the Sinterklaas Quest sequence actually requires that you attain Level 20.

Find the Steamboat in the Market for 500 Coins and place it to begin the Mitre Quest.

The Prizes are:
Roe Stick (used to improve your luck at finding Mitres)
  1 Mitre each at the start

Saint and Pete
  30 Mitres for the first decoration

30 OP
  1 Mitre each at the start

5 Green Mystron
  1 Mitre each at the start

The number of Mitres required tends to increase as you redeem your prizes.  For example, to redeem a second Green Mystron will cost 2 Mitres.  To redeem a second batch of 30 OP will cost 2 Mitres.   A second Saint and Pete costs 50 Mitres.  It is only the Roe Stick that continues to require only 1 Mitre as you redeem more of them.    You only need to redeem one of each to unlock the final prize which is a Cinnamon Tree.

Once you have redeemed one of each prize, you will be able to redeem the Cinnamon Tree for 150 Mitres.  If you have reached Level 50, you can buy a Cinnamon Tree any day in the Market for 15,000 Coins.

  This is an option that you will find that the bottom of the Steam Boat Screen.  You can upgrade your Steam Boat to Level 5 by collecting Chocolate Letters and Roe Sticks.  Chocolate Letters can be requested from Neighbours.  Roe Sticks can be redeemed with Mitres.  Improving your Luck simply means improving your chance of obtaining Mitres.  At Level 5, you have a random chance of obtaining 2 Mitres instead of 1 from any given harvest.


Note that you will need a Cinnamon Tree to complete Sinterklaas Quest IV.  You therefore must be either at Level 50 or have collected 150 Mitres to redeem the Cinnamon Tree by the time you reach Sinterklaas IV unless you are willing to spend RC to skip this Quest.

Sinterklaas Quests

Sinterklaas I

Amerigo:  I have lost Sinterklaas.  I have been looking for him the entire morning since we arrived on our ship from Spain.  I am satarving from the journey.  Please feed me...

Harvest 40 Carrots to feed Amerigo
  Skip for 30 RC

Prepare 20 Sugar Cubes to feed Amerigo
  Skip for 20 RC

Place a Steam Boat on your Farm

Reward: 80 Coins, 16 XP

Sinterklaas II

I'll ask Pete the Chimney Sweep or help to find Sinterklaas as he is good friend.  His face is black because he climbs down chimneys to deliver presets to the children.  After he finishes his tasks, he can help us look.

Sounds good!

Harvest 40 Wheat
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 40 sacks of Wheat Flour
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 20 jars of Apple Jam
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 85 Coins, 17 XP

Sinterklaas III

Sinterklaas is a National Holiday celebrated on the 5th or 6th of December in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  Help prepare some Marzipan for Pete the Chimney Sweep and start looking for Sinterklaas.

Harvest 6 Almonds
  Skip for 6 RC

Prepare 6 Almond Paste
  Skip for 6 RC

Prepare 6 Sinterklaas Marzipan
  Skip for 6 RC

  Reward: 90 Coins, 18 XP

Sinterklaas IV

We need to prepare treats to give to the children on the 5th of December.  So let's make some typical Sinterklaas treats!

Harvest 6 Cinnamon
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 6 Pepernoten
  Skip for 6 RC

Prepare 12 Taal Taal
  Skip for 12 RC

Reward: 100 Coins, 20 XP

Sinterklaas V

We still haven't found him!  Where could he be?  If we prepare Sinterklaas' favourite snack Speculoos, perhaps he will come back when he smells the aroma of this delicious treat.

Good idea!

Prepare 8 Speculoos*
  Skip for 8 RC

Produce 8 Smoked Hairtails
  Skip for 6 RC

Produce 20 Steak Burgers
  Skip for 10 RC

*For the Speculoos Recipe, you will need a Cookie Cutter that costs 2 RC.

Reward: 100 Coins, 20 XP

Sinterklaas VI

Look who's here!  Sinterklaas appeared out of nowhere!  I knew he would not be able to resist the Speculoos smell.  Let's help Sinterklaas to make some toys and make the children all over the world happy!

