25 September 2015

Dream Trip to Korea Quest and Fortune Bags Collections Mission

With the final material for the Salad Machine still tied to an active Quest sequence, the new Friday timed Mission has been released in the form of a Fortune Bag Collections Mission and a traditional Quest sequence.  This time it is Grandma who is the star of the little tale.  She finally has determined to go on a trip herself.  My own Grandmother actually became rather well-known in some circles for taking a trip to Nepal at a fairly advanced age and ultimately settling there, becoming an English tutor to the then Crown Prince!  So Grandmothers, as we all know, are not tired old people without their own hopes and dreams.  In fact, many Grandmother are not even old!

Be that as it may, here are the Quests:

Fortune Bags Collection Mission

Collect Fortune Bags
70  Blue Fortune Bags from Cane
50 Red Fortune Bags from Wine
30 Yellow Fortune Bags from Wheat Bread
10 Green Fortune Bags from Gooseberry Bush

(Sorry for typo earlier.  I have a jumping cursor problem that deletes my typing from time to time.  Good thing I have two farms, forcing me to use my own guide!)

Reward: Tangerine Tree

If you prefer, the Tangerine Tree can be purchased in the Market for 8 RC

The following is the traditional quest sequence.   The nature of these time-restricted Quests has changed somewhat recently and they now consist of 16 parts, of which only the first 8 can be guaranteed not to include Island tasks.  In other words, if you wish to go beyond Part 8, when you receive a special Decoration for your original Seaside Farm, you really need to have access to the Island in order to forge through to the end, where you receive a special Decoration for the Island Farm.  There appears to be a Level requirement as well to go beyond Part 8.  At least there was for the last time-restricted Mission.  I believe that one had to be at Level 28 to go beyond Part 8 in that Mission.  My primary farm, Harvest Moon, is at a point where I no longer see any Level requirements but recently, I started a new Farm on a friend's Kindle to see if there were differences between it and other platforms and if the game had changed.  I logged the regular Quests on my Quests page, because the initial Quests had changed since I first began to play the game three years ago.  In continuing that farm, I began to see that there were restrictions that applied where some of these time-restricted Missions were concerned as well.  In any event, if you do not have access to the Island, but are able to perform some of the tasks past Part 8, you can opt to pay RC to skip Island tasks, although it can be very expensive.

Dream Trip to Korea Quest

Dream Trip to Korea 1

Grandma:  My daily life follows a strict routine.  I'm busy all day, taking care of the kids and animals and also preparing food.  I feel it's time to have some time for myself!

Harvest 40 Corn
  Skip for 20 RC

Collect 40 Eggs
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 6 Coconuts
  Skip for 6 RC

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 160 XP

Grandma:  I've decided to meet up with one of my friends in South Korea.  I'm so excited!

Dream Trip to Korea 2

Grandma:  I know we still have a lot of things to do on the farm and I have to finish it all before I leave.  Felicia and Darryl are good in what they do, but they are still babies to me.

Prepare 20 lots of Batter
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 40 jars of Grape Jam
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 40 Green Beans
  Skip for 20 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 160 XP

Grandma: I've made a to-do list of what has to be done before I leave.  Let's see what else I need to do...

Dream Trip to Korea 3

Grandma:  Oh, I almost forgot our adorable animals.  I have to check if they are all healthy and have enough food when I'm gone.  I'm coming!

Produce 40 bottles of Buffalo Milk
  Skip for 20 RC

Collect 40 Goose Feathers
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 40 bundles of Wool
  Skip for 20 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 170 XP

Grandma:  All the little babies on the farm are in good condition.  Why do I still feel I missed something?  Let me think...

Dream Trip to Korea 4

Yes!  Of course, the most important babies are my cutie pies, I mean Darryl and Felicia.  I will quickly fix a lot of food for them.  I'm worried about Darryl.  He won't eat a lot of sweets when I'm not here, will he?

Produce 40 Beef
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 12 plates of Grape Cornbread
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 1 No-Flour Cornbread and 2 Grape Jam
  Each No-Flour Cornbread requires 2 Buffalo Milk Cheese and 1 Cornmeal

Prepare 12 bowls of Bean Stew
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 1 Beef Salami and 3 Green Beans

Reward: 1000 Coins, 170 XP

Grandma:  It seems like I'm ready to go on a holiday!

Special Reward: Mission Gift Box containing Farm Aids

Dream Trip to Korea 5

Grandma:  It's been so long since I went on a holiday by myself, I can't even remember the last time.  I have to prepare some clothese, scaarves and... sunglasses!  I can't wait to visit Korea!

Collect 20 Sunglasses from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 50 Cabbages
  Skip for 25 RC

Prepare 12 Carrot Cupcakes
  Skip for 12 RC
  Each requires 1 Carrot and 1 Cake Flour

Reward: 1000 Coins, 180 XP

Grandma:  My baby angels said they will take care of our farm, so I can fully enjoy my trip.  Thanks to them, I'm on my flight now!

Dream Trip to Korea 6

Grandma:  The flight was a breeze and now I'm in Seoul!  The first stop is the faous shopping place, Myeongdong!  The streets are very lively and full of cosmetic shops!  I'm a bit thirsty!  Can we get something to drink first?

Produce 50 glasses of Grape Juice
  Skip for 25 RC

Harvest 8 Lemons
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 12 glasses of Lemon Champagne
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each requires 2 Lemons and 2 Champagne

Reward: 1000 Coins, 180 XP

Grandma:  I've shopped a lot.  Of course, I bought some BB Cream for Felicia and I bought a cute hat for my baby Darryl!

Dream Trip to Korea 7

Grandma:  My friend suggests that we go to Dongdaemun which is famous for late night shopping.  I guess I'm still a little girl and love shopping!  Can we eat before we go shopping, just to make sure we're full of energy!

Produce 50 Cabbage Kimchi
  Skip for 25 RC

Prepare 12 plates of Korean BBQ
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each requires 2 Beef and 2 Cabbage Kimchi

Prepare 12 Korean BBQ Sets
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each requires 1 Korean BBQ and 1 Korean Cold Noodles
  Each Korean Cold Noodles requires 1 Soft Dough and Forest Soup
  Each Forest Soup requires 1 Cabbage Kimchi and 1 Bean Stew

Reward: 1000 Coins, 190 XP

Grandma: I'm so full!  It's been a long time since I ate so many nice dishes some one else made for me!

Dream Trip to Korea 8

Grandma:  Seoul was fun, but now it's time to go to the next city.  Do you know Busan?  Busan is the biggest harbour city in Korea and is famous for its beautiful seaside and seafood!  So shall we go to the beach?

Fish 8 times with the Squid Hook
  Skip for 8 RC

  Note:  If you use the Boost, it counts as 1 try and not 3 here.

Process 6 Scallops in the Seafood House
  Skip for 6 RC

  Note:  This is counted when you begin the process not when it is complete.  Same holds true for Beauty Shop.

Prepare 12 baskets of Pecan Bread
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each requires 1 Pecan and 1 Cornbread

Reward: 1000 Coins, 190 XP

Grandma;  I'm drinking cocktails while staring at the beautiful view of the sea.  Life couldn't be any better!

Special Reward: Taekwondo Tiger Decoration for Seaside Farm, cleanable and worth 3 Charm Points

Dream Trip to Korea 9

Grandma:  My friend told me Busan is the city of fashion.  So I can buy nice accessories, clothes and cosmetics for my friends and family.  Ah, I almost forgot I brought some gifts from our farm for my friend!

Craft 6 Red Cord Necklaces
  Skip for 6 RC

  Each requires 1 Wool, 1 Angora Hair and 2 Red Roses, takes 3 Minutes

Craft 6 Clay Facial Masks
  Skip for 6 RC

  Each requires 2 Algae Powder (from Gulfweed), 1 Batter and 1 Distilled Water (Can request if you do not have the lovely Statue that dispenses it), takes 5 Minutes

Craft 3 Feather Necklaces
  Skip for 6 RC

  Each requires 1 Red Cord Necklace, 1 Pearl (possible result of processing Scallop) and 2 Goose Feathers, takes 10 Minutes, but counts when you begin the process

Reward: 1000 Coins, 200 XP

Grandma: She looked really happy when I gave her the gifts.  I was happier than she.  Giving gifts is always a good way to express your gratitude.

Dream Trip to Korea 10

Grandma:  I'm supposed to go to Jeju Island!  It's a very beautiful island that was inscribed on the World Heritage List.  Before I leave, I want to get a facial treatment and rpepare some food.  Can you help me?

Harvest 50 Cactus
  Skip for 25 RC
  This is an Island Task

Craft 6 Milk Facial Masks
  Skip for 6 RC

  Each requires 1 Clay Facial Mask,  2 Buffalo Milk and 1 Condensed Milk

Prepare 12 Soft Dough
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each requires 1 Cake Flour and 1 Batter

Grandma:  Time to go to bed!  I can't wait to see Jeju Island!

Reward: 1000 Coins, 200 XP

Dream Trip to Korea 11

Grandma:  We finally arrived and we're greeted by the Stone Grandpa.  Like a Grandpa, he looks very friendly, gentle and is said to bring us luck!  Why don't we find a miniature souvenir to bring home?