Place a Saint and Pete from Steam Boat on your farm

Produce 20 Red Teddy Bears
  Skip for 15 RC

Produce 30 Blue Teddy Bears
  Skip for 15 RC

New Recipes that are featured in these Quests have been added to the Kitchen, but they appear to be permanent additions rather than time-limited:

Sugar Cubes:  316 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients: Sugar x 2

Almond Paste: 53 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients: Almond, White Chocolate

Sinterklaas Marzipan: 414 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients: Sugar Cube, Almond Paste

Reward: 110 Coins, 22 XP

Sinterklaas VII

At night, Sinterklaas and Pete give nicely wrapped presents and candy to the children who have been good this year.  Pete climbs down the chimney and fills the shoes of the children which have been placed near the door.

Collect 10 Purple Gift Ribbons when harvesting Lavender
  Skip for 10 RC

Collect 20 Carrot Shoes from your neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Reward: 130 Coins, 23 XP

Good job!  You made Pete's job a lot easier now.  Let's watch him climb down that chimney to give the children their presents.

Sinterklaas VIII

Our job here is done.  Thank you for your help farmer!  We hope to see you again next year.  However, is there any chance you could make us some food for our way back home?

Prepare 6 Grilled Flank Steaks for Sinterklaas
  Skip for 6 RC

Prepare 10 Apple Kulfis for Pete the Chimney Sweep
  Skip for 10 RC

Prepare 4 Sakura Candies for Amerigo
  Skip for 4 RC

Reward: 120 Coins, 23 XP

Such a great day!  Let's look forward to Sinterklaas coming again new year!

Congratulations!  Check out your special reward in your Gift Box!

Final Reward is a Dark Chocolate Tree


Pepernoten: 263 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients:  Cinnamon, Rye Flour x 2

Taai Taai: 74 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Honey

Speculoos: 471 Coins, 1 XP
  Ingredients: Pepernoten, Taai Taai
  Special Utensil:  Cookie Cutter  (Unlock permanently for 2 RC)

23 November 2013

Making Bait for Fishing

You can make Bait by trading almost any saleable Item in Family Farm Seaside, but always remember to avoid Items that are being produced to complete a Quest.  The amount of Bait that can be made by trading any Item usually depends on the Item's value in the Marketplace.  As usual, goods that have been produced are worth far more than the raw ingredients used to make them.

I discovered that Blackberry Jam could be traded for a decent amount of Bait and proceeded to use much of my stored Blackberry Jam, forgetting that I needed 90 to complete a Quest!  Never mind.  One always can make more Jam.

The real reason for this post is to draw attention to the value of all those bags of Sand that one catches when fishing.  One bag of Sea Sand can be traded for 199 Bait!

17 November 2013

Bluestacks App Player

Randy Flujowa, another member of a group on Facebook for Family Farm Seaside, suggested a simulator app for people who do not have Androids or IPads or anything else.  Using the Bluestacks App Player, one can play Family Farm Seaside on any computer, whether a P.C. or Mac.  I asked my cousin Aloysius Villiers to install the app on my old laptop and to play the game that way.  He has done so and it appears to work.

For those of you who wish to play Family Farm Seaside but do not have 'smartphones' or any sort of mobile device, do try Bluestacks.  Make certain, however, that you download from the Bluestacks site itself and not from another location!


The Bluestacks App Player can be installed on any P.C., laptop or Mac if it is not running a version of Windows that is older than Vista I believe.  If you have a Touchscreen, the game will run the same way it does on an Android or IPad.  Without a Touchscreen, you must use your Mouse which makes it a bit slower.

By January 2014, my cousin no longer used the Bluestacks Player on his laptop.  Too many updates that did not work for him as well as the awkwardness of not having a Touchscreen for a game that was developed FOR Touchscreens made it virtually impossible to play Family Farm Seaside properly.   The other laptop that had a Touchscreen crashed whenever Bluestacks was installed.  

16 November 2013


There is a limit to the number of neighbours one can have in Family Farm Seaside. Some of us never will reach that limit, but others find it irritating when their list of neighbours is filled with people who no longer play the game.

To remove an inactive neighbour, tap on his/her portrait and hold it down.  When it begins to shake, tap on the X in the corner and that neighbour will be removed from your list.

How do you know when a Neighbour is not playing?  Well, that can be difficult as people do have lives of their own in the real world and sometimes cannot connect to the game.  I personally do NOT delete Neighbours unless a month or more goes by and they still haven't accessed Family Farm Seaside.  I myself went on a cruise that lasted 29 days.  It was almost impossible to connect to the game during that period, although I tried at every opportunity.  The connection was very slow and very expensive.  In any case, if a Neighbour is not playing, the icon of a big horn will be displayed on the top right of your screen.

I have written about the role of Neighbours elsewhere on this site, but will repeat the information here.  Neighbours are important for a number of reasons.  You can request an item daily from every Neighbour.  These Items can be specific items needed to complete a Mission or Quest or can be building materials needed to complete a project.  If no projects are outstanding, request a Product that you can sell or use in a Recipe.

You can visit every Neighbour once each day to earn XP and Coins.  You can perform a maximum of five actions on any Neighbour's Farm.  These actions include fertilisation of Crops or Trees or harvesting of Crops.  In rare instances, you can obtain a Crop for your own Barn by harvesting a Neighbour's Crop.

Simply by accessing a Neighbour's Farm, you can tap on 'Collect' to obtain 10 Coins and 5 XP.  Each of the five actions you then perform will give you 5 Coins and 1 XP.

A 'Cleaning' option has been added to the list of activities that can be performed on a Neighbour's Farm.  Only certain Decorations are eligible for 'Cleaning' but you should see an Icon of a Brush above any eligible Decoration.  Cleaning a Decoration will result in a Reward in the form of a Cleaning Gift Bag.  If any Neighbour Cleans an eligible Decoration on your Farm, you will receive a Cleaning Gift Bag as well.  This is an added incentive to visit your Neighbours as Cleaning Gift Bags when opened (Used) contain random Items that include Green Mystron, Gasoline, OP and Power.

'Liking' a Neighbour's Farm by tapping on the Smiley Face Icon in the centre of the screen near the top is an important boost for any Neighbour as it is related to a Farm Achievement.   Making certain that you perform this little courtesy for any new Neighbour.  It is something you do only once!

As previously indicated, having your Farm 'Liked' by a specific number of Neighbours is an Achievement in Family Farm Seaside.  Farmers often become irate (and I have been guilty of the same!) when they see that the number of Neighbours who have 'Liked' their Farms are far fewer than the total number of Neighbours they have.

I recently discovered that this may not be the fault of the Neighbour at all but depends entirely upon the way the Farmer connects to the game and whether or not he/she has linked the game to Facebook.  'Liking' a Farm is only available to those who have linked the game to Facebook.  When my cousin downloaded the Bluestacks App allowing him to play Family Farm Seaside on his laptop, he was unable to 'Like' any of the Farms of his neighbours.  He intends to download the Facebook app so he can link his farm to Facebook but until he does, he will be unable to 'Like' the farms of any Neighbour, including that of his own cousin!

Finally, visits from your Neighbours can speed the growth of your own Crops and reduce Harvest Time for Trees.  When they 'Like' your Farm, it brings you closer to another Achievement.

15 November 2013

Mystron and the Calendar, two new options


Each day that a player logs into Family Farm Seaside, he/she will be given a reward.   This can vary from Coins to RC or a number of other items.  The longer one manages to log in without ever missing a day, the more valuable the rewards that one will obtain after any period of five days.  In other words, rewards follow a five-day cycle generally speaking.

Now, in November, in addition to the Daily Log-In Reward, there is a new Calendar option.  Players of the original Family Farm game on Facebook will be familiar with this option.  Again, a player must log in without missing any days for maximum benefit.  Each day, the player will receive a specific item reward.  At the end of the month, if no days have been missed, a special Reward will be given.  For the Calendar, however, a player can miss a day and still maintain his/her position if he/she is willing to pay RC to unlock the day that was missed.  This is not true of the Daily Log-In Reward.  Furthermore, it appears that if one misses a single day, the Daily Log-In resets to zero.  In the original Family Farm, one simply loses seven days for every day missed.

A note of caution here:  The Calendar, unlike the Daily Log-In announcement, does NOT load automatically always.  If it does not load for you on any given day, go to the Menu and you now will find the option in the bottom right of the screen under Calendar.