Collect 30 Stone Grandpas from Neighbours
  Skip for 30 RC

Fertilise Neighbour Farms 50 times
  Skip for 25 RC

  TIP FOR FARMERS:  Help your neighbours by having crops and trees that are not yet ready for harvest on your Farm as only these count towards this task.

Produce 50 bottles of Ketchup
  Skip for 30 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 210 XP

Grandma:  Jeju Island is such a beautiful place!  Can you feel the breeze from the sea and see the sapphire coloured water?

Dream Trip to Korea 12

Grandma:  Do you know what's the most famous fruit on Jeju Island?  Fresh tangerine!  We are going to pick some tangerines now.  This reminds me of the trees on our farm.  I hope Felicia and Darryl take good care of them.

Place a Tangerine Tree on your Farm
  Reward from Collections Mission or purchase for 8 RC
  (I had done this, but I expect it costs 10 RC to skip the task.  I do not recommend that.  Better to use the RC to buy the tree!)

Prepare 12 jars of Gooseberry Confiture
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each requires 1 Gooseberry and 1 Maple Sugar

Transport 60 Beef Salami to the Island Farm
  Divide task between 2 or 3 Zeppelins to complete the transport more quickly.
  Skip for 30 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 210 XP

Grandma: I've collected so many tangerines!  They are so pretty and fresh!  I can't wait to give them to my babies!

Special Reward:  Special Mission Island  Gift Box containing Farm Aids

Dream Trip to Korea 13

Grandma:  Today my friend and I have decided to take a scooter and drive around the island.  We will go to U-DO which is very well-known for their beautiful beach side.  Maybe I need to get some snacks in case I get hungry on the trip.

Harvest 60 Barley
  Skip for 30 RC
  This is an Island Crop

Produce 12 Peacock Hats
  Skip for 30 RC  (a very high penalty!)
  This is an Island Task

Prepare 12 Tangerine Pies
  Skip for 12 RC

  The Tangerine Pie is a Kitchen Dish rather than a new Pie made in the Pie Machine on the Island.  It requires 1 Tangerine and 1 Soft Dough to make.

Reward: 1000 Coins, 220 XP

Grandma:  Honestly, it's been a long time since the last time I drove around, but I made it!  Yes, I'm still young, haha!

Dream Trip to Korea 14

Grandma:  During the trip, I can meet new Korean friends which means a lot to me!  Because at my age, it's hard to meet new friends.  I've brought some gifts for my new friends, but where did I leave them again...?

Produce 60 Lavender Essential Oil
  Skip for 30 RC
  This is an Island Task

  Make certain that you transport 60 Lavender to the Island in advance!

Harvest 8 Chocolates
  Skip for 8 RC

Prepare 12 Tangerine Chocolates
  Skip for 12 RC

  Tangerine Chocolates are another new Kitchen Dish made with 1 Tangerine and 2 Chocolate each

Reward: 1000 Coins, 220 XP

Grandma:  They love the presents I gave them.  I hope to keep in touch with them!  (Yes, I edited to improve her grammar.  I think she was a bit too excited when she said this...)

Dream Trip to Korea 15

Grandma:  Jeju is the last place on my trip this time and it's almost time to go back to my farm.  I can say this trip is totally for myself which means a lot to me.  When can I go on a trip for myself again?

Prepare 12 Tangerine Snack Sets
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each requires 1 Tangerine Chocolate and 1 Tangerine Pie

Produce 60 Barley Flour
  Skip for 30 RC
  This is an Island Task

Craft 6 Scarecrow Toys
  Skip for 6? RC (I forgot to log the amount!  Will do so when Rosewood gets to this point)
  This is an Island Task

  Each requires 2 Mohair Yarn and 1 Cedar Wood

Reward: 1000 Coins, 230 XP

Grandma:  For me, farm life and my babies are very important, but I shouldn't forget about myself.  It was a nice trip just for myself.

Dream Trip to Korea 16

Grandma:  It's really hard to say goodbye to this trip  and my friends, but I just remembered I didn't finish some tasks on the farm.  Yes, its time to go back to my daily life after this dream trip!

Take care of flowers in the Botanic Garden 6 times
  Skip for 12 RC
  This is an Island Task

Produce 60 Beef Hotdogs
  Skip for 30 RC
  This is an Island Task

  Make certain that your transport 60 Ketchup to the Island in advance.  You should have saved the 60 Beef Salami that you transported previously as well  as 60 Barley Flour made prior to this.  Each Beef Hotdog requires 1 Beef Salami, 1 Ketchup and 1 Barley Flour.

Harvest 8 Morus Leaves
  Skip for 8 RC
  This is an Island Task

Reward: 1000 Coins, 230 XP

Grandma:  Goodbye, Korea!  Thanks for everything!

Final Reward:  Stone Grandpa with Flowers Decoration for Island Farm

Gallery Registration

Remember to register your new Quest rewards in the Gallery.  If you have not reached your maximum with the two Characters who like a nice Gallery, you will gain Votes from them when you do.

Dream Trip to Korea Collection:
  Includes Tangerine Tree, Taekwondo Tiger Decoration and Stone Grandpa with Flowers Decoration
  Reward: 5 Medals, 88 Green Mystrons, 1 RC

Tangerine Tree:
  5 Medals, 2 Super Watering Cans

Taekondo Tiger:
  2 Medals, 10 Green Mystrons

Stone Grandpa with Flowers
  5 Medals, 30 Green Mystrons

23 September 2015

Salad Machine Final Touch Mission

The final material for the Salad Machine in the form of a Wooden Bucket now is available.  It is tied to a traditional Quest sequence called 'The Final Touch'.  If you still are missing Spoons and Forks, you can find them in the Purple Mystery Shop for 10 Purple Mystrons and 15 Purple Mystrons respectively.  The Pipes cost 12 Purple Mystrons each.  You gain Purple Mystrons when you VOTE in the Farm Beauty Contest.  Even if you do not fancy your chances in the Contest, do vote as you will receive a Gold Treasure Chest containing valuable farm aids each day for doing so.  You have 3 Votes.  If you choose 'Neighbour Farms' and vote for Harvest Moon or Rosewood, I will be very grateful!  It is the simple act of Voting on a daily basis, however, that will benefit YOU, wherever you choose to cast those three Votes.

Actually, I do need your Votes for Harvest Moon Farm if I am to obtain the final Reward of the Avatar.  Why do I deserve your Votes more than any one else?  I cannot answer that, apart from citing the work I do on this site to make information available freely to other Farmers.  I would tell you, however, that without your Votes at this critical stage, I have no chance of gaining the final Reward.  I had not noticed previously that the totals needed jump suddenly from 200 Votes to 250 and then to a whopping 500 in order to reach the final Reward.  In other words, from needing 250 Votes between your score of 5250 to 5500, you need a total of 6000 to obtain the Avatar and RC Reward...  So without your help, I cannot hope to reach that goal in the three days that remain.  I have been obtaining 70 Votes each day from two of the Characters but less from the other two.

'The Final Touch' is a time-restricted Mission that runs only through the 29th of this month.  As there probably will be a new time-restricted Mission on Friday as well, best to get this out of the way if at all possible as quickly as you can.

The new Salad Machine, when completed,  makes a dizzying array of Salads.  For some, you will need the Oil Press, but not for all.  It will be interesting to see if the Oil Press is added to the Market now for those farmers who either had not begun to play the game or were not at high enough levels to perform the Quest when it was active.  There is a section at the end of this post that lists all Salads and their ingredients.

This can be a difficult Mission for low level Farmers, but you have a week to complete it for the final Material in the Salad Machine construction.  Remember though, if you cannot complete it, you still should be able to buy the Materials ultimately for 1 RC each or use Purple Mystrons to purchase them in the Purple Mystron Shop.  Every part of this Mission that you complete will give you 1 Wooden Barrel, so try to forge ahead with it, even if you cannot go through to the end.  Do not be discouraged if it is too difficult though, as you will have an opportunity, as previously stated, to finish the Machine either by using RC or Purple Mystrons.  If the two Farm Beauty Contests so far are any indication, there will be few days when there is NOT a current Contest running, so you will continue to be able to earn Purple Mystrons as long as you register and Vote.

The total number of dishes required in tasks has changed a couple of times.  Will try to make certain I log the latest version here.

Good Neighbour Tip:

One of the tasks requires that you fertilise Neighbours' Farms 50 times.  What this means is that your Neighbours must have at least 5 Crops that are not mature or 5 Trees that are not ready to be harvested in order for your actions to count.  Please do keep some immature Crops and Trees on your Farm while this Quest is active.  Usually a Neighbour can earn 5 Points for harvesting your Crops but not for this task.

If you are looking for good, active Neighbours, feel free to join my group, Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk on Facebook.  The members are active and helpful.


This Mission can be brutal for new or low level Farmers in terms of the amount of Power needed.  Make Cooked Dishes that appear as Ingredients in a Task in advance if possible.  These include:

Lavender Cheese
Coffee Cookies
Orange Crumble
Batter (for Orange Crumble)
Coconut Milk
Soft Dough (ingredient that is used in more than one Recipe)

You will need a lot of Corn and a lot of Beef, incidentally.