Players have been mystified by the appearance of a green item that resembles a ticket or form of currency and has been named 'Mystron'.  If you go to your Menu, you now will find a new option in the form of the Mystery Store.  Click on that to discover a sort of trading post that will offer different items that can be acquired with Mystron.  The Mystery Store Menu when first accessed will declare:

'The Mystery Store offers different items every day.  The time counter indicates how long these items will be available.  You can get mystrons in Calendar, Lucky Wheel and Fishing.'

As an example, today you will find the following:

1 RC for 300 Mystron
Elderberry Tree for 2400 Mystron
Super Fertiliser x 25 for 1100 Mystron
Power x 6 for 1700 Mystron
Gasoline x 1 for 3700 Mystron
Swimming Pool for 400 Mystron

Using a Hook in Fishing that required 200 Bait, I obtained 10 Mystron.  By the prices given here, you can see how much that is worth on a general basis!  As the prizes change daily, however, players are advised to access the Market to see if anything has become more reasonable...

In January 2014, a new option in the form of 'Cleaning' for specific Decoraitons was added to the game.  Cleaning Gift Bags, the Reward either for Cleaning a Neighbour's Decoration or for having your own Decoration cleaned by a Neighbour can include Green Mystron.

Fishing in Family Farm Seaside

I suppose that it is only logical that the 'Seaside' version of Family Farm would introduce a Fishing option and expand it to include a Seafood House where items caught by the player can be processed.

I have to confess that I did not enjoy the fishing option much with the original free rod.   It does require a lot of 'bait' which the player can make by trading items produced on his/her farm.  It requires TIME and PATIENCE.  With the original rod,  in many cases, after playing the 'fish' or whatever is on the line for what appears to be a veritable eternity, the creature manages to escape, leaving one with an empty hook and lost bait.

What my own relationship with the fishing option might have been had it not been required for a quest I cannot say but it has been made a requirement in a new time-limited sequence of Quests entitled 'The Farm Beauty Contest'.   Three new recipes that require items caught while fishing have been added to the Kitchen.  One must produce three of each to complete one of the steps in the Quest.  I therefore had to make a valiant attempt to succeed at fishing.

The items that need to be caught for the quest mainly are Octopi.  One needs a total of 6 Octopi as they are ingredients in two of the three seafood recipes.  Octopi are fast-moving, cunning creatures as I know from other games...  In Animal Crossing, New Leaf, Octopi are caught while diving but they are one of the more difficult creatures to catch as they tend to move quickly beyond the barrier, thus earning safety from the player's clutches.  In Family Farm Seaside, they apparently can be caught only if one uses a hook that requires 200 Bait per throw.  In six attempts, I caught only one Octopus.  I then decided that I would use my valuable RC to skip that particular step in the Quest.  For a total of 9 RC, I bought an end to frustration and peace of mind.  Probably one of my better FFS investments, in all honesty.


I strongly urge players to invest 12,000 Coins in the Carbon Fibre Rod.  Fishing obviously is going to be an important part of Family Farm Seaside and it is not fun at all if the player uses the original rod.  My own experience has been echoed by player after player.

It is the HOOK that determines the type of fish or item you can catch.   ALL Items can be caught theoretically with any rod, but using the Carbon Fibre Rod allows the player a far greater chance of success with any 'hit' as well as drastically lowering the number of taps needed to 'reel it in'.    The Octopus that took over 300 taps to catch with the original rod took only 9 taps to catch with the Carbon Fibre Rod.

There is a third fishing rod that must be purchased with RC.   I personally do not see the point as I have done very well with the 'medium accuracy' rod.  Again, it is the HOOK that determines which items can be caught.  Regrettably, there are quite a few items that require a hook that uses bait that must be purchased with 1 RC.  If you intend to spend RC to fish, it is better to spend it on the bait for items that cannot be caught otherwise.

The types of Hook are:

Squid Hook:  Requires 10 Bait per catch
Bone Fishhook:  Requires 50 Bait per catch
Treble Hook:  Requires 200 Bait per catch
Colourful Hook:  Requires 1 RC per catch

If you wish to complete your Fish Book, you MUST use every type of Hook, including the Hook that costs 1 RC per catch.  Tap on the round icon of the Hook at the end of your Fishing Rod to access or change it.  The colours are:

Squid Hook: Blue
Bone Fishhook: White
Treble Hook: Red
Colourful Hook: Striped

You can access your Fish Book by tapping on the little closed book in the bottom right corner of your screen once you reach your Pier.    Here is a list of the Items in your Fish Book with the Hook required for each:

There are seven categories of Items.  Each has its own icon.

Fish Icon:

Yellow Croaker:
  Use Squid Hook

  Use Squid Hook

  Use Squid Hook

  Use Squid Hook

  Use Bone Fishhook

  Use Bone Fishhook

Ray Finned Fish:
  Use Treble Hook

   Use Treble Hook

  Use Treble Hook

  Use Treble Hook

Flower Horn Cichlid:
  Use Colourful Hook

  Use Colourful Hook

Scallop Icon:

  Use Squid Hook

Janthinan Sea Snail:
  Use Bone Fishhook

Natica Sea Snail:
  Use Treble Hook

  Use Colourful Hook

Shrimp Icon

  Use Squid Hook

Mantis Shrimp:
  Use Bone Hook

Opossum Shrimp:
  Use Treble Hook

Coral Shrimp:
  Use Colourful Hook

Crab Icon

Mud Crab:
  Use Squid Hook

Blue Swimmer Crab:
  Use Bone Fishhook

Red Frog Crab:
  Use Treble Hook

King Crab
  Use Colourful Hook

Coral Icon

  Use Squid Hook

  Use Bone Fishhook

  Use Treble Hook

  Use Treble Hook

Seahorse ?
  Use Colourful Hook

Seaweed Icon

  Use Squid Hook

  Use Squid Hook

  Use Bone Fishhook

Sea Lettuce:
  Use Bone Fishhook

Bottle Icon

Old Boot
  Use Squid Hook

Message in a Bottle
  Use Bone Fishhook

Bag of Sea Sand
  Use Treble Hook

Treasure Chest
  Use Colourful Hook

Completing your Fish Book CAN be expensive in terms of premium Cash, but do note that, when I caught the Treasure Chest, I received 5 RC with it!  That basically reimbursed me for the cost of using the special Colourful Hook.

Items caught while fishing now can be processed in the new Seafood House as well.  The Seafood House must be built from an unfinished structure purchased in the Market.  It requires 15 Blue Tiles, 15 Bricks and 1 Red Crab.  The Blue Tiles and Bricks can be requested from Neighbours but the Red Crab has to be purchased with 4 RC, as I recall.  (Correct me if I am wrong about the name of that material... it is a Crab, in any case and appears to form the sign above the door of the House when it is completed.)

A completed Seafood House allows the player to process one item at a time.  Upgrades can be made however, to unlock more processing slots.  The first upgrade requires 10 Blue Tiles and 10 Bricks.

The Items caught when fishing all require different amounts of time to process.  For example, a Wakame piece of seaweed is processed in 12 minutes but a Scallop takes only 3 minutes.  In some cases, there is only one possible item to be made from the original ingredient but in others, there are probabilities that in rare cases allow the player to obtain more valuable items.

An example of this is the Coral.  When processed, the most probable result will be 8 bags of Coral Powder.  Less likely is a polished Coral Twig.  Even more remote is the possibilitiy of receiving a Coral Slice.  These processed items can be sold.  The Coral Powder is worth 6 Coins.  The Polished Coral Twig is worth 10 Coins and finally, the Coral Slice is worth 20 Coins.  Not much of a profit if one considers the value of the items one traded for bait!    One Cheddar Cheese makes only 5 Bait.  One Sugar makes 33 Bait.  One Sugar when sold from the barn is worth 138 Coins, a fairly hefty price.  One Cheddar Cheese is worth only  23 Coins but that still is more than the value of some of the  items that can be caught if one trades enough Cheddar Cheese to produce 50 or 200 Bait. 

Fishing, as for most people in real life, basically must be considered a labour of love rather than a viable business option, especially when one looks at the number of items that must be caught using bait that costs 1 RC.