Salad Machine Animation

The Salad Machine is very cool, by the way.  An actual Spoon and Fork (presumably the ones that you obtained through your labour!) toss the Salad as you watch.  I do hope they will add the Oil Press to the Market for the farmers who could not perform the Quest connected with its acquisition.

NOTE: Totals may be different.  When I logged this early this morning with Harvest Moon Farm, the totals for many Crops and Dishes were higher.  Now performing the tasks for Rosewood Farm, they are lower.  It might be a change for every one or may depend on your Level.  Anyway, have done what I could to be precise!

The Final Touch I

Darryl:  Wow, the Salad Machine is coming along really nicely!  But I feel that we're still missing something, but what?  I hope Felicia has some nice ideas... Let's go ask her, but first let's feed the animals!

Harvest 100 Wheat
  Skip for 50 RC

Collect 100 Milk
  Skip for 50 RC

Harvest 15 Oranges
  Skip for 15 RC

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 210 XP, 1 Wooden Bucket

Darryl:  I think I'm done here.  Let's go see Felicia!

The Final Touch II

Darryl:  Felicia heard all about a 'Veggie Fair'.  That would be a great place to get some ideas.  But first, let's start with the most important meal of the day.  Can you help prepare breakfast?

Prepare 5 bowls of Sunrise Porridge
  skip for 5 RC
  Each requires 1 Orange Crumble and 1 Cornmeal

Prepare 20 bottles of Apple Milkshake
  Skip for 20 RC
  Each requires 1 Milk and 1 Apple Juice

Prepare 2 loaves of Whole Oat Fruit Bread
  Skip for 2 RC

  N.B.  For each, you need 1 Fruit Butter and 1 Oat Bread
  Each Fruit Butter needs 1 Apple Jelly and 3 Cherries
  Each Apple Jelly needs 2 Maple Syrup and 6 Apple Jam

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 210 XP, 1 Wooden Bucket

Darryl:  Never knew a healthy breakfast can be delicious food!  Thanks for the help!

The Final Touch III

Darryl:  This fair is bigger than I thought!  There are so many farmers from all over the world!  I think we will see some very cool things here.  Where shall we start?

Fertilise your Neighbours' Farms 50 times
  Skip for 25 RC

  N.B.  If all Neighbours visited have growing Crops, this means visits to 10 Neighbours... if not, you will need to visit more.  Fertilising Trees counts as well but if you harvest Crops, those actions will not count towards this Task.

Produce 80 bundles of Angora Hair
  Skip for 40 RC

Prepare 30 Cheese Salad
  Skip for 30 RC
  Each Cheese Salad needs 5 Honey and 2 Cheddar Cheese (both can be requested as Free Gifts)

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 220 XP, 1 Wooden Bucket

Darryl:  I'm getting good ideas already!  Let's see what else we can visit!

The Final Touch IV

Darryl:  That looks like a Belgian stand.  Let's take a look... Mmm, what's in it?  Oh, I see, so there's apples, almonds and to top it off, mayonnaise!

Harvest 20 Apples
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 10 bottles of Mayonnaise
  Skip for 5 RC

Harvest 10 Almonds
  Skip for 10 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 220 XP, 1 Wooden Barrel

Darryl:  What a yummy combination!  I would have never thought of this!

The Final Touch V

Darryl:  What's next?  This looks really exotic!  The farmer said that he's from Turkey and he likes to have salad with grains or lentils.  Sounds good.  Let's have a taste!

Harvest 30 Rice
  Skip for 15 RC*

Produce 30 Glasses of Grape Juice
  Skip for 15 RC

Prepare 30 plates of Gyros
  Skip for 30 RC

  N.B  Each Gyros requires 2 Beef and 1 Sandwich
  Each Sandwich requires 2 Beef and 2 Cornbread
  Note that Corn Meal is made in the Kitchen as well.   This task takes a great deal of Power and a huge pile of Beef!  A total of 100 Beef, I believe is needed to complete 30 Gyros and a total of 60 Cornbread.

*(Originally for Harvest Moon at Level 83, the task was:

Harvest 50 Rice
  Skip for 25 RC)

Reward: 1000 Coins, 230 XP, 1 Wooden Barrel

Darryl:  This also tasted delicious.  I should try new things more often!

The Final Touch VI

Darryl:  There still are so many stands to visit, but where has Felicia gone?  Oh, there she is!  She was looking at some cute wooden buckets for the Salad Machine.  That's really sweet of her!

Prepare 15 bowls of Cendol
  Skip for  15 RC
  Each requires 2 Coconut Milk and 2 Rice Flour

Produce 20 Veggie Burgers
  Skip for 10 RC
  These are made in the Burger Machine with 1 Tomato and 1 Wheat Bread each

Prepare 10 Stuffed Carrot Pastries
   Skip for 10 RC
  Each requires 1 Egg Salad and 1 Carrot Pastry

Reward: 1000 Coins, 230 XP, 1 Wooden Barrel

Darryl:  That bucket will be a perfect addition to our Salad Machine!

The Final Touch VII

Darryl:  Ok, I think I have enough inspiration. Let's head home to finish the Salad Machine.  I can''t wait to show it to Grandma!

Produce 100 Bottles of Buffalo Milk
  Skip for 50 RC

Prepare 30 plates of Coffee Biscuits
  Skip for 30 RC
  Each requires 1 Coffee Cookie and 1 Lavender Cheese
  Each Lavender Cheese requires 1 Buffalo Milk Cheese and 1 Lavender
  Each Coffee Cookie requires 1 Coffee Bean and 1 Wheat Flour

Prepare 10 Lychee Scones
  Skip for 10 RC
  Each requqires 1 Soft Dough and 2 Lychees

Reward: 1000 Coins, 230 XP, 1 Wooden Barrel

Darryl:  Yeah, it's finally finished!  Let's show it to everybody and come up with some new and healthy dishes!


You should have sufficient Wooden Barrels to complete the Salad Machine.

Salad Machine

The new Salad Machine makes the following Salads:

Green Salad: 282 Coins
  Ingredients:  1 Green Lettuce, 1 Cucumber, 1 Tomato

Onion Salad: 532 Coins
  Ingredients: 1 Green Lettuce, 1 Onion, 1 Tomato

Red Pepper Salad: 482 Coins
  Ingredients: 1 Green Lettuce, 1 Red Pepper, 1 Tomato

Potato Salad: 372 Coins
  Ingredients:  1 Green Lettuce, 1 Potato, 1 Tomato

Peanut Salad: 437 Coins
  Ingredients: 1 Green Lettuce, 1 Peanut Oil, 1 Tomato

Natural :Salad: 262 Cinso
 Ingredients: 1 Green Lettuce, 1 Olive Oil, 1 Tomato

Bean Salad: 640 Coins
  Ingredients: 1 Green lettuce, 1 Bean Oil, 1 Tomato

Swiss Mushroom Salad:  498 Coins
  Ingredients: 1 Green Lettuce, 1 Mushroom, 1 Tomato

21 September 2015

Boosting Votes in the Farm Beauty Contest

I suppose the first question is: why on earth should I participate in the Farm Beauty Contest if I am at a fairly low level and cannot hope to compete with the 'power farmers'?  Well, if you have reached Level 16 to unlock the Farm Beauty Contest, you really ought to participate because in doing so, you will earn valuable Farm Aids and Farm Aids are useful to every one.  You need to register in order to Vote and if you Vote daily, you can earn a Gold Treasure Chest filled with Farm Aids.  There is a little logistic problem here in that, after voting, you need to return to the Vote screen to claim your Treasure Chest Reward.  Do so, though, because it is worth the effort.

Vote for Harvest Moon or Rosewood Farm by all means if you feel inclined to do so, but the most important aspect of this, for YOU, is to Vote.  Should you try to earn Votes as well?  Again, you can earn Farm Aids another other Rewards with every 200 Votes you receive.  A low level Farmer may not be able to obtain 200 Votes every day, but it is cumulative.  It is here that the following information may help a farmer whose level is not very high.

About a week ago, I asked for volunteers for a project that would help us discover how we could increase our Vote totals in the Farm Beauty Contests.  I would like to thank all the volunteers from my Facebook Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group who performed the tedious tasks of logging their changes and resulting votes day after day.  Now finally, I think I have some idea of how this works.

First of all, the idea that every change will be worth 1 Point is misleading.  Felicia and
Darryl have a total of 80 potential Votes and Dad and Grandma have a total of 72  potential Votes, and these are divided between four different categories as follows:

Charm Points
Theme Items

High Level
Theme Items

Charm Points
Theme Items
Large variety of Crops (used to be Trees)
Gallery Registration

High Level
Charm Points
Gallery Registration

We wondered initially why one Farmer's Vote total with Felicia would improve when additional Animals were placed on the farm and why another Farmer's Votes from Felicia showed no change.