As previously stated, success in fishing very much depends on the player's choice of Fishing Rod.  For 12,000 Coins, you can upgrade your original Wooden Rod.  It makes an incredible difference and is worth the cost!

The Wooden Fishing Rod is the default and is free.  It has a Low Fishing Accuracy.

The Carbon Fishing Rod costs 12,000 Coins and has a Medium Fishing Accuracy

The Panda Bamboo Rod coast 15 RC and has a high Fishing Accuracy.

When you receive Stars for a Catch, that appears to depend on the number of taps needed to catch that item.  I caught only one Message in a Bottle but received three stars (the maximum) because it took only 2 taps.

Here are some of the items one can catch with their values:

Opossum Shrimp: 847 Coins
Yellow Croaker: 22 Coans
Ray-Finned Fish: 907 Coins
Wakame: 159 Coins
Coral Shrimp: 200 Coins
Starfish: 204 Coins
Janthinan Sea Snail: 184 Coins
Sardine: 689 Coins
Mud Crab: 37 Coins
Salmon: 803 Coins
Nautica Sea Snail: 856 Coins
Tilapia: 41 Coins
Old Boot: 25 Coins
Octopus: 1056 Coins
Mackerel: 744 Coins
Sack of Bait: 1 Coin
Red Frog Crab: 588 Coins
Hairtail: 33 Coins
Mud Crab: 37 Coins
Bag of Sea Sand: 200 Coins
Mantis Shrimp: 192 Coins
Menhaden: 170 Coins
Seaweed: 53 Coins
Gulfweed: 20 Coins
Jellyfish:  542 Coins
Butterfish: 155 Coins
Message in a Bottle: 200 Coins
Crayfish: 44 Coins
Blue Swimmer Crab: 176 Coins
King Crab: 200 Coins
Spondylus: 200 Coins
Sea Lettuce: 209 Coins
Treasure Chest: 200 Coins
  Gave me 5 RC when I caught it.
Flower Horn Cichlid: 200 Coins
Carp: 200 Coins

Smoked Yellow Croaker: 60 Coins
Steamed Opossum Shrimp: 190 Coins
Sack of 200 Bait: 1 Coin
Dried Wakame: 89 Coins
Steamed Blue Swimmer Crab: 180 Coins
Crab Roe: 250 Coins
Cooked Sea Lettuce: 231 Coins
Cooked Red Frog Crab: 601 Coins
Dried Scallop: 10 Coins
Coral Powder: 6 Coins
Pearl: 15 Coins
Conch: 103 Coins
Raw Sea Snail: 221 Coins
Sea Snail Shell: 103 Coins
Steamed Mantis Shrimp: 216 Coins
Dried Starfish: 210 Coins
Polished Coral Twig: 10 Coins
Steamed Mud Crab: 40 Coins
Crab Stick: 10 Coins
Brined Seaweed: 55 Coins
Algae Clay: 50 Coins
Octopus Meat: 351 Coins
Squid Ink: 200 Coins
Salted Jellyfish: 193 Coins xx
Algae Powder: 9 Coins
Shrimp Meat: 46 Coins
Shrimp Ball: 4 Coins

The original raw items with the possible processed products include:

Gulfweed: Makes Algae Powder x 3, with a low probability of obtaining 1 bag of 25 Organic Fertiliser and 1 Bag of 6 Super Fertiliser

Wakame:  Makes 2 Dried Wakame

Seaweed: Makes 1 Brined Seaweed with a low probability of obtaining 1 Algae Clay

Octopus: Makes 3 Octopus Meat with a low probability of obtaining 1 Squid Ink

Jellyfish: Makes 3 Salted Jellyfish

Nautica Sea Snail:  Makes 4 Raw Sea Snail with a low probability of obtaining 1 Sea Snail Shell as well

Mud Crab: Makes 1 Steamed Mud Crab with a low probability of obtaining a Crab Stick as well.

Opossum Shrimp:  Makes 1 Steamed Opossum Shrimp with a low probability of obtaining 1 Sack of 200 Bait as well

Starfish:  Makes 1 Dried Starfish with a low probability of obtaining 3 Starfish Spawn as well

Blue Swimmer Crab: Makes 1 Steamed Blue Swimmer Crab with a low probability of obtaining 2 Crab Sticks and 1 Crab Roe as well

Crayfish: Makes 1 Shrimp Meat with a low probability of obtaining 3 Shrimp Ball as well

Coral; Makes Coral Powder x 8 with a low probability of obtaining one Coral Twig and one Coral Slice

Gulfweed: Makes 3 Algae Powder with a low probability of obtaining 1 bag of 25 Organic Fertiliser and 1 bag of 6 Super Fertiliser.

Sea Lettuce: Makes Cooked Sea Lettuce

Red Frog Crab: Makes Cooked Red Frog Crab with a small probability of obtaining 1 Crab Roe as well

Janthinan Sea Snail:  Makes 2 Conch Shells

Scallop:  Makes 4 Dried Scallop with a low probability of obtaining 1 Pearl

 Coral:  Makes 8 Coral Powder with a low probability of obtaining Polished Coral Twig and Coral Slice

Note that only some of the items that you catch when fishing can be processed in the Seafood House.  Those Items that can be processed will appear in the Seafood House Menu.

I would be much surprised if all edible items do not appear as Recipe ingredients in the near future.  I therefore strongly would suggest that players store them rather than selling them.  At present, many of the processed items from the Seafood House ARE included in Kitchen Recipes.

Meanwhile, there is another 'Machine' in the form of the Smoke House that allows Players to make Smoked Seafood and Fish of various types.  I had thought the Smoke House would be classified as a Building but it is a Machine.

Smokehouse Items:

Smoked Yellow Croaker: 60 Coins
Smoked Hairtail: 77 Coins
Smoked Tilapia: 84 Coins
Smoked Flatfish: 106 Coins
Smoked Butterfish: 265 Coins
Smoked Menhaden: 275 Coins
Smoked Ray-Finned Fish: 1101 Coins
Smoked Sardine: 1080 Coins
Smoked Salmon: 1093 Coins
Smoked Mackerel: 1088 Coins

Please see my Kitchen Page for all Recipes, including those that use raw and processed Seafood.

Although many Seafood Items, both processed and unprocessed, now are ingredients in Recipes, there are a few that neither can be processed nor smoked.  These, including the King Crab, probably will appear as Recipe ingredients in the near future.

One reason I suspect that all the Seafood items will be needed is the fact that one cannot store nor sell the Seafood House.  Some one wrote to the developers asking if this could be changed and received a response to the effect that the Seafood House would become extremely significant making it counter-productive to give players an ability to dispose of it.

In January 2014, a new option was added to the game in the form of a Beauty Shop.  You can find all Recipes for Items made in the Beauty Shop in my post that deals with the topic, but the items that are used in those Recipes that are processed in the Seafood House are as follows:

Conch (Janthinan Sea Snail)
Pearl (Scallop)
Sea Snail Shell (Nautica Sea Snail)
Coral Slice (Coral)
Polished Coral Twig (Coral)
Algae Powder (Gulfweed)
Algae Clay (Seaweed)

14 November 2013

Jewelry Cases and Farm Beauty Contest Time-Limited Quests

SPOILER:  The final Rewards for completing the Jewelry Case Quest are a Matcha Tree and a Wasabi Pond.  The Wasabi Pond will produce Wasabi every six hours.  For me, it produced only 2 Wasabi.  Wasabi at present is used in a single Recipe in the Kitchen with Mackerel, a Fish that can be caught by fishing.  Note that fishing can be expensive in terms of bait and frustrating in terms of time, energy and results.  The Matcha Tree can be purchased in the Market for 7 RC if a player is not interested in completing the Jewelry Case Quest.  Matcha at present is used in three new Kitchen Recipes.

Completion of the Jewelry Case Quest is not that difficult, however and no RC need be spent in pursuit of this goal.  It is the other time-limited Quest sequence, the Farm Beauty Contest sequence, that can prove elusive and expensive.

Note that this mission is available only at Level 22 and above.