Although three of the Characters give Votes for 'Theme related Decoration' and the description in the Menu states for each that: 'Felicia, Dad and Darryl will give you 1 more votes every day', this is NOT the case at all.  Whether or not you receive a Vote when you place another Theme-related Decoration is based on the number of Votes the Character has given for EXISTING Theme Decorations.  With a total of 80 potential Votes, the maximum number for Theme-related Decorations from Felicia and Darryl would be 20 each.  For Dad with only a total of 72, probably 18 maximum.  Thus, once you have received the maximum for the existing Theme Decorations on your Farm, placement of additional Theme Decorations will not change the Vote.  It is the same where Charm is concerned.  A point was reached on Harvest Moon Farm where even another purchase and subsequent placement of a high Charm valued Theme-related Decoration changed NOTHING in terms of Character Votes.  It raised total Charm Points on the Farm but that was all.

This is the only explanation that makes any sense frankly and would explain why a fairly high level Farm like Harvest Moon would show no change in Vote totals after placing three more Theme decorations but a low level farm's Votes would be boosted by the addition of even 1 more Theme Decoration.

The same would hold true for additional Trees placed or additional Machines.  Grandma likes Trees but once you receive her maximum of 20 Votes for the Trees on your Farm, any additional Trees will not change her Vote total.

Note that the Farm Beauty Contest has a number of different components to it.  The first is the Vote total that gives Rewards listed on a chart and include one Decoration and one Avatar Reward as well as RC for the two final Rewards.  These are earned by raising your cumulative Vote total by 200 points.  You really have to earn at least 200 Votes per day to be able to win all possible Rewards on the chart before the Contest expires.  The Rewards grow better progressively.  They all include Purple Mystrons, used to purchase, inter alia, Materials for the Salad Machine when the activity that initially gave the Material has expired.

The second component is related to your Charm Point total.  Unlike the Votes and those Rewards, this part of the Contest deals with your Global rating, comparing you with all other farmers.  It is here that low level Farms really do not stand a chance, nor do MOST Farms in fact.  Harvest Moon, after loading the Farm with Charm Point Decorations, still ranks only 44th globally.  There is no chance whatsoever that she could win a Trophy at the end of the Contest.

Why then do Farmers with Charm totals of less than 1800 load their farms with hundreds of ladders or fireworks?  It is pointless...  I did it myself to some extent, but now intend to curtail that quixotic activity, because my Charm Point totals NEVER will be good enough to rival those of the top ten or even top thirty.

Nearing the end of the 2nd Farm Beauty Contest, it is clear that BALANCE really is the key to obtaining Character Votes.  In other words, cluttering every plot on your Farm with Firecrackers or even Balloon Doors (Theme-related in this one) is counterproductive after a point.  You would do better to have a balance between Crops, Trees, Animals, Machines and Decorations as well as the greatest number of Expansions and Gallery Registrations.  BALANCE.

It is here that Harvest Moon Farm never will reach the maximum of 80, 72, 80, 72 Votes with the four Characters because I am too attached sentimentally to the Iris Crop that no longer is available in the Market.  As long as many plots on my Farm are occupied by the Iris flowers, I cannot raise my Votes with these Characters much.  I could remove some Decorations and replace them with Animals or Machines and that might gain me a couple of Votes with Felicia and Dad respectively but at this point, I am too weary of it all.  With all the Charm points I could cram onto Harvest Moon, I never reach a global rating that would give me any Trophy, even the lowest grade.  Thanks, however, to the Votes of other Farmers, I hope to receive all the Rewards this time, including the Avatar of the Ferris Wheel.  Even Rosewood, thanks to Farmer support, may obtain the Whale Decoration.

I embarked upon the research project mainly in order to try to help low level farmers.  Having created a new farm on a friend's Kindle device recently in order to ascertain how the game had changed since I first wrote my Missions Guide and how difficult it would be to make progress without investing in substantial amounts of RC, I began to wonder how low level Farmers best could succeed in the monthly Farm Beauty Contests.

My suggestions now are as follows:

First of all, your Votes with the four Characters are based on your CURRENT Farm photo.  Whenever you make any improvements, make certain that you take a NEW photo before evening when the Votes are counted, so that the Characters' Votes will reflect your Changes.

Second, remember that each aspect of farming that a Character likes has a maximum value of 20 Votes.  Log your own changes to see when you have gained the maximum in each situation.  In other words, add Animals for Felicia until her Vote no longer changes when you add one more Animal.  Add Machines until Dad's Vote no longer changes when you add another Machine.  Add Trees until Gransma's Vote remains unchanged and add a variety of Crops for Darryl until his Vote fails to change with the planting of a new Crop.

Other aspects of the game that will increase points are Expansions and Gallery Registration.  Register as many Items as possible BEFORE you take your daily Photograph.   Two Characters like Gallery Registration although it is possible that Grandma's rules for giving Points for this are different from Darryl's rules.

Three out of four Characters do give Votes for Charm Points but remember that in each case, the maximum number of Votes you can gain from any of these Characters for Charm is 20.  This is quite separate from the global rating that has no limit, by the way, but know that, once the Votes of Felicia, Darryl and Grandma no longer increase with the placement of a new Decoration, it means that you have reached 20 with them.

Obviously, the goal is to rate 80/80 Votes for each Character, although I suspect that is difficult indeed.  I certainly could not manage it myself.  As previously stated though, you need only 200 Votes per day really to be able to collect all the Rewards before the current Contest ends.

The Votes of other Farmers can help you reach this goal.  I certainly am extremely grateful to all the Farmers who have cast their Votes for Harvest Moon and Rosewood Farms.  Thanks to them, I may have a chance this time round!  Rosewood was unable to win the Backpack in the first Contest and both Rosewood and Harvest Moon failed to win the avatar and RC that were the final Rewards on the board.

For low level farms, then, your best option is to plant as many different Crops as possible, add as many Animals, Machines and Trees as possible, expand your Farm as many times as you can and register as many items as you can.  Actually, for all of us, the main goal is to make certain that we receive at least 200 Votes per day.


This is really a note for low level farmers or fairly new farmers.  Do not underestimate the value of the Mystery Shop and the effects of your daily Votes in the Farm Beauty Contest.  Your Votes will give YOU a Treasure Chest filled with Farm Aids, including Purple Mystrons.   The Purple Mystrons have a new department in the Mystery Shop where you can purchase Salad Machine materials when the activity that gave them has expired.

The Yellow Mystron Department is invaluable to farmers who have missed many of the time-restricted Quests of the past.  Here you can purchase some of the special Decorations that were given as Rewards in these old Missions.  Some of them actually are cleanable Decorations, but they ALL have Charm Point values.

Blue Mystrons are given only when a Farmer has completed the entire Reward Path on the Daily Order Board.  Each Order then will yield a single Blue Mystron.  The Blue Mystron Shop has the final Decorations for many of the time-restricted Missions from the past.  It takes forever to earn sufficient to buy one Decoration but at least you have hope that one day you will have a special Decoration you missed initially.

Finally, the Coin Mystery Shop sells EVERYTHING, from Farm Aids, to Avatars, to Crops you may not have been able to unlock yet.  It does not sell  Machines or Animals or Trees but those can be found in the Green Mystron Shop. 


Your total number of Charm Points is not really going to determine the number of Votes you receive from the Characters once you reach their ceiling of 20 each for Charm.   All it does is place you 'globally' and it is so unlikely that most of us ever will make it into a place that will gain us a Trophy that it probably is a crying shame to ruin our Farms by cramming them full of unnecessary and sometimes unattractive duplicate Decorations.  For example, with over 1600 Charm Points, Harvest Moon Farm is only 49th globally... what chance there???

What an ordinary Farmer should do with respect to the Farm Beauty Contest is to try to earn as many of the Rewards as possible without fretting over it too much.  My second Farm, Rosewood, failed even to gain sufficient Votes for the Backpack in the first Contest but having created the Farm only a year ago, never will have 100% completion in terms of Gallery Registration so what difference can it make really?

If Development does not consider the suggestions of players to remove the various Trophies from the Gallery, even Harvest Moon will have lost the potential for 100% completion and, in practical terms, that is poor marketing on the part of FunPlus because one of the reasons many of us BUY every new Decoration released is to try to keep 100% completion a possibility.  With no hope of gaining 1st Place ever in a Beauty Contest, or even 2nd or 3rd, might as well stop buying Decorations we don't particularly like or want!  I hope they will remove those Trophies from the Gallery.  After all, there are other items, such as the Special Sheep you are given when you have registered all four of the Sheep from the Daily Orders Board Rewards, that do not appear in the Gallery.

The main reason I began my little research project was for the low level or new farmers  They will not receive that many points for Expansions, High Level or Decorations but if they know how much each Animal, Tree and Machine will count, they can raise their points each day with those.   I started a new farm recently on a friend's Kindle to see how hard it would be, and it can be frustrating and difficult... time-restricted Missions only are unlocked at specific levels and it is hard to complete Activities.  If they do not feel that the Farm Beauty Contest is hopeless, it will make the game more fun while they attempt to raise their Levels and unlock new options.  By the way, the Contest is only unlocked at Level 16.

Actual Examples:


One Farmer wrote:
 1 test starting numbers: 66/80. 62/72, 66/80, 56/72 - day 2 numbers the same after adding 1 tree but not changing snapshot - day 3: 67/80(1 tree), 63/72(1 machine, 1 beehive), 55/80, 56/72. and I changed the snapshot. So I'm guessing beehives don't count but why oh why did I lose 11 points for my crops? Now that's a lot and I know they were all planted.

Interpretation:  Day 1 and Day 2 are the same because she did not submit a new photo.  On Day 3, she received 1 additional Vote from Felicia for the Beehive.  She received an additional Vote from Dad for the new machine.  She probably had the maximum of 20 Votes for Trees from Grandma before she added a new one, so that did not change.  As for the Crops, it is a 'variety' that increased Darryl's Votes... Day 3 Crops may have had less types than Day 1, thus losing her some Votes with Darryl.

Harvest Moon added new Theme-related Decorations and other Decorations with better Charm Points, boosting her Charm point total by over 30 points but, even after taking a new photo, all four Characters gave the SAME Votes!   She planted a greater variety of Crops as well.  To me, this means that she has reached the 'ceiling' of 20 Votes for Charm and for Theme-related Decorations.  The reason she does not have full 80 Points with Felicia is few Animals now on Farm and with Dad because of few Machines being placed.  Grandma's Votes remain a mystery.  HM has registered ALL possible Gallery items apart from Flamingo and new Trophies and has ALL Trees on Farm.  But Votes remain low at 55/72.  The only possible reason would be her Level which is neither high nor low at 83.

Low Level FArms who planted a wide variety of Crops substantially increased their Votes with Darryl and new Machines, Animals and Trees counted as well... because they had few on the Farm previously.

Preparing for the Next Farm Beauty Contest

As the current Farm Beauty Contest is set to end in less than two days, it is rather pointless for Farmers who have not close to a significant Reward such as the Whale Spring Rider Decoration to scramble to attempt to achieve the impossible.  A balance bctween Crops, Animals, Trees, Machines and Decorations is the key to obtaining Votes from the four Main Characters.   Theme related Decorations as well as Charm Points count as well but you need to divide the potential total of Votes for each category that appeals to any Character by four, as previously stated.  In other words, I doubt that Charm Points can give more than 20 Votes from a Character who likes them.

Instead of loading your Farm with duplicate inexpensive Decorations such as Laadders or relying now upon a few more Votes from fellow farmers, it would be a good idea to organise your farm for the next Contest.  You can do this by achieving a balance between the different items that can be placed.  Use the final day or two to see how substitution of one type of item by another affects the Votes of the four Characters.

Your Charm total determines your Global rating but frankly, it is almost impossible for an ordinary farmer to boost Charm to the point of winning a Trophy.  Harvest Moon Farm at best has found itself on occasion at 35 globally.  The reward for this, should it remain between 100 and 11, is one of the dull lowest Treasure Chests.  One has to be at a rating better than 11 to receive a Silver Chest.  At 35, what was the point of ruining the real Charm of my Farm?

Rosewood is at 7718 Rank globally.  Quite hopeless!  In other words, don't bother with this unless you are in the top ten!

It is the Votes you receive from the four Characters that are more valuable really than Global Rating.You can obtain various farm aids as well as Purple Mystrons both by achieving totals and by voting.  in fact, it is the act of Voting that gives you the best rewards throughout the course of the contest, as I have explained earlier.  Work on balancing the items on your Farm and simply try to improve totals by a few Votes for each Character if you can.

11 September 2015

End of Summer Time-Restricted Quest and Cupcakes Collections Mission

A new time-restricted Quest entitled 'End of Summer' and new Cupcakes Collection Mission have been released.  They operate in tandem as usual and the Reward for the Collections Mission is a Collectable in the form of an Organic Asparagus Bush, which means that you will not find it in the Market at this point.

There is an additional reason to participate in the Quest sequence as it is tied to the Salad Machine.  You will receive Salad Forks when you complete the first eight steps of 'End of Summer'.

Some aspects of the Quest sequence of which you may wish to be aware are the need to complete all Orders on the Order Board as one Task and the need to complete 4 Helicopter Orders as another.  Those players, like myself, who attempt to complete all Daily Quests as early as possible after midnight and all Orders as soon after they appear as possible are at a disadvantage here!  I completed my Order Board last night and now either have to pay to skip the Task or wait until tonight to move ahead.

Salad Machine

The Salad Machine is a special activity like the Mini Garden.  Basically, you have to unlock it first by reaching a specific Level in the game and then obtain the four different materials required to complete it by participating in a different activity each week for four weeks.  The first material was obtained by completing a special Order each day on your Daily Order Board.  It was a Spoon and you needed a total of five.  The second material is a Fork  and you will obtain these by completing the first eight parts of this 'End of Summer' traditional Quest sequence.  You need a total of eight for the Machine.

The reason I am mentioning this here is because there are players who just managed to unlock the Salad Machine, too late to obtain the Spoons from the Orders.   You  either can purchase Spoons now for 1 RC each or better, buy them using Purple Mystrons in the Purple Mystron Mystery Shop.  Purple Mystrons are earned by participating in the Farm Beauty Contests.

Initial Strategies

I usually have this section of the post at the end, but in this case, i think it useful to mention a few facts here at the outset.  Unlike special Trees that are given as Rewards for completing Collection Missions, a Collectable such as the Organic Asparagus Bush will NOT be found in the Market at this point in time, nor during any part of the period when the Quest is active.  You therefore really need to complete the Collections Mission first, or at any rate, before you reach End of Summer 8 as this part of the Quest sequence requires the placement of the Organic Asparagus Bush on your Farm.

Furthermore, there is no way to speed the production of any Collectable.  You therefore will be required to use RC to purchase any Asparagus needed for Recipes or wait until the Bush produces it little by little.  You do have 11 Days to complete the Quest sequence, but many Farmers like to clear their screens of any Quests as early as possible.  On my Harvest Moon Farm, because I use it to write these Guide posts, I perform all the Tasks as quickly as possible in order to log them.  On my second Rosewood Farm, I take my time and it is far less expansive!

Usually, the amount produced by any Collectable is random, and can be anything from 1 to 5.  So far though, on two different farms, I have received 5 Asparagus every harvest.  It takes four hours for the Bush to produce.

Make certain that you have as many Basic Recipes in your Barn as possible, including Soft Dough, Sour Dream and Coconut Milk.  You will find that you need to make Cooked Dishes that can use a great deal of Power if you have not made some of the ingredients, themselves Cooked Dishes, previously.

Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group

I created a little group on Facebook for players of Family Farm Seaside who need new Neighbours.  If you wish to join, find the Group on Facebook by typing the name into the search box on Facebook and then request to join.  All you need to do, once i accept your request is to post your Farm Name and Farm I.D.  Simple as that.  It's a casual group and I don't intend to post too much information there, apart from the links to this site when something new happens in Seaside.   You should be able to find all new Missions and Seaside options on this site still.

The reason I created th group was because I realise how important neighbours have become in this game and how difficult it can be to acquire new neighbours.  I hope this will be an easy way for Farmers to connect to others who play the game.  I will reserve the right to delete spam or invalid Farm I.D.s.

Level Requirements

This is something I would not have realised had I not played a low level game on the Kindle wherein I reached End of Summer 5 only to discover that it had a Level requirement.  It only unlocks at Level 24   Originally I assumed that, once one reached Level 18, the entire Quest would be available.

Furthermore, on my higher level Farms, I was blissfully unaware of the fact that one could not even participate fully  in the Collections Mission unless one had reached Level 21 to unlock the Salami Machine!

Obviously, one needs to have unlocked the Island to complete the entire Quest sequence, but I had not realised that there were other Level requirements along the way.  You do need to have unlocked all the Crops needed for the Quest, for example.  Strawberries and Peanuts are unlocked only when you reach Level 26.

Cupcakes Collection Mission

Collect 70  Purple Cupcakes from Grapes
Collect 50 Blue Cupcakes from Peacock Feathers
Collect 30 Red Cuccakes from Beef Salami
Collect 10 Yellow Cupcakes from Golden Peach

Reward: Organic Asparagus Bush

End of Summer 1

Felicia:  Laying down on the grass, closing my eyes and smelling fresh flowers are my favourite things to do during summer... this is just perfect!  Wait!  Is Darryl calling me?  Oh no... it seems that I forgot to feed the animals!

Harvest 40 Clovers
  Skip for 20 RC

Collect 40 Bottles of Buffalo Milk
  Skip for 20 RC

Collect 40 Bottles of Milk
  Skip for 20 RC

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 160 XP, 1 Salad Fork

Felicia:  Darryl totally ruined my good vibe!  Thanks for helping me feed those animals, farmer!

End of Summer 2

Felicia:  I might sound spoiled, 'cause we just came back from Santorini, but summer is going to end soon!  Do you think Grandma will be okay if I ask her for one more trip?

Harvest 40 Oats
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 12 Oranges
  Skip for 12 RC

Collect 40 Eggs
  Skip for 20 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 160 XP, 1 Salad Fork

Felicia:  I saw Grandma looking at me through the window.  Time to talk to her!

End of Summer 3

Felicia;  Grandma said 4 trips in a row should be enough for this summer!  Maybe I should work harder so Grandma will feel proud... and then she'll let me go on one more trip before summer ends!

Prepare 12 jars of Apple Milkshake
  Skip for 12 RC

Produce 40 sacks of Oat Flour
  Skip for 20 RC

Produce 40 Loaves of Oat Bread
  Skip for 20 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 170 XP, 1 Salad Fork

Felicia:  Phew, that was a lot of work!  What should I do next?

End of Summer 4

Felicia: Finally Grandma called me for a talk.  She will probably give me an itinerary this time, haha.  But no... she gave me some orders that I have to finish as soon as possible.  

Produce 40 Buffalo Milk Cheese
  Skip for 20 RC

Harvest 40 Pineapples
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 20 lots of Butter
  Skip for 20 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 170 XP, 1 Salad Fork

Felicia:  Finished!  Let's giet some rest and cool down in front of the air conditioner first!  It's so hot outside!

Special Reward: Mission Gift Box containing Farm Aids

End of Summer 5

Felicia:  I won't give up on my plan because I know I'm closer to reaching my goal!  But before that I might hit the floor in a dead faint from my empty stomach.  Would you mind cooking something for me to eat?

Prepare 10 Crepes
  Skip for 10 RC

  Each Crepe requires 1 Batter and 2 Milk

Prepare 10 plates of Beef Risotto
  Skip for 10 RC

  Each Beef Risotto requires 1 Steak Tartare and 2 Rice

Prepare 4 Cream Cheese Bagels
  Skip for 8 RC

  Each Cream Cheese Bagel requires 1 Oat Bread and 1 Herb Cream Cheese

Reward: 1000 Coins, 180 XP, 1 Salad Fork

Felicia:  Thank you for helping to boost my energy back!  Let's continue!  

End of Summer 6

Felicia:  Grandma said we got a massive order from the city in the north and she wants me to take care of this order.  My plan is to make her give me a holiday, not more work to do!

Complete the Orders on the Order Board
  Skip for 6 RC

Produce 50 Bundles of Wool
  Skip for 25 RC

Prepare 12 bowls of Sour Cream
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each requires 2 Buffalo Milk and 2 Butter

Reward: 1000 Coins, 180 XP, 1 Salad Fork

Felicia:  Why is that city ordering these products from us?  Curious what's going on there...

End of Summer 7

Felicia:  I heard that city is hot for 365 days a year.  Oh my... maybe I should prepare some facial water spray to re-hydrate my skin during the trip and maybe some fresh juice before I go.

Collect 20 Bottles of Facial Spray Water from Neighbours
  Skip for 20 RC

Prepare 50 Glasses of Grape Juice
  Skip for 25 RC

Prepare 8 Jugs of Lemon Champagne
  Skip for 8 RC

  Each requires 2 Lemons and 2 Champagne

Reward: 1000 Coins, 190 XP, 1 Salad Fork

Felicia:  It's nice to visit new places but it's not that nice when you're going there for work...

(Are you becoming just a little spoiled, Felicia???  Many of us do not even take four trips during one summer...  I know you work hard but still...)

End of Summer 8

Felicia:  Arrived safe and sound.  The weather is not so hot and the scenery is breathtaking here!  I can't wait to finish my work and explore the city after!

Place an Organic Asparagus Bush on your Farm
  (Reward from Collections Mission)
   Skip for 10 RC

Harvest 8 Dark Chocolates
  Skip for 8 RC
  (Note that the Dark Chocolate Tree has been included in a special sale offer with a Tyre Swing and some RC)

Prepare 8 Pain au Chocolat
  Skip for 8 RC

  Each Pain au Chocolat requires 1 Dark Chocolate and 1 Soft Dough

Reward: 1000 Coins, 190 XP, 1 Salad Fork
N.B.  You now should have all the Salad Forks needed for the Salad Machine and will have to wait until next week for the next Material in the sequence...

Special Reward:  High Striker Decoration for Seaside Farm
  (This Decoration counts towards the current Beauty Contest Amusement Park Theme.  Although it adds only 1 Charm Point, it will give you more points with the Characters who are interested in the current Theme.

Felicia:  I was wrong about this place, it's cozy and friendly.  I should check some locally sourced goods and send them to our farm.


End of Summer 9

Felicia:  Apparently, the city is going to celebrate the end of summer and htis year they're building a mini theme park.  How cool is that?  I have an idea, why don't we take part in it to earn more money for our next trip?

Harvest 50 Strawberries
  Skip for 25 RC

Craft 6 Lemon Facial Masks
  Skip for 6 RC

  These are made in the Beauty Shop.  Any mask requires a Clay Facial Mask as an ingredient, so you need 5 of these and they are made with Algae processed from Gulfweed in the Seafood House.  The actual Recipe is 1 Clay Facial Mask, 1 Lemon and 1 Almond.  The good thing about Gulfweed is that it produces 3 Algae Powders and sometimes a bonus in the form of Super Fertiliser and Organic Fertiliser.  If you don't have it in your Barn, go fishing and use the Boost to catch some.  Although each Lemon Facial Mask takes 20 minutes to complete, you will obtain credit for the task when you Start the production.

Produce 20 Bags of Chestnut Flour
  This is an Island Task.
  Skip for 10 RC

  You will need a Chestnut Tree to produce Chestnuts.

Reward: 1000 Coins, 200 XP

Felicia:  I reckon people here will love our products!  They're fresh and organic, so who wouldn't like it?!

End of Summer 10

Felicia:  I've been busy since I arrived and I didn't have a chance to explore the city but I heard there are some amazing areas for hiking.  How about we fill our tummies first and do something fun after?

Produce 50 Jars of Strawberry Jam
  Skip for 25 RC

Prepare 8 Asparagus Bagels
  Skip for 8 RC

  The Asparagus Bush take four hours to produce a random number of Asparagus.  Ingredients for the Bagels are 1 Cream Cheese Bagel and 1 Asparagus.  If you wish to wait for th Bush to produce, you probably will have to wait an entire day to collect the number needed to produce 8 of these Bagels.  Your other options are to pay to skip the task or pay 1 RC for each Asparagus.  I would opt for the latter as you will have the actual product then!  Again, though, you do have 11 days...

  Each Cream Cheese Bagel requires 1 Oat Bread and 1 Herb Cream Cheese.  Even if you saved the ones you made for a prior task, you will need to make a few more here.

Harvest 50 Peanuts
  Skip for 25 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 200 XP

Felicia:  Let's relax now and come back before we prepare for the theme park!

End of Summer 11

Felicia:  This mountain isn't suitable for some one like me!  The hike is so tiring but th view was fantastic!  I want to take some pictures to show Grandma and Darryl but I don't have a camera.  Do you?

Collect 30 Polaroid Cameras from Neighbours
  Skip for 30 RC

  N.B.  I usually ask triple the number required to produce the item in question, but then I am impatient!

Prepare 8 Bowls of Golden Peach Sago Pudding
  Skip for 8 RC

  Each Golden Peach Sago Pudding requires 1 Golden Peach and 1 Sago Pudding.

  Niote that the Golden Peach Tree is part of a current sale offer, combined with a Bumper Car Decoration that is part of the current Beauty Contest theme.

  Sago Pudding is made with 1 Sago Bubbles and 1 Coconut Milk
  Sago Bubbles is made with  2 Sweet Potatoes and 2 Wheat Flour
  Coconut Milk is made with 1 Coconut and 2 Sugar

With a task like this, you can run out of Power, so it is here that saved Cleaning Gift Boxes can prove very useful as they often yield Power.  I keep all the extra Power I receive in my Gift Box until needed for a Quest like this one.  Coconut Milk is a Basic Recipe and if you have some stored in your Barn at all times, so much the better.

Produce 8 Peanut Chocolates
   Skip for 8 RC

  N.B.  You will need a Chocolate Machine for this.  The Chocolate Machine costs 8 RC but you must reach Level 19 to unlock it.  How much we high level farmers take for granted!  My poor little Kindle Farmer is only at Level 18, after playing diligently to attempt to become eligible for this Mission!    It is here though that it may be worth reminding the lower level Farmers that these time-restricted Quests do deliver more XP and Coins than the regular Quests and it is beneficial to perform as many of the Tasks as you can, even if you cannot complete the sequence.

Reward: 1000 Coins, 210 XP

Felicia:  This place is worth visiting.  I hope I can take Grandma and Darryl here some day!

End of Summer 12

Felicia:  Back to the theme park, i can see that people here love to eat sweets!  I realise this since I'm seeing dessert shops everywhere I go.  Maybe I should prepare some sweets and sell them at the theme park.  What do you think?

Harvest 12 Cinnamon
  Skip for 12 RC

Prepare 12 Plates of Churros
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each Churros requires 1 Cinnamon and 1 Soft Dough

Prepare 12 Strawberry Parfaits
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each Strawberry Parfait requires 2 Sour Cream and 2 Strawberry Jam

Reward: 1000 Coins, 210 XP

Felicia:  I hope they will like the sweets from our own recipe!

Special Reward: Special Island Mission Gift Box containing Farm Aids

End of Summer 13

Felicia:  We came to the place where they built the theme park.  I'm so impressed at how they did it!  I wish we could do this on our farm someday. Anyway, we still have work to do so let's finish it!

Harvest 8 Cherries
  Skip for 8 RC

Transport 50 Peacock Feathers to Island Farm
  Skip for 25 RC

 N.B.  Obviously you need to have unlocked the Island to be able to use the Zeppelin service.  To save time in transport, divide the Peacock Feathers between more than one Zeppelin.  Transport of 10 Peacock Feathers takes 40 minutes, as an example.  Transport of 50 would take 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Produce 8 Cherry Chocolates
  Skip for 8 RC

Reward: 1000 Coins, 220 XP

Felicia:  I cannot wait to tell all these things to Grandma.  Hope she will be proud of me!

End of Summer 14

Felicia:  The theme park is now open and a lot of people came to visit.  And yes, as I expected, they love our products and we sold out before noon!  Shall we prepare more and sell it now?

Prepare 12 Summer Brunch Sets
  Skip for 12 RC

  Each Summer Brunch Set requires 1 Asparagus Bagel and 1 Strawberry Parfait.  Note that you will have only 8 of the Asparagus Bagels from an earlier task and need to make 4 more.  
Transport 12 Jackfruits to the Island Farm
  Skip for 12 RC

  Again you can divide the transport to make it faster.  Each Jackfruit or indeed any Fruit harvested from a Tree takes 2 minutes to transport.

Sell products worth 50,000 Coins from your Seaside Barn
  Skip for 25 RC

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 220 XP

Felicia: Woohoo!!!  Nothing left... we sold them all!  I hope I can use this money to go somewhere!

End of Summer 15

Felicia:  People love our products and I even got some orders from them already.  Let's go home so we can finish and send out the orders as soon as we can!

N.B.  All three of the tasks are Island Tasks.  You can use Batch Production in advance for the Hats and the Dried Jackfruit as long as you do not click on the finished product until you reach this point!

Complete 4 Helicopter Orders
  Skip for 8 RC

  Each Helicopter Order takes almost 20 minutes to complete. 

Produce 50 Peacock Hats
  Skip for 25 RC

Produce 12 Dried Jackfruits
  Skip for 12 RC

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 230 XP

Felicia:  I'm so happy when people compliment our products.  It makes me want to work harder!

End of Summer 16

Felicia:  Grandma is so proud of me.  She said I care more about our farm now and she can't wait to see our farm become more famous!  I'm so lucky to have you as my partner, Farmer!

N.B.  All three of the following are Island Tasks.  The actual tool required to tend to any Flower in your Garden is random.  I would suggest that players allow 3 Spades and 3 Trimmers to appear above their Flowrs, only tending to those that show other tools until they reach this point in the Quest.

Use Spades in Botanic Garden 3 times
  Skip for 6 RC

Use Trimmers in Botanic Garden 3 times
  Skip for 6 RC

Produce 12 Loaves of Jackfruit Bread
  Skip for 12 RC

Felicia:  Well done!  Now we have more money for our next trip.  We might not be able to travel this time but let's plan for another time!

Reward: 1000 Coins, 230 XP

Special Reward: Candies Stall Decoration for Island Farm

Gallery Registration

Make certain to register the three items received in this Mission as there is a Collection associated with them.

The Collection is:End of Summer and includes the following:

    Organic Asparagus Bush, High Striker, Candies Stall
    Reward: 5 Medals, 88 Green Mystrons, 1 RC

Register the items individually first:

Organic Asparagus Bush
  3 Medals, 2500 Coins

High Striker
  2 Medals, 10 Green Mystrons

Candies Stall
  5 Medals, 30 Green Mystrons

Other items that are avaiable currently in the Beauty Contest Amusement Park Theme are offered in the special Sale and include:

Bumper Car
  2 Medals, 10 Green Mystrons

Ferris Wheel
  5 Medals, 30 Green Mystrons

Cymbal Banging Monkey
  4 Medals, 15 Green Mystrons

10 September 2015

Advice for New Farmers

Being a Good Neighbour

I have addressed this elsewhere as well because it is one of the most important aspects of the game now.  If you are a good neighbour, you will benefit greatly and your Neighbours will benefit as well.  If you ignore the basic rules of being a good neighbour, both you and your Neighbours ultimately suffer.

First of all, failing to give your farm a name that is unique can confuse your Neighbours and prevent you from receiving special rewards from them, such as Friendship Flowers.  Name your farm and give it a special Avatar! You can do this by tapping on the square portrait frame in the top left corner of the screen.  This takes you to a very useful Menu that includes the options to rename your Farm, choose an Avatar and see useful data such as how many points you need to reach the next level and how many visitors you have had within the past day.

How to Rename your Farm

To rename your farm, tap on the little pencil icon at the top centre of this Menu.  The default name for any Farm is 'My Farm' or the equivalent of this in whatever language you have chosen for the game.   When you open the name box, you will be able to choose the frame for the name as well as typing a new name.  Make certain that you erase the default name first though, because often I will see a Farm named  ... Farm Farm because the player failed to erase part of the original name.  Use backspace to erase.  When you have finished, tap the green chequemark and you will have a new name!

Changing your Avatar

To change your Avatar, tap on the square portrait icon in the far top left corner of the Menu.  The default Avatar is a clover.  You now can choose your Facebook Avatar or any Avatars that you have purchased or won in the game.   You can change the Avatar frame as well if you choose.

If you have not connected your Farm to Facebook, you will be unable to use your Facebook Avatar.  It is really important to connect your farm to Facebook actually as it prevents loss of your Farm if something goes terribly awry.  If they farm is connected to Facebook, you can recover it easily on any device.

The game basically was designed for anonymity, but I have found that one of the best aspects of belonging to a good group on Facebook is the ability to communicate with and become truly acquainted with your Neighbours on FFS.  Our members are wonderful, caring, active individuals.  We welcome new members and help one another as much as possible.

A New Farm

I recently was able to borrow a Kindle to create a new Farm.  I added some of the changes in Quests to my Quests page on this site.  In three days, I was able to reach Level 16, which allows one to participate in the Beauty Contests.  A new time-restricted Quest will be released on Friday (tomorrow) I expect.  If this new Farmer does not reach Level 18 by then, she probably will not be able to participate fully in the Quest... On the last new farm I created for a friend of mine, he was able to perform the time-restricted Quest sequence at Level 16 but could not participate in the Collections Mission until he reached Level 18.  The fact that the Collections Mission included a Crop unlocked only at Level 18 may or may not have been the reason for this.

I was dismayed, however, to discover how difficult it has become to play the game successfully without a substantial investment in RC or premium cash.  I have been playing Family Farm Seaside now for over three years.  When I created my original Harvest Moon Farm, there were only a few premium purchases available.  It was possible to advance without investing too much.

Note that I am a firm believer in real money investment in games.  Without money, firms that create games cannot continue to operate.  Developers must be paid and I daresay considerable money must be given to the various firms that support the platforms on which these online games are played.

A little aside here:  My favourite platform is the DS and my favourite games are the Rune Factory series of games.  In English, these were made by a firm named Neverland in the past decade or so.  Recently, the firm went bankrupt I believe.  Who, if any one will take over the job of translating any new Rune Factory game into English and making it for the English markets???

On Facebook, my favourite game, apart from Family Farm, was called Fantasy Kingdoms.  It ceased to exist a few months ago.  This is a REAL and PRESENT DANGER.  If you love a game, for God's sake be willing to invest in it!

That having been said, I am finding that the cost of success in Family Farm Seaside has become utterly prohibitive.  You need ALL the Trees really in order to participate in every Quest. Over half of the Trees require RC (premium cash) to purchase.  Yes, you may find these at some point in the Green Mystron Mystery Shop, but it takes time to amass the Green Mystrons and if you play on the Kindle, you never will be able to see the Green Balloons that deliver 15 Green Mystrons whenever you are willing to watch an advert.

You can play this game without participating in the various time-restricted Quests and Beauty Contest and so on, but you will advance far more quickly if you can participate.  The Island is another option that can be very expensive unless you work like a dog or are willing to wait years to complete tasks that are requirements for expansion and so on.  On my  Rosewood Farm,  for a long time, I lacked the final expansion.  I spent a lot of real money to complete all the tasks and options on my Harvest Moon Farm long ago, mainly in order to be able to write a comprehensive Island Guide, but I could not afford to do that with Rosewood.  The final expansion requires the following:

Save and use 1500000 Coins to buy the expansion
  Skip for 20 RC

Have 80 Coral Dressing Tables to buy expansion
  Skip for 80 RC

Have 800 Stetsons to buy expansion
  Skip for 50 RC

Note that Coral Dressing Tables and Stetsons have level requirements.  If you have not completed full Mastery of the Hat Machine, you won't be able to make any stetsons.  900 Stetsons is a significant number of Hats.  I know farmers achieve these totals but it will took me forever and a day, especially on a SECOND Farm which is what Rosewood is.

Still, Rosewood is in far better shape than the poor little Kindle farms I created.  I rather despair of either ever unlocking the Island, at least in the near future.

Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group

Neighbours are an issue for many new farmers.  If you connect through Facebook, you can send requests to your Facebook friends, but I do not like to trouble my friends with requests for games if they do not play games.  You can share your Farm I.D. in a post on Facebook or you can join a Facebook group and share it there.  I have created a little Facebook Group for Family Farm Seaside simply for the purpose of publishing the Farm I.D.s of my readers on this site...  So look for a Family Farm Seaside Group called Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk and add your ID there if you wish.

Basically, success in Farmily Farm Seaside now is very much influenced by Neighbours and money, both Coins and RC.  You need Farm Aids to progress quickly and these can be purchased in the Market or obtained in the Cleaning Gift Boxes that you receive either from Neighbours who visit your Farm and clean your cleanable Decorations or by visiting Neighbours and cleaning their cleanable Decorations.  Other ways to obtain Farm Aids are by logging into the game more than once during the day to collect the Dedicated Farmer Bonus.  Sometimes this will contain even RC!.  Another way to obtain Farm Aids on a daily basis is by completing Tasks in your Daily Quests path to earn Treasure Chests.  The tasks that you can complete will depend on your Level, which is another reason to level up as quickly as possible.  Finally, the time-restricted Quests usually have two special Mission Gift Boxes as Rewards and these will contain specific Farm Aids.  Other Gift Boxes contain RANDOM items that include Farm Aids.

Once again, by joining a good group like my Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group, you have an instant opportunity to add over 100 Neighbours who all are active players.  Visiting Neighbours on a daily basis is the quickest way not only to increase your Level but to obtain Gift Boxes and earn extra Coins.

Why are Farm Aids so important now?  Well, when a Quest has a time limit, the ability to speed the growth of Crops and Tree Harvests as well as being able to use OP in Batch Production to collect products from Machines and Animals automatically can make a tremendous difference.  You still can do it all the old-fashioned way and wait for a Crop that takes 20 hours to mature to mature naturally but it can be daunting.  If you can plant a Crop and harvest it instantly, you then can replant...

Of course, it becomes tempting to use Farm Aids on a constant basis, but that can prove expensive in real money.  What I do ordinarily is collect Gift Boxes and then keep them in my Gift Box unopened until needed for a time-restricted Quest.  I do this with Power and OP that is in my Gift Box as well.

When should you purchase RC?

One question that new players often ask is when to spend real money and when to spend RC (premium cash in the game).

Real money is used to purchase RC, Coins or special items offered during Sales.  Sale items usually cannot be obtained in any other way and seldom are offered more than once.  There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, if you want a specific item offered in a sale, you need to purchase it during the sale.

What are the advantages of purchasing sale items?  Well, these items usually if not always are cleanable Decorations with a sum of RC included in the deal and sometimes offered with a premium Tree and some Farm Aids.  When cleaned, they sometimes will yield a special item such as RC or Yellow Mystrons for a specific number of days before they begin to give out the usual Gift Boxes.  As previously indicated, Gift Boxes are extremely important now in this game.  You need to have cleanable Decorations on your Farm if possible as well as cleaning Neighbours' decorations as often as you can.

Unlocking Cleanable Decorations

By the way, on the new Kindle farm, it appeared that one only begins to unlock the cleanable Decorations that give good Gift Boxes upon reaching Level 17.  At Level 17, I saw one could purchase the Clothes Drying Rack, the Christmas Candle, the Chinese Pavilion, the Panda Lantern, Market Stall, Swimming Pool, Willow and Mini Beach.  Of these, however, only the Market Stall yields the best Gift Box in the form of the Blue Gift Box.

Do be warned that Cleanable Decorations that can be purchased for Coins usually yield no more than Coins when cleaned...   Nonetheless, it is important to purchase and place these as soon as possible for two reasons: one is to be able to enter them in your Gallery by registering them and the second is to be able to earn Buddy Points when your Buddies visit you.  A section on the Buddy System is located at the end of this post.

Sale Offers and the Millionaire Cow

Note that the amount of RC that you obtain in a sale offer will be less than the amount you would receive for the same price if you simply purchased RC.  The advantages of a sale offer are in the special Decoration and whatever other items are included in the offer.  You do need RC to survive.  You will earn 1 RC for each level that you reach in the game.  Sometimes you can receive RC for logging into the game and the fifth and final Achievement of any kind usually gives you 1 or 2 RC.  Collection Registrations in the Gallery and sometimes the Registration of a special item can give an RC Reward as well.  Finally, there is the Millionaire Cow that, when purchased yields 1 RC per day.  All of these have their own advantages to a serious player.  Most players, including myself, find the Millionaire Cow a wonderful method of recouping RC.

Skipping Tasks and purchasing Ingredients

Your RC should be used judiciously, however.  Purchasing a missing ingredient for a Dish in the Kitchen is a bad use of 1 RC unless you have not reached the level where you can obtain it yourself otherwise.  Skipping a Task in a Mission is a poor use of RC unless you could not complete the Task because of your Level or any other reason.

Use of RC to complete Farm Expansions can be good or bad depending on the Task that you are skipping.  When your Farm is too small and crowded, you may be tempted to move forward by skipping an Expansion task.  That is your call, obviously.  If there is any way to amass the item required in a Task, it is better not to skip it.  A Level requirement usually is best met rather than skipped.  It is the Coin total requirement that sometimes may be worth skipping by paying RC if you are a fairly low level player, mainly because it is hard to earn Coins and you will need them for so many other purposes.  Better to buy all the Trees, Animals and Machines that you can, because they will be used again and again...

Cooking Stand Contests

A very good way to earn Coins is by participating in the Cooking Stand Contests.  You do need to unlock the Building Plot that contains the Cooking Stand now and you must have a Kitchen.


Raising your Level is the key to unlocking new options, whether it is the Kitchen and Cooking, the Fishing Pier, the time-restricted Missions or access to the Island.  Unfortunately, the Island is a very expensive options and it requires a great deal of Level-raising and Mastery in order to be used with any degree of success.

Do not be too quick to use RC to skip Tasks to unlock new options such as the Island if you cannot afford to unlock any options there.  My Island Guide give the Level and the Mastery requirements as well as Tasks for every optiona and Island Expansion.  The Garden there as well as the Mine are linked to specific Expansions.  I think where the Island is concerned, patience is the key unless you wish to spend a great deal of real money on this.

As far as the time-restricted Missions are concerned, they now are divided between Seaside Tasks and Island Tasks.  You can complete half of the Quest sequence without having access to the Island. The second half of any time-restricted Quest now has a Level requirement attached to it as well.  I believe it only is unlocked either at Level 26 or Level 28.

Mystery Shops

One point should be mentioned here.  The Mystery Shop has given players the hope of obtaining Decorations that were the Rewards for Missions from the past.  There are five different Mystery Shops now: a Coin Shop, a Yellow Mystron Shop, a Purple Mystron Shop, a Blue Mystron Shop and a Red Mystron Shop.  Even in the Coin Shop, you often can purchase items you have not unlocked yet, so access it and use it!  The Yellow Mystron Shop allows you to purchase some Decorations that are not available in the regular Market.  It is the Blue Mystron Shop that allows you to purchase the very special Decorations that were given as Rewards in past Missions but you need to complete the entire Reward Path for the Daily Order Board, earning all the special Sheep, before you will begin to earn Blue Mystrons.  Even then, one earns only 1 Blue Mystron for each Order filled, so it is a slow process!  Again, patience is the key here...

Selling Items from your Barn

Should you sell as much as possible from your Barn?  My answer is in the negative now, because so many items are needed to complete the Daily Order Board orders, Recipes and so on.  Wait until a Task or Order requests the item before you sell it!  The best way to earn Coins is by visiting Neighbours and completing Quests really.

Buddy System

Recently, a number of new options were added to the game.  One of these is the Buddy System.  This allows you basically to have up to 15 Neighbours as special friends who visit daily to perform the ordinary actions of fertilising/harvesting, cleaning any Decoration and eating at your Cooking Stand if a dish is available.  Beyond that, though, advancing to Level 1 in the Buddy System with even one Buddy will allow you to purchase, plant and grow a Buddy Tree.  Special 'heart' actions are performed on these trees to upgrade them and each 'Heart' action is worth Buddy Points as well.  When the tree is upgraded, the Buddies who helped will obtain a special Reward.  At level 2, you will have access to your Buddy's Share Box, another new option.

The Share Box is linked to the new Lucky Wheel which is a second Wheel that you can spin.  Unlke the first Wheel that can be spun at no cost on a daily basis, the Lucky Wheel requires Lucky Tokens.  The Rewards, however, can include Decorations that are no longer available in the Market as well as premium Trees, farm aids and even RC.  Apart from the Decorations, all other items are sold at discounted prices.  When a player obtains one of the items that can be shared, he/she can buy it or share it into the 'Share Box'.  This is accessible only to Buddies at Level 2 or higher.

Primarily, the Buddy System is designed to give you at least 15 visits per day, if you have the maximum number of Buddies.  Here, it is most important to have cleanable Decorations on your farm as even one that gives Coins delivers the same number of Buddy Points as one that gives a Blue Box. You need to make certain that you have crops on your plots, even if they are ready for harvest, because, once again, a Crop that is mature gives the same number of Buddy Points as one that can be fertilised.  What gives NO rewards is an empty plot.

I do not know how helpful this post is, but I was disconcerted by the difficulty that new players now face in this game unless they are willing to spend a fair amount of money.  Neighbours really do help here and that is why I have formed the Family Farm Seaside Freyashawk Group.

Another post about starting a new farm can be found here:

Starting a New Farm