The final Rewards for completion of the Farm Beauty Contest Quest are a Sakura Tree and a Decoration in the form of a Trophy.  The Sakura Tree is available in the Market and the decoration does not produce Coins or anything else.  The fifth Quest in the sequence is particularly difficult as it requires that the player catch six Octopi, three Salmon and three Mackerels in order to make three seafood dishes, each of which must be made thrice.  You can skip the entire step for 9 RC which is what I did as I wished to complete the guide BUT the final reward really is not worth that price.

If, however you wish to complete the Farm Beauty Contest Quests, make some Recipes in advance to speed the process.  The Recipes you should make are Orange Ice Cream for use in the Matcha Ice Cream Recipe, Soft Dough for use in making Lychee Scones for use in the Matcha Lychee Pancake Recipe.

To make Orange Ice Cream, you need to make Condensed Milk using Milk and Sugar, then make Orange Smoothies with Condensed Milk and Orange Jam before making the Orange Ice Cream with Ice and Orange Smoothies.  To make Lychee Scones,  you first need Soft Dough made with Cake Flour and Batter.  Cake Flour is made with Rye Flour and Oat Flour.  Batter is made with Wheat Flour and Egg.  Whenever I do not have to make a Recipe for a specific Quest, I use my 30 Powers to stockpile Cake Flour, Batter, Condensed Milk, Soft Dough and sometimes Kulfi.  In particular, Cake Flour is used in a number of Recipes and always is worth the effort.

On 14 November,  new dual time-restricted quest sequences were released.  These quests will expire in 10 Days.  As usual, one of these involves the collection of special items, in this case Jewelry Cases, from specific harvests.  There are four different coloured Jewelry Cases, obtained from the following:

70 Green Jewelry Case: Cucumber KimChi
    Produce Cucumber KimChi in the Kim Chi Machine

50 Brown Jewelry Case: Tiramisu
  Produce Tiramisu in the Cake Machine

50 White Jewelry Case: White Grapes
  Harvest White Grapes

30 Red Jewelry Case: Cherry Tree
  Harvest Cherry Trees

The Rewards are a Matcha Tree and a Wasabi Pond.  You will need both to complete Farm Beauty Contest IV.

The second sequence is a traditional Quest sequence:

Farm Beauty Contest Quests

Farm Beauty Contest I

 Produce 50 Peacock Feathers
  Skip for 25 RC

Harvest 50 Red Roses
  Skip for 25 RC

Collect 10 High Heels from Neighbours
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 80 Coins, 16 XP

Farm Beauty Contest II

Harvest 6 White Chocolate
  Skip for 6 RC

Harvest 6 Cherries
  Skip for 6 RC

Harvest 50 Lilies
  Skip for 25 RC

Reward: 85 Coins, 17 XP

Farm Beauty Contest III

Produce 20 Jars of Apple Jam
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 40 Loaves of Wheat Bread
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 50 Bottles of Wine
  Skip for 25 RC''

Reward: 90 Coins, 18 XP

Farm Beauty Contest IV

Plant a Matcha Tree (from collection mission) on your Farm
  Skip for 10 RC

Place a Wasabi Pond (from Collection mission) on your Farm
  Skip for 10 RC

Harvest 8 Oranges
  Skip for 8 RC

Reward: 100 Coins, 20 XP


Farm Beauty Contest V

Prepare 3 Wasabi Fried Mackerel
  Skip for 3 RC

Prepare 3 Seafood Platters
  Skip for 3 RC

Prepare 3 Octopus Balls
  Skip for 3 RC

Reward: 100 Coins, 20 XP

Farm Beauty Contest VI

Prepare 5 Bowls of Matcha Pudding
   Skip for 5 RC

Prepare 5 bowls of Matcha Orange Ice Cream
   Skip for 5 RC

Prepare 5 Matcha Lychee Pancakes
   Skip for 5 RC

Reward: 110 Coins, 22 XP

Farm Beauty Contest VII

Collect 15 Ballots from Neighbours
  Skip for 15 RC

Prepare 10 Light Muffins
  Skip for 10 RC

Produce 20 Bottles of Champagne
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 120 Coins, 23 XP

FINAL QUEST: Reward is  a Farm Beauty Trophy and a Sakura Tree

Thanks to Bev Jakins for sending me the last missions posted by Jo Poole, although sadly I did not see her message until after I had completed them myself.  Could have saved myself RC